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Nujel'm Mystery Details (Long)

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by EM Malachi, May 19, 2010.

  1. EM Malachi

    EM Malachi UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    I will explain all the red herrings and clues later, but I didn't want to forget to post this again. - Malachi

    NPC Text:

    Nora the Barkeep-
    Hello - Welcome to the Mystical Spirits! What is your order?
    Hi - Welcome to the Mystical Spirits! What is your order?
    Hail – Welcome to the Mystical Spirits! What is your order?
    Order – You wish to know about last night’s sad incident?
    Incident – It was a normal night in many ways. The usual crowd and a few foreigners.
    crowd - Well, a quick list of locals: Lord Marstan, Jason, Charles, Gervain, and Raul.
    foreigners -We had that strange man from Tokuno. Calls himself Hayato.
    Hayato -He seems harmless enough, doesn't drink much and sells trinkets.
    marstan -Lord Marstan came in after dark for a glass of port and public brooding.
    brooding -Marstan thinks he is deep and dark, but he is a puppy compared to his father.
    father -Marstan's father was a cruel man who ended up torn apart by something worst.
    worst -I don't like to say the name of evil, but I heard it was vampires.
    vampires -Shh! Not so loud. To talk about that old horror is a public crime.
    crime -The nobles don't like to admit that they lost control here a few years back.
    back -You didn't hear it from me. Anyone else you want to know about?
    Jason -Jason is a young smith in town. He is nearly finished being an apprentice.
    apprentice -We all know he's better than his teacher. He does odd jobs on the side.
    side -He's saving up for a wedding you know! Anyone else you want to know about?
    Charles -We call him the Armed Drunkard around here. Just not to his face.
    face -He drinks on duty, and he loses all sense of direction.
    direction -I had to steer him toward the front door last night for his rounds.
    rounds -He's harmless, but he has made mistakes while drunk. Who else?
    Gervain - Last night, Gervain and Raul were arguing.
    Raul - Last night, Gervain and Raul were arguing.
    Arguing -Not sure about what. I don't listen in. Maybe it was a sculpture?
    sculpture - Maybe it was a statue. All I know is they are dear friends.
    Friends - Gervain has been nervous lately, not enough sleep.
    sleep - Raul never seems to sleep either. I had to fix him up one night.
    night - He came in injured. When I asked, he just said "duty."
    duty - He never explained more. I do know he has a box near the Counselor's Guild.

    Jason the Smith -
    Hello - Hello. What do you need fashioned from metal?
    Hi - Hello. What do you need fashioned from metal?
    Hail - Hello. What do you need fashioned from metal?
    metal - You want information about last night. I told the guard everything.
    everything - I was in the tavern and left hours before the murder.
    murder - I haven't heard much, but you don't think I made the weapon?
    weapon - I make most of the weapons on the island, which is why I worry.
    worry - I worry because I sometimes do "special orders" off my teacher's records.
    records - Well, I made things for Lord Marstan, the Apothecary, Raul and Gervain.
    Marstan - He has come to me with a few special orders: a ring, shackles, and a blade.
    ring - It was just an iron ring, made to fit a finger.
    shackles - They weren't toy chains. They could hold a man for years if needed.
    blade - He called it an athame. No idea what it was for.
    apothecary - I just made him some metal stands for boiling large batches of potions.
    potions - I've never seen them in his shop though.
    Raul - Raul comes to me often to repair his family sword.
    sword - He won't admit it, but the sword is magic. I also know the sword is hidden.
    hidden - I know he doesn't keep it in his room in the inn.
    Gervain - Gervain just bought a butcher's knife to cut the meals from the Widow Eudee.
    Eudee - Eudee is an older woman who cooks for the local bachelors for a price.

    Lord Marstan -
    Hello - Hail, visitors to our land! How may I help?
    hi - Hail, visitors to our land! How may I help?
    Hail - Hail, visitors to our land! How may I help?
    help - You are friends to the accused? I am sorry, but she is doomed.
    doomed - Our island is gripped by paranoia.
    paranoia - The last few years started the trend, but lately, fear is dominant.
    dominant - No one will stand up to the fear, worried about the citizen mob.
    mob - I dare not enough point out that last night, your friend was at another tavern.
    tavern - I have to worry about my position. I need no more suspicions.
    suspicions - Many talk about my strangeness. I will answer your questions, but that is all.
    all - Come back and talk to me when you have clear questions.
    ring - I ordered an iron ring so I could get it imbued with a minor protection spell.
    spell - I have had nightmares lately, and I suspect a demon is at work.
    demon - I have read of nightmare shapers. I think there is one in Nujel'm.
    shackles - I ordered shackles since I am a sleepwalker.
    sleepwalker - Such a sickness is deemed demonic. If anyone knew, I would be killed.
    athame - Yes, I ordered an athame. It was for a binding ritual.
    ritual - I thought I could stop the demon, but I got scared.
    scared - I smashed the knife and burried it in the graveyard.
    father - My father was a mean man who was killed by a "vampire."
    vampire - I don't know how my father really died, but the rumor was such a creature.
    creature - There were some undead a few years back, but they are gone now.
    statue - Yes, I ordered a statue from a man from Vesper.
    Vesper - His name was Donald Stitches. The statue is related to nightmares.
    nightmares - I needed the statue for a ritual. I never received the statue.
    gems - I took a few gems from Gervain for a ritual. I planned to return them.
    occultist - I am an occultist. Covering your eyes doesn't make you safe.
    safe - There is evil in the world, and I choose to fight it with knowledge.

    The Apothecary -
    Hello - Hello. Do you need potions?
    hi - Hello. Do you need potions?
    Hail - Hello. Do you need potions?
    potions - I make potions for the island.
    island - I don't know anything about last night's stabbing.
    stabbing - There was poison in addition to the stabbing? That is upsetting.
    upsetting - I don't want to be accused of anything.
    anything - I have been known to make rat poison from time to time, by the vat.
    vat - The poison is only used by official rat catchers.
    catchers - I don't think any of them are smart enough to kill a person.
    person - That's all I know. Come back if you have more questions.
    bolt - I made some poison for Gervain so he could protect his shop.
    gervain - I made some poison for Gervain so he could protect his shop.
    stands - I use those for some "private" potions I make.
    make - I have made some poisons in the past, but only for the missing man.
    missing - Gervain is a good man without much muscle. He needed to protect his gems.
    gems - He had crossbow to shoot a poison-tipped bolt.
    nightshade -Yes, I got some nightshade from a man in Vesper.
    Vesper - That poison was sold to Gervain.
    Poison - I have been known to make rat poison from time to time, by the vat.

    Donald Stitches -
    Hello - Go away! I've done nothing, nothing wrong.
    Hi - Go away! I've done nothing, nothing wrong.
    Hail - Go away! I've done nothing, nothing wrong.
    wrong - You can't prove I did anything.
    anything - You don't know anything? You are fishing!
    fishing - You are fishing for crimes. Well, come back when you have some names!
    names - I don't know who you are talking about. I didn't say names, I said games.
    games - Go away or arrest me!
    arrest - I've done nothing you can prove. Why waste both our time?
    Marstan - I ordered a statue for this guy. I got a deal from a guy out of Ilshenar.
    ilshenar - He said he stole it from Montor itself. Perfect for a brooding occultist!
    Gervain - I have smuggled gems for him in the past.
    past - Well, this time, I smuggled him off the island and to a camp.
    camp - The camp is at 92o28'N 141o45'E. Go away now!
    Raul - I smuggled him some books and scrolls.
    scrolls - Mostly healing and protection. Dull stuff, but worth money on that island.
    Apothecary - I smuggled a large amount of nightshade to him. So what?

    Hayato the Merchant -
    Hello - Welcome, Spies. Tess sends her respect. Shall we talk about your problem?
    Hi - Welcome, Spies. Tess sends her respect. Shall we talk about your problem?
    Hail - Welcome, Spies. Tess sends her respect. Shall we talk about your problem?
    problem - Your fellow Sarah Paumera stands accused of murder.
    murder - I was in the tavern last night, but saw little, beyond an argument.
    argument - Gervain of the Gems and Raul of the Plays were whispering loudly.
    loudly - Sadly, I did not eavesdrop for I didn't know it would become important.
    important - I can tell you some important things. There was a ship from Vesper.
    Vesper - Yes, this ship left last night soon after the crime. The ship was a smuggler.
    smuggler - It had a hidden hold. I have an eye for ships. The owner is named Stitches.
    stitches - Yes, I believe we both know who may have answers, but if you have questions.
    questions - Feel free to ask me about questions you may have. I may not know everything.
    marstan - Marstan is a man to watch. There is a mystery there. And a nice ring.
    raul - The victim was a man of stealth and strength. Beyond death, he may give answers.
    gervain - A timid man who seems haunted lately. He mentioned bad dreams.
    Charles - I could slip past that guard in my sleep, and so could Miss. Paumera.

    Charles the Guard -
    Hello - Hello, foreigner. Move along! There is a ship waiting!
    Hi - Hello, foreigner. Move along! There is a ship waiting!
    Hail - Hello, foreigner. Move along! There is a ship waiting!
    waiting - You lot are trouble, like the murderess.
    murderess - I saw that Sarah moving away from the crime scene like a panther.
    panther - She was fast and viscious, but no match for my club!
    club - No, she did it. Nothing going to convince me otherwise!
    otherwise - Move along! Move along!
    drunk - You dare say I was drunk on duty last night! I know what I saw!
    Drunkard - You dare say I was drunk on duty last night! I know what I saw!
    saw - I saw poor Raul's corpse. All of us who found it were shocked.
    shocked - I was so out of it, I almost fell into the sea. And Gervain...
    gervain - That man looked like he had seen a ghost. He tried to save his friend.
    friend - Raul was his friend for years. Both would have died for the other.
    other - When Gervain realized his friend was dead, he ran way to cry.
    cry - I ran after him, but lost track of him to that panther woman.
    woman - Oh, I found that foreign girl and her neat little knife soon after.

    Tim the Beggar
    Hello - Alms for the poor! Penny for the beggar! Money for me!
    Hi - Alms for the poor! Penny for the beggar! Money for me!
    Hail - Alms for the poor! Penny for the beggar! Money for me!
    (give gold) - I hear you want to know what happened. Raul was a protector.
    protector - He protected the island in secret. He had a sword.
    sword - He paid me to be a second set of eyes for him. He suspected scary stuff.
    stuff - He didn't tell me, but he had to keep things hidden.
    hidden - I was near the docks last night trying to "borrow" some dinner.
    dinner - I saw Gervain run past after the Guard alarm sounded.
    sounded - All I know. Good luck!


    Title: Criminal Acts
    Author: Lord Giraud

    Sarah Paumera of Britannia stands accused of the following:
    I. Murder of Raul Thrivin, resident of the Restful Slumber at 28o29'N 170o13'E and writer of plays. She killed him on the peninsula at 35o42'N 175o4'E.
    II. Kidnapping and possible murder of Gervain Mercke, resident and owner of Jewel of the Isle.
    III. Use of magic in crimes or conspiracy to commit crimes.
    If convicted, she will be executed.

    Title: Journal
    Author: Raul Thrivin

    I suspect it is only a matter of time before my duel life is compromised. I write the plays that the lords and ladies of the Nujel'm Court deem appropriate. While these plays are neither useful nor truthful, they give me the position and coin to follow my true calling. My island is under siege. It has been so for many years. Undead of blood, demons, and dark magic are the threats of just my lifetime. Sadly, these threats cannot be attacked directly in the day, as many of our people fear all magic, believing even knowledge of the arcane arts to be evil.

    Lately, this paranoid sentiment has gotten worst. I believe the enemies of our island are stirring up the troubles to created weakness. The lich that appeared a few months ago was only the start. People talk of whispers in the streets at night, of bad dreams, of seeing dark shapes moving off the coast at night. I believe there is a very real threat in my city.

    My poor friend, Gervain Mercke, seems to be upset by these ill omens to our city. Gervain is the local jeweler. Because of his worries, he has had Lord Marstan, a most questionable occultist, examine any gem shipments for curses. Marstan has walked off with more than a few precious gems. I should ask him about these gems.

    I don’t trust our local Apothacary. Because of the restrictions on alchemy, his brews shouldn’t be as powerful as they really are. He did heal Jason’s bride to be of that nasty cold.

    I have paid Tim a few coins to keep me appraised of the situation in the city. So far, he hasn’t told me much except about a strange dark statue that a passing merchant from Vesper was selling. I suspect the statue was meant for Lord Marstan, but due to the town guard’s patrols, the merchant had to unload the statue with some poor fool.

    I have found the statue in a book. Marstan is a fool if he tried to buy such a piece. It is a nightmare image. Such a thing allows a demon of dreams to do horrible things. The spell is called “Uus Bal Xen.” I must find out who has the statue.

    Title: Journal
    Author: Gervain

    Raul agrees with me that something dark is going on our island. He disagrees with me that now is the time to arm ourselves. He actually lectured me about safety when I showed him my crossbow. I may not be as strong as the drunkard Jason, so I need a better way to protect myself. The Apothecary provided me with a little extra insurance on my bow.

    My dreams are terrible. I blame the last shipment of gems from Vesper. I will have Lord Marstan look over these as well. Raul thinks that Marstan is taking advantage of my naivete, but I know Marstan knows a thing or two about magic. The rumors are he saw his own father torn apart by vampires and survived!

    A sailor from Vesper sold me this statue. He said it was intended for Lord Marstan, but that it was too hot to hold onto. I think I paid too much for it, but surely, it is a protective statue. Raul noticed the statue today and warned me about it. He doesn’t understand. My dreams are so much better now. I do not wake up screaming. If anything, I am in control again, fighting armies of horrible creatures. Raul gave me a strange look when I explained this, and I swear I saw his eyes glow red. I must be on my toes.

    Title: Unfinished Play
    Author: Raul Thrivin

    A boy and a girl fall in love on a tropical island full of magic and fae creatures who talk a lot. The girl's father is a duke and a mage, but he gives it all up to make his daughter happy.

    Hidden Notes:
    People Being Watched
    (By the Authorities)
    -Lord Marstan
    -The Apothecary
    -Hayato of Tokuno
    -"Drunkard" Charles the Guard
    -Tim the Beggar
    Also, these upstanding people:
    -Jason the Smith
    -Nora the Barkeep
    Must hide my crate again. Nora saw me go to it.
    More random lines about life and plays.

    Title: Scribbles
    Author: Gervain

    Raul is dead...wasn't a demon... when he died, he looked so weak, so sad, the red river flowing out of him, each wave a year and a day and a year... The eyes are laughing at me... so many stare at me now from the darkness... that tree is looking at me...I will walk around now and wait for the demons to find me...I owe Raul that much...

    Title: Orders
    Author: Nether

    Watch the island and cause nightmares. We need to keep Nujel'm distant for future use. Don't let them find you.