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[Price Check] Obsidian Statue Set

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Lord_Zykes, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Lord_Zykes

    Lord_Zykes Visitor

    Mar 19, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Hi guys,
    Really sorry if these do not count as -Rare- but i just wanted to ask how-much a full set is worth, I know there is some talk about which are real and which are not, which exist and which do not.. But here's what i have anyways.

    1. Aggressive Cavalier
    2. Beguiling Rogue
    3. Benevolent Physician
    4. Brilliant Artisan
    5. Capricious Adventurer
    6. Convincing Charlatan
    7. Creative Inventor
    8. Cunning Knave
    9. Dauntless Explorer
    10. Despicable Ruffian
    11. Earnest Malcontent
    12. Exultant Animal Tamer
    13. Famed Adventurer
    14. Fanatical Crusader
    15. Fastidious Clerk
    16. Fearless Hunter
    17. Festive Harlequin
    18. Fierce Soldier
    19. Frugal Magnate
    20. Glib Pundit
    21. Gnomic Shaman
    22. Idiotic Madman
    23. Imaginative Designer
    24. Inept Conjurer
    25. Inventive Blacksmith
    26. Judicious Mayor
    27. Masterful Chef
    28. Masterful Woodworker
    29. Melancholy Clown
    30. Melodic Bard
    31. Mirthful Jester
    32. Nervous Surgeon
    33. Peaceful Scholar
    34. Prolific Gardener
    35. Quixotic Knight
    36. Regal Aristocrat
    37. Resourceful Smith
    38. Reticent Alchemist
    39. Scheming Patrician
    40. Shrewd Mage
    41. Singing Minstrel
    42. Skilled Tailor
    43. Squeamish Assassin
    44. Stoic Swordsman
    45. Studious Scribe
    46. Thought-Provoking Writer
    47. Treacherous Scoundrel
    48. Troubled Poet
    49. Unflappable Wizard
    50. Valiant Warrior
    51. Wayward Fool

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards

    Lord Omega - Europa