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Oceania Forum Rules and General FAQ. *PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING*

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Guest, Jan 1, 2007.

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    The first thing all new posters should do before posting anything here is to read the Rules of Conduct. This will save you from getting into any trouble later on from not knowing the rules that Stratics sets out. Its also advisable for long term users to keep up to date with the ROC.

    If you have any issues regarding the Oceania Forum or even if you just want to discuss a post or ask advice please do not hesitate to PM any of the Moderators for Oceania. As Moderators our job is to help make the forums a happier place for all, and all of us are willing to take time to help any of you out in any way we can.


    The current Moderators for Oceania are:

    [​IMG] Ovrkill

    *Moderators for this forum have a green shield with an 'M' in it next to their names like this one [​IMG]

    As well as PMing* any of the Moderators for the forum, any user using the Stratics forums has the option to email [email protected], if you feel you are unable to discuss an issue with a Moderator or want to make a complaint. Please do not hesitate to use this email address.

    The following are the UO Forum Administrators. They are recognizable by their blue "A" shield [​IMG]. They may act as moderators when needed, however, are generally around for moderator emergencies, staffing and training new staff members. As well as deal with staff related complaints and behind the scenes work to keep the UO Forums running smoothly. Moderators should first be contacted for all individual forum issues. However, if things are beyond the abilities of a Moderator, the following may be contacted as needed.

    UO Forum Administrators - [email protected]

    [​IMG] Petra
    [​IMG] Kitty Kat
    [​IMG] Magdalene

    TGN News Administrators -
    [​IMG] Andrasta
    [​IMG] Airmid Cecht

    *To send a PM (Private Message) click on the highlighted user name of the Poster/Moderator you wish to contact, then click on the button which says "Send a Private Message". If you receive a PM you will see a small white envelope flashing near the top of the page, click this once to access your received PM's.


    General Forum Information:
    Stratics Oceania Forum is (as you can guess) for the Oceania region. As such, being mainly based around Asia, Australia and New Zealand we have a range of players and posters, some for which English is a secondary language. Please show respect for everyone and avoid using someone's Language or Typing skills as a reason to comment or attack another. The MOD's of Oceania take a dim view on this sort of behavior.

    If you are curious about how to access certain features for these forums, such as smileys [​IMG] changing text colors, or how to post images as well as many other features it might pay to have a look at the Stratics Forum FAQ

    The Structure of a Good Post aka General Posting Guidelines

    Here are a few guidelines which may help people make better topics (threads) for message boards. Putting proper care, thought, and time into creating a topic goes a long way between it getting no replies, becoming an interesting discussion, or a flame fest which becomes locked. The following is a list of the elements of a new topic:

    Subject - This can make of break your topic. A veteran poster can usually tell a lot about a topic from the subject. FOR INSTANCE, A SUBJECT IN ALL CAPS USUALLY MEANS THE PERSON IS REALLY UPSET WHEN WRITING THE POST (which posters know to avoid). A well punctuated subject sometimes indicates a good read inside. Your topic should summarize the whole post and let the browser decide if it is something they should read.

    Body - This is where your actual post goes. The body can contain anything you want to put in it. It isn't so much how you write the body which is important, it is how you punctuate it. Paragraphs are your friend. Capitals, commas, and periods tell people how to read your message. Run-on sentences which go on and on with no end in sight are a very bad thing, especially when people use commas where a period should go and most times they end up writing a whole page with no paragraphs or periods. You could use some of the built in board code to emphasize important points. It isn't hard to learn and do at all. Most important of all: Paragraphs are your friend! Using punctuation wrong is better then none at all.

    Conclusion - What is a Forum for? It is for discussing topics. If you can't discuss a topic then you probably shouldn't be posting it. Almost every topic should end with or contain a question which other users reply to.

    There are a few more things you should keep in mind when creating a topic. The following are tell-tale signs of the beginnings of a bad topic:

    Mr Tact read this! - If you include the name of a person in your subject or your whole topic revolves around that person then most likely it isn't a proper topic. A forum is for discussion between multiple parties. I am amazed when people sometimes tell other posters that no one but the person they singled out can reply. Private messaging works best in these situations. If you are trying to contact a developer then you should email them if their Private messages are deactivated. In some cases I can think of it would be acceptable to do this, but I haven't seen one in a long, long time.

    If you see words similar to this anywhere in your post it belongs in the ranting section of the forum. Stratics has even setup a special forum creatively named the Spiels n' Rants forum. Many boards do this, or have an off-topic section you may use, so use it!

    Information on adding signatures and/or images can be found Here in the Stratics FAQ.

    Off Topic And No Text Posts:
    "Q. Off Topic (OT) are not prohibited, but should be posted within reason. There are some topics that are not appropriate for the forums. All posts are subject to these rules. Excessive OT posts will be dealt with on a case by case basis."
    Also please note Off Topic posts should have [OT] in there topic line. Similarly, any posts with just a question or statement in the title line that contain no text, should have [nt] in there topic line.


    Oceania News and Reporters:
    News about whats going on for Oceania can be found on the Stratics news page or if you want to see specific news for Oceania it can be found here.

    If you have any news that you think the community of Oceania would be interested in please do not hesitate to email [email protected] Once your news piece has been verified and checked by the news team they will do there best to post your news.

    The current News Reporters for Oceania are:

    [​IMG] Ovrkill Oceania News Reporter
    [​IMG] Lady Kat Oceania News Reporter


    Player v Player Threads:
    As has been proven time after time ALL PvP threads go off the rails and become inhabited by trolls (people who bait others) and flamers (people who personally attack others) so as soon as this behavior starts those threads will be locked immediately and no correspondence will be entered into.
    There is a loosely moderated PvP thread that has been stickied at the top of the Oceania forum. This thread is to save the forum from constant trolling and insults. Please use this PvP thread for any in-game PvP talk you wish to conduct on the Oceania forum.

    If you post anything outside the PvP thread that belongs inside the PvP thread, it will be deleted and a warning/banning issued.

    We have a censor filter for a reason, to stop people posting profanity where it can be read by minors or by people offended by it (profanity not minors). Circumventing that filter by using different spelling is against the ROC and will be actionable! This includes acronyms!

    This board is not for unmasking scammers. DO not post names of people here and call them scammers! You cannot prove that they have done anything wrong! If you do call someone a scammer then you are breaking the ROC! You are flaming or trolling!

    ICQ logs can be edited - so not proof! Screen shots can be edited - so not proof! "Friends" who were there, is hearsay and possibly biased - therefore not proof! Don't jeopardize your account by posting things that cannot be proven!

    Guild/Poster Bashing:
    This is strictly against the RoC and will not be tolerated!

    If you intend to use the forums as a means of attacking someone or a guild, be it for the fact you don't like them, they stole your horse, killed your pet cat, can not type/spell well or you just want to cause trouble you will be banned if you continue to do so.

    Flame Away - If your topic ends with this then you shouldn't hit the post button. Expecting people post "flames" only means you did not construct your topic carefully enough to avoid or minimize it.

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