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Oceania Kaleidoscope 2012

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Isaac OC, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Isaac OC

    Isaac OC Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 7, 2010
    Likes Received:
    On behalf of Oceania Community and the MEGA crew, we wish you all (all Oceania players, Mesanna and the dev team, UO Stratics, other shards players) a happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, it has been a tremendous pleasure to play with you all and looking forward for more exciting adventur in the next coming year.

    We have had a wonderful run throughout this year, such as:

    1. Atlantic Invasion - 13th January 2012 - http://stratics.com/community/threads/3t-invasion-on-atlantic.258921/
    We started the year with an invasion to Atlantic that failed miserably :)

    2. MEGA Project - 29th January 2012 - http://stratics.com/community/threads/the-mega-project-building-oceania-together.260005/
    MEGA Project started with a view to spice up the life of UO in Oceania by encouraging people to farm and sell goods in Atlantic, and in return, buying some goodies back. Thank you to Synjin from Serpent of Malas [SOM], Mezzac from Empire of Oceania Blade [EOB] and WolfSpirit (aka the UO mailman). Your contributions by transferring using your transfer shields, not too mention for free, and donating your time for this cause, are greatly appreciated.

    Special Thanks to Twinkle, Don Juan, Markeen, bluedog, BigLuke for their continuous support to restock vendors at MEGA shop, your donation in time are also very much greatly appreciated.

    3. Luna IDOCs - http://stratics.com/community/threads/luna-idoc-27th-march-2012.264676/
    A few IDOCs at Luna throughout the year, while we were quite sad to see some people left the game, we can only gather as a remembrance of happy fun we had together, and as always, race to place the plot to remind their legacy ... (mm.. not really).

    4. Celebration of the new UO Producer - Bonnie Armstrong (aka Mesanna) - 14th June 2012 - http://stratics.com/community/threads/congratulation-to-mesanna-as-the-new-uo-producer.275793/
    Her dedication and contribution to UO is immense, and the news is welcomed by Oceanian Community. Congratulation once again, Mesanna.

    5. Visits from EM Takako - 23rd June 2012 - http://stratics.com/community/threads/2012-luna-poster-with-em-takako.277665/
    EM Aeon and Vespera have moved on to their next journey of life for a year, and EM Takako visited us and ran a few events.

    6. UO 15th Birthday - 29th September 2012 - http://stratics.com/community/threads/youtube-celebrating-15-years-oceania-style.285545/
    A big milestone for UO and the first anniversary for Mesanna as UO Producer, was a good turnout at Test Center.

    7. EM Balthazar - Boat Race - 15th December 2012 - http://stratics.com/community/threads/15th-december-2012-boat-race-haven-to-magincia.289850/
    We are honoured and welcoming the new Oceanian EM, Balthazar. The first great event from EM Balthazar is boat race event and thank you for the small tree gift.

    8. Oceania Shard Upgrade (and Atlantic Revert) - 17th December 2012 - http://stratics.com/community/threads/thank-you-for-the-server-upgrade-to-amazon.289967/
    Ever since the "Oceania Great Migration - 14th January 2011", we had a continuous lag and server instability where we were almost guaranteed to get disconnections during weekend. The upgrade has improved the speed on some players and no known issues so far. Special thanks to Jeff Skalski, UO Franchise Producer, for personally looking after this matter, more info about him can be found here - http://www.uoguide.com/Jeff_Skalski

    Unfortunately Atlantic had a major revert back to 5th December 2012, Atlantic is a special shard to Oceania as we all love shopping in Atlantic, the hub of UO holidays :) I think we were quite lucky that the impact though caused a worry to some people but UO great support managed to recover some lost items.


    The last but not least, thank you to all Oceania Players whom I have been seeing and pvp-ing throughout the year, hoping to see you all again next year.
  2. Xephos

    Xephos Visitor

    Jan 7, 2013
    Likes Received:

    I reactivated my account from 2007. It's amazing how after playing EQ, EQ2, WoW, and GW2 that I always come back to UO. I have a concern. I can't find any vendors. Where in Oceania are there any active players/vendors? Also, being from California, we don't have the best connection for Oceania. I want to stay on the shard, but I really need to have a place to shop and sell. If we can find that, we'll stay. If not, does UO have a way to transfer all stuff to another shard?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!

  3. Isaac OC

    Isaac OC Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 7, 2010
    Likes Received:
    First of all, welcome back :)

    While Oceania shard is the place to be, Atlantic is still the place to shop (and the most populated English-speaking shard).
    However, Oceania is still the friendliest :)

    We have a regular inter-shard transfer between Oceania to Atlantic as we have a few veterans who have 14-years account that gives them a free character transfer token every month.

    The collection depot is described in this post: http://stratics.com/community/threads/oceania-atlantic-transfer-event.270312/

    The best way to connect with the rest of Oceania players is through the global chat - Help channel.

    We have peaks and throughs cycle in Oceania, where people will take a time off for real-life matters or other interests, and I believe we are currently at the down cycle, and if you are patient enough and stay a bit longer, you will understand why people still play in Oceania because of the community.

    Since you play in California, time difference may be an issue as majority players are from australia (+11GMT), so you may find Atlantic a better shard to find more people in the evening (your time).

    I would suggest to create another character instead of transferring as it can be quite costly, $20 per character transfer, that if you decide to move to Atlantic. Playing in Oceania is always welcome.

    Increasing vendor activities at Luna town, will be this year objective, so stay tuned, it will be great.
    #3 Isaac OC, Jan 9, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2013