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Oceania Forum Rules and general FAQ. *please read before posting* *UPDATED* [24/04/04]

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Guest, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Firstly welcome to the Oceania forum.

    The first thing all new posters should do before posting anything here is to read the Rules of Conduct. This will save you from getting into any trouble later on from not knowing the rules that stratics sets out. Its also advisible for long term users to keep up to date with the ROC.

    On the subject of the ROC please understand that personal attacks, swearing or attempting to swear by using means to bypass the swear word filter, are NOT acceptable on these forums nor are they welcome here. In the past we have had problems on these boards over people doing this, and people should realise that warnings or bans will be given to posters who break the rules set out in the ROC.

    If you are curious about how to access certain features for these forums, such as smileys /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/eyes.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sgrin.gif, <font color=blue>text colours</font color=blue>, or how to post images as well as many other features it might pay to have a look at the Stratics Forum FAQ

    As well as the above, if you have any issues regarding the Oceania Forum or even if you just want to discuss a post or ask advice please do not hesitate to PM any of the Moderators for Oceania. As moderators our job is to help make the forums a happier place for all, and all of us are willing to take time to help any of you out in any way we can.

    The current Moderators for Oceania are:

    [*]Von Ravend

    As well as PMing any of the Moderators for the forum, any user using the Stratics forums has the option to email [email protected], if you feel you are unable to discuss a issue with a moderator or want to make a complaint please do not hesitate to email.

    Sig sizes should also follow the size limits set out in the Rules of Conduct and the Stratics Forum FAQ when making a sig to save us having to ask you to change it at a later date:

    - Maximum size of image file(s): 35k
    - Maximum height of image(s): 125 pixels
    - Maximum width of image(s): 600 pixels

    Also please note Off Topic posts should have *OT* in there topic line. A *OT* post is something that does not relate to UO in general or the Oceania shard. A good way to see examples of this is to browse back through the forums and see what other posters consider to be *OT*. Similarly, any posts with just a question or statement in the title line that contain no text, should have [nt] in there topic line.

    News about whats going on for Oceania can be found on the Stratics news page or if you want to see specific news for Oceania it can be found at http://uo.stratics.com/news/Oceania.shtml.

    If you have any news that you think the community of Oceania would be interested in please do not hesitate to email [email protected]. Once your news piece has been verified and checked by the news team they will do there best to post your news. Please realise however not all news can be posted but reporters will generally pass on this info to you with any suggestions or advice for future news articles.

    The current News Reporters for Oceania are:

    [*]Von Ravend
    [*]Chainsaw Knight
    [*]Lance Dragonbane

    And lastly once again please use your common sense when posting and remember to read the Rules of Conduct

    Original Forum Rules and FAQ created by diangelo
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    (Dransik Guild Forum Admin,
    UO Moderator)
    10/09/03 03:35 PM

    Any guild or player flaming threads or posts that are created are simply not on. I will lock them, and send out a warning to that player.

    Its trolling, simple as that. If you need to read our Rules of Conduct then I suggest you take a moment to do so.

    If i need to warn people multiple times on this then bans will go out, its simple as that.

    Keep your posts constructive.

    Dransik Stratics Guild Forums Administrator
    UO Stratics Gardeners Forum Moderator
    UO Stratics Scribes Forum Moderator
    UO Stratics Oceania Forum Moderator

    First posted by Lady Magica
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    From a poster on UO U.Hall:

    (Lore Master)
    02/21/04 06:13 AM

    The Structure of a Good Post

    Here are a few guildlines which may help people make better topics (threads) for message boards. Putting proper care, thought, and time into creating a topic goes a long way between it getting no replies, becoming an interesting discussion, or a flame fest which becomes locked. The following is a list of the elements of a new topic:

    Subject - This can make of break your topic. A veteran poster can usually tell a lot about a topic from the subject. FOR INSTANCE, A SUBJECT IN ALL CAPS USUALLY MEANS THE PERSON IS REALLY UPSET WHEN WRITING THE POST (which posters know to avoid). A well punctuated subject sometimes indicates a good read inside. Your topic should summarize the whole post and let the browser decide if it is something they should read.

    Body - This is where your actual post goes. The body can contain anything you want to put in it. It isn't so much how you write the body which is important, it is how you punctuate it. Paragraphs are your friend. Capitals, commas, and periods tell people how to read your message. Run-on sentences which go on and on with no end in sight are a very bad thing, especially when people use commas where a period should go and most times they end up writing a whole page with no paragraphs or periods. You could use some of the built in board code to emphasize important points. It isn't hard to learn and do at all. Most important of all: Paragraphs are your friend! Using punctuation wrong is better then none at all.

    Conclusion - What is a Forum for? It is for discussing topics. If you can't discuss a topic then you probably shouldn't be posting it. Almost every topic should end with or contain a question which other users reply to.

    There are a few more things you should keep in mind when creating a topic. The following are tell-tale signs of the beginnings of a bad topic:

    Mr Tact read this! - If you include the name of a person in your subject or your whole topic revolves around that person then most likely it isn't a proper topic. A forum is for discussion between multiple parties. I am amazed when people sometimes tell other posters that no one but the person they singled out can reply. Private messaging works best in these situations. If you are trying to contact a developer then you should email them if their Private messages are deactivated. In some cases I can think of it would be acceptable to do this, but I haven't seen one in a long, long time.

    Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest - If you see words similar to this anywhere in your post it belongs in the ranting section of the forum. Stratics has even setup a special forum creatively named the Spiels n' Rants forum. Many boards do this, or have an off-topic section you may use, so use it!

    Flame Away - If your topic ends with this then you shouldn't hit the post button. Expecting people post "flames" only means you did not construct your topic carefully enough to avoid or minimize it.

    What do you think? Anything you would Add/Remove/Change in these guidelines? Possible that this post may help people?

    Here to provide plausible explainations to your posts and thoughts

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    (A poster) I did not remove the post because of any bias, in fact, I have removed a lot of posts over the last week or so that have attacked the guilds in question. The reason it was removed is that the way it was written was (whether meant that way or not) trolling. I am happy to send it to you broken down showing exactly how it was a troll. Normally I wouldn't reply to a post like this, I would do it in PM, however, I feel this is a good time to bring up a few things regarding such posts. This is directed at all posters on stratics it is not directed at a select group, not certain guilds, not certain races, not certain facets etc.

    1. If you have a problem with one of my decisions then please PM me and I am happy to explain why I arrived at that decision. If you are still not satisfied then you can contact [email protected] . Everything I do is documented and is available for Admins to see at any time.

    2. DO NOT use player, stratics usernames or guild names in a derogatory, sarcastic, ironic, or otherwise negative way. ie attack these people/groups.

    3. DO NOT refer to certain posters, the board at large, guilds, singular or groups of players as noobs, newbs, noobies, trammies, trammers, trammelites or any derivation of these [this includes any other derogatory tems such as gimp, ***** etc. (this also refers to arti-*****, arti-gimp etc.)]. It will be treated as flaming/trolling.

    4. (A concerned poster) pointed out a post on UO U.Hall about racist terms, this is now treated as policy so whether you agree or not that is policy on this board. (I will duplicate the post in question in the FAQ at the top of this forum so there is no confusion).

    5. I have no allegiance to any guild, group, person, or player in UO on these boards. Stratics has asked me to do a job of upholding their Rules Of Conduct (which I urge you all to read) and I try to do that to the best of my ability without fear or favour or bias. I am around quite a lot so as I said above if anyone has a problem please PM me.

    I will move this post up to the FAQ as well so you can refer to it whenever necessary!
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    (UO Moderator
    UXO Moderator)
    03/29/04 06:07 AM
    Plus Member Since
    Feb 26, 2004
    Clarification on an abbreviation of the word Japanese

    Recently, the word "jap" has begun to be used with frequency on these forums, and that has caused a bit of a stir. So, to clarify things for everyone, I'm posting this note. The word is considered offensive by many people around the world. I realize that some people are not aware of this, but it is true nonetheless.

    So, our policy is going to be to disallow use of this word. In cases where it appears people are just unaware of the policy, and the word was not used in a malicious manner, they will be asked to edit their post, with an explanation of our policy. This will not be an "official" warning, but rather a simple request. People who keep using the word, after it's been documented that they were made aware of the policy, will have action taken against their account(s).

    If you simply must use an abbreviation for Japanese, I believe that JP is acceptable (and one less letter to type).

    Please do not start new threads asking about or make posts in existing threads talking about this word, its degree of offensiveness, our about our policy - the same goes for any other word. Direct any questions or comments in PM, or write to [email protected]

    For those who are offended by my use of the word here, I apologize, but many people truly don't understand the offensiveness of the word, and some probably wouldn't know what I was talking about if I didn't use it once as an example

    Bella Noire
    (UO &amp; UXO Administratrix, LS News Manager)
    03/29/04 09:19 PM

    Further Clarification on an abbreviation of the word Japanese [re: wilki24]
    I am posting this to the public so that you have an idea of the logic behind this decision. I posted a slightly different version in the staff forums discussing this issue and I'd like to pass it on here so that it may hopefully be put to rest and the request respected once explained.

    I'm going to let these clips speak to you first:
    American Toons from WWII Take a look at first toon on second page and watch it. That demonstrates the connotation the word "jap" has for those who are familiar with it, as a racial caricature that was considered appropiate for that era in American history but is seen as inappropiate and insulting in the here and now which is what we are attempting to address. In a way, I'm glad to see it has lost such an ugly connotation, where people can be oblivious to how nasty it was. I would ask that you who do know forgive those to whom this is news to, we all have such blind spots in knowledge of the world and history.

    I am not arguing for political correctness out of control, however I do believe that respecting that while the term is not familiar to you as offensive, or is not used in such a way as to be considered so to your friends and family whom it may apply that for others it IS hurtful and hostile, and weigh which is the priority, respecting others boundaries and being willing to let it go out of a interest in the greater good of a forum, or holding on to it because in your own worldview it is nonoffensive so it's their problem not yours.
    Knowing when it is truly a semantic issue, and when it is a broader issue of a genuine insult to a specific portion of a very wide community is indeed difficult, and sometimes I agree some people will look for anything to pancake about but in this case the data behind it being a confirmed slur for decades is enough for me to base my judgement on and ask it not be used.
    Even if you are ignorant or innocent of using a term derogatorily, it does not excuse or make right those who will and do so here. Leaving it ambigous and judged as a case by case basis means every time a moderator encounters it they will need to judge that person and assume they know how they meant it in order to determine if it a violation or not and when they do another poster will be able to point to someone else who was allowed to and ask "why can they do it if I can't, you just have something against me....".

    I can try to teach my mods to be good mediators, diplomats, and judges but I can't make them mind readers. I hope you understand this outlook in handling the matter and of course, [email protected] reaches myself and the other Admins here.