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Oceania PVP Thread - Episode 16 - numbers arnt everything!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Ovrkill, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    Yes it's Oh Yeah You know it. No more needs to be said...
  2. Coreyy

    Coreyy Guest

    lol somebody has to change this post name from numbers arnt everything too elwood the big dumb noob.. ur pathetic
  3. Dain

    Dain Guest

    Wow that was really creative.
  4. Glad to see the quality of the conversation around here remains the same.

    Elwood, why do you still entertain the children here?

  5. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    Glutton for punishment I guess...
  6. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    OMG Are officially the worst guild ever in UO.

    There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD you should die 2v6. But you guys managed to achieve it well done.

    Basehead and me i dont even count as a fighter im so bad you guys couldnt kill me with 6 people yet 3 of you died to us. How? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? You guys are SO ********.

    Then you resort to dismounters and bolaing with a greater dragon AND STILL CANT KILL US. We managed to invis through 5 of you dumping on ONE PERSON.

    You guys are just rubbish its so funny. Zero teamwork = zero chance to win at anything.

    Even macryois and elita ya azz with ash were OWNING you.
  7. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    Hmm Paradox? I don't think so, hi rons or pet. Speaking of ash, when are you going to give him an sso guild title, common just make it official, I mean he already has access to pets house at bmg...
  8. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    I own pets account mate - im not pet. Notice me being fing terrible on a mage and lagging out alot more than pet does?

    Nah, you're too stupid because you are looking at keyboard for your pain strike macro to notice anything.

    And it was me and usher vs all of you SIX. Utterly disgraceful.

    And no, ASH does not have access to MY HOUSE. Stop trying to make stuff up that is just simply lies.

    And hes not in SSO, he just realises that you dumbs**ts are so much easier to kill that he goes for you over us. He even efielded Hard Yakka and killed him 1v1. You cant even OMEN PARA GANK with THREE OF YOU vs me. Honestly, get a clue.

    Love how you had to resort to a stealthing bola tamer with a greater dragon to kill 2 of us and didnt even manage too. Oh and a bolaing bushido dexer. Getting desperate are we?

    Skill, timing & communication = Teamwork <--- SSO achieve this.

    Retardation, Unawareness, Dismounters, Raging, Panicing, Selfishness = OMG Teamwork.

    Notice the difference? This difference is why YOU ALL DIE, REPEATEDLY.
  9. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    What ever you say Ron... And if paradox 'owns' pets account why did he come into vent the other night while we were fighting at yew (yes I was in there listening) and 'ask' pet if he could use his account to which pet replied no i'm playing it atm, LOL. SO much for pet quitting and never coming back by the way...

    Ash does have access to pets house, YOU are wrong. I said this to pet in YOUR VENT and even he wouldn't believe it until he came to see himself. Pet even let him stay in there after he found him inside. Ash ressed him in the house a little later and pet said i'm not going to boot him he just ressed me!

    Your also wrong on another thing - I wasn't part of the 2v6 thing you are talking about, I had logged for the day before that happened. Do you want to make anything else up while you are at it? How about you get your facts right before you post your crap here ron. I love how your previous stratics account was deleted.... AGAIN. So now you post your rot here under the alias of one of your guildmembers. PATHETIC

    Oh and I liked how you threw communication in there. I was listening intently to your 'communication' in vent the other day and I heard you abusing pet for dying at yew, you talk to hermonious like a second class citizen lol, you were constantly raging about everything and there was some horrible racial slurs mixed in there. And to think that you go on an on about your private school education and how intelligent you are. If I was your parents i'd be asking for my money back...

  10. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    Ok let me spell this out for you so your small brain can comprehend.

    If im ron - why would I ask pet to go on my account?

    Im a totally seperate person you moron, I asked pet if he was on because I didnt want to log on and KICK HIM OFF if hes playing even if its mine. I have plenty of other things to do in my life to keep me occupied - you know, like working and studying. So I let him stay on.

    And if you read what he is saying, Pet is leaving in a month so I said he can play occasionally.

    I ask again - IF IM RON WHY WOULD I ASK PET TO PLAY MY OWN ACCOUNT? Jeez you're dumb.

    Im from adelaide and I know the Rons IRL so you can even check my IP and prove that its not ron.

    And I checked the house access list and hes not on there so I dont know what your talking about? What pet does is his business but he must have unaccessed because hes not there now.

    2v6 = me and usher vs sneaky, dain, hard yakka, sept, and 2 other newbies i cant even remember i was laughing so hard.

    ROFL - its so funny how you think im posting crap when its all true. I dont need to justify myself - i love how you constantly try and say we are spouting **** to deflect that **** that you are absolute RUBBISH. And how another member of sso is posting saying exactly what the rons have been saying SO IT MUST BE THE RONS. Just like how you die 2v6 SO THEY MUST BE CHEATING. You're PATHETIC .YOU use dismounters and pets when you OUTNUMBER THE OPPOSITION BECAUSE YOU CANT KILL US NORMALLY. <-- THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF PATHETIC.

    As for Ron abusing pet - we abuse each other all the time because we are mates and we can take a joke. Rons always give me stick because on a mage im absolute garbage. I dont care.

    Way to attack our private school education too. What does that have to do with our personal views on life? So essentially your saying that because we are private school educated we should be goody 2 shoes and be all nice to everyone? Nah mate, what private school has taught me is to take advantage of people like you who are less fortunate and bleed them dry to make me richer. And bloody oath its working.

    And you're own guild mate Hard Yakka is from adelaide - so you are giving him ****? Way to be a hypocrite.

    BTW, ask him if Toorak Gardens is the 'slum' area of adelaide - that is where we live. Its the major upper class area of Adelaide so your attack on where we are from fails majorly.

    And you are from Mackay in QLD so all i have to say is - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  11. Coreyy

    Coreyy Guest

    dam straight me mac and ash own OMG does display some pretty poor efforts, even when theres like half the shard in that guild?
  12. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    Ok so your not Ron, forgive me for thinking that you were because your post is EXACTLY the same s**t as theirs. I honestly thought you wouldn't have the hide to post here about pvp because as you said:
    You run from me mage v mage LOL. Remember when we were fighting 1v1 at bmg and I was chasing you all over the place, you must have been stalling until your help arrived. And arrive it did, funnily enough you ran right to the spot where p scroll burgular was invised waiting for the dismount. Way to go hero, just remember though, riding on the coat tails of a few good players doesn't actually make you good yourself. And coming on here beating your chest about how good your guild is when in reality you do nothing but drop a flamestrike in here and there while the rest are fighting is what I call PATHETIC.

    Pet never accessed Ash to his house, check my post again. He didn't believe me when I told him ash was in there and he came to have a look for himself. So if pet didn't access him then you must of being your house? Care to clear that one up?

    You know more about Hard Yakka than I do, i've been in OMG about a week or so. I don't care whether he is from Adelaide or not it still doesn't change my opinion of the place and in no way does that make me a hypocrite. Look the definition up in the dictionary mr private school education LMAO.

    Like i said your parents have wasted their money. Try earning something for once.

    Dude I live in Mackay NOW. Live many people do I have moved away from where I grew up (the gold coast for your information) so way to be wrong again. Lets see now, I've lived on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne, Toulouse (France), Mackay and even in your neck of the woods - s**tsville Adelaide (oooooohh does that make me a hypocrite lol). One day you might move out of home and actually experience something?

    You just keep telling yourself that it is your account, i'll just keep laughing about hearing you log into vent to play UO the other night and pet shutting you down. By the way the comment by one of the rons about a black mother and a mexican was particulary insightful...
  13. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    Where, In ANY OF MY POSTS, Did I say I was good and beating my chest? When Did I ever say I am good. LEARN.TO.READ.

    I said im rubbish and I am and then I LAUGHED AT YOUR GUILD because they cant even kill me and die to me when YOU OUTNUMBER US.

    Pet shutting me down? I could have told him to get off if i was desperate to play but no, I have other things I can do because you know my life doesnt revolve around a fantasy world in a game.

    And if all I can do is cast flamestrike, why have you 1. never killed me 1v1 2. you and your band of guildies cant kill me 2v6 or 3v1 when omen paraed? Why is it me and ASH who is not even in vent can drop 2 of your guildies 2v2 in about 10 seconds? Why is it I dont have any charachters apart from 2 REDS - AN ARCHER AND A MAGE - yet will constantly try and fight. Its because I have balls to fight and realise its a game. Yet you all make dismount archers and bola tamers and outnumber your opponents thinking 'you are that good and beating your chest' as you so aptly put it.

    For god's sake talking to you is like talking to a brick wall.
  14. Warlord III

    Warlord III Guest

    Yea .. more lies :p No honor ^^ . that wasnt 2 vs 6 lol , You had ASH and Elite teamed. And when do we have a BOLA BUSHIDO DEXER? name ?
    make more stories and come back again , haha.

    Don't you run faster than USAIN BOLT *-* lol
  15. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest


    LETS TALK LIKE U *-* ^^



  16. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    Hi also Royal - bola dismount tamer.


    Also, love how TOC and OMG gave **** to 3t about bolaing AND THEN THEY RECRUIT THEM?

  17. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    See below

    Don't look now but you are beating your chest. I think anyone will agree that these comments here would imply that you think you are good.

    You got shut down, I heard it, it was funny.

    Simple because you run until help shows up. Like that time with p scroll burgular, Remember?

    HAHAHAHAHAH this is the best one of all. Let me break it down for you nitwit - ITS BECAUSE YOU ARE PLAYING SOMEONE ELSES ACCOUNT ON CHARACTERS THAT THEY CREATED AND TRAINED UP. Don't make out that you choose to play those templates, they are ones that pet played and you inherited them from him, quite simple.

    One the one hand your implying that it actually takes some sort of courage to pvp but then you say that you realise that it's a game. Make some sense please.

    Who is 'you all'? I don't have/never have played either a stealth archer/dismount tamer or used a bola to dismount someone. And I made and trained all my characters. I do know though of 2 archers in your guild who use dismounts at times, two dismount tamers and characters who use bolas.

    Oh and your only comeback for warlord was to bag him about his grasp of english, yes you are real intelligent. I put you in the same class as Oh Yeah You know it.
  18. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    Ok, let me break this down for you simpleton;

    2. you and your band of guildies cant kill me 2v6 or 3v1 when omen paraed? Why is it me and ASH who is not even in vent can drop 2 of your guildies 2v2 in about 10 seconds?

    HOW IS THAT SAYING IM GOOD? Thats simply saying YOU ARE BAD. Read the context first you moron. Im laughing at how bad _YOU_ are because _I_ am so bad. I really didnt think it was that hard to comprehend.

    Pet didnt shut me down - ask anyone in the guild channel. You are in it and suddenly you know how we talk do you? I asked if he was on - he said yes. Instead of screaming 'OMG I WANT ON' I said okay I will do something else. Jeez you're THICK.

    We had already arranged to kill you because we decided to give you a little taste of what its like to get dismount ganked in a perfectly fair fight. Looks like it worked - you are still bitter and raging over it.

    Courage to PVP? Are you ********. Im saying that BECAUSE ITS A GAME and i choose to fight outnumbered, I must have more balls than you who DONT FIGHT even when its even numbers who obviously dont want to die in a game or are afraid too.

    Uhm, the rest of pets charachters are as follows - Smith, who i use to repair, a 100 skill red whos skills are all transfered off, a half finished spawn bot, a half finished tamer, and an archer and a mage. I havent been bothered making other charachters because i only play to fight not to socialise and make friends and live out life in a game like you all seem too.

    You all = your guild in general you idiot.

    If you read how I responded to Warlord - I bagged him for his playstyle and how cant kill us 2v6.

    Honestly, you dont fking read anything. You read what you want to read. True signs of a simpleton.
  19. Warlord III

    Warlord III Guest

    AHHH , correct .. Royal !!!!! and you DEAD to his draggy twice ^^
    can you remember ?
    BY the way , now all OCN had been teamed up to fight OMG !!! SSO+ TOC+MDK + EW !!!

    SKILLS !!!!!!!!!!!!! TO USE BOLA ^^
  20. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    I didnt die once to your dragon you idiot.

    I died three times all night - once to hard yakka, once cos i got multi exped and fsed, and died once on my archer.

    TOC is in OMG you bloody idiot.

    Christ talking to you morons is like talking to simpletons OH WAIT.
  21. Coreyy

    Coreyy Guest

    woo townsville!
  22. Warlord III

    Warlord III Guest

    LOL ... Warlord arnt a Dexxer u nobs !!!
    your ability are too WORST to find out what is a mage and what's a dexxer !!
    you better learn from RONS and they are heaps better than you.
    ROYAL and WARLORD II are at the same a/c , how you could see them together .. you funny s**t. As if you count that you were 2 vs 6 . U would able to count 1 vs 1000000000000000000. SILLY and make more and more lies.

    bola !! They arnt instant hit...
  23. Warlord III

    Warlord III Guest

    LOL ... alright , i cant able to replying that if u could see Warlord is a dexxer and you never dead to the draggy ^^

    There were 2 exTOC in OMG now .. any problems???
    by the way , there are ex- OMGers in SSO now? isnt it right? What you crying about?

    Anyway , you got the team now... ASH , MAC ,OYEAH + MDK/ TOC to fight us.
  24. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    who is ex omg in SSO?

    I never said Warlord II and Royal were on at the same time.
  25. Fact.

    Fact. Visitor

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    That ASH getting access to the house was weird, it was a glitch because he was never accessed.

    As for me "shutting Paradox down"? That is the biggest exaggeration I have heard in quite a while. Here is the exact conversation as I remember it:

    Rons were doing Despise and OMG had just raided us in the middle of the raid I was chasing two OMG with two of them, Paradox logs in...
    Paradox: "Hey whats going on?"
    Me: "OMG nubs just crashed our despise, pvp atm"
    Paradox: "Ah cool can I log on"
    Me: "Not a good time at the moment, chasing someone, give me a minute and ill invis"
    Paradox: "Nah dont worry"

    If that is shutting someone down, well I must be a master at it. I HARDLY play anymore (its getting boring again), on September 18th WAR comes out and I'll be on that. I'll log in and PvP if paradox isn't on, if not I'll log off. Two nights ago Paradox logged on and there was PvP, I let him go on straight away.

    Propaganda much?
  26. Warlord III

    Warlord III Guest

    Heron were one of them.
    he was guilded while SSO doing despise
  27. Septimus

    Septimus Guest

    Disarm the cowardly dismounters and watch them run away for 1. And 2. Bleed moron, disrupts mages like necros use Strangle. Grow a brain. Its not gimp its adapting, disarm is also useful against your gimp noxer.
  28. Septimus

    Septimus Guest

    What you really mean is you mac and ash follow the rons around like lost sheep and get the occasional spell off on us then proceed to say how bad we are, and when I died I counted about 5 people chasing me and 1omg, a dexxer at that. So before you head inflates and you can't get out of your computer room or whatever, the rons call me trash etc, but when have you killed me 1v1? never...
  29. Septimus

    Septimus Guest

    1. You run to ron for help everytime, which is fair enuff in a field fight but dont call it a victory if you retreat.
    2. If you meaning when I had you half lifed omen paraed and some idiot hit you, yeah I was a little annoyed cause you were so dead. Pity only the explode went off.
  30. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    LOL pet, thats not how the conversation went at all and you know it.
  31. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    Cookie was in OMG when he returned to UO
  32. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

  33. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    HAHAHAHA rubbish, you have never partaken in a perfectly fair fight because, as someone else here pointed out, you run to the rons everytime for help.

    Dude if your going to pay people out here at least come up with your own material. This comment plus just about everything in your other posts are a carbon copy of what the rons say. Now you have said repeatedly that you are not one of the rons so either 1. they are telling you what to write 2. your another sheep who blindlessly looks up to them and likes to copy what they say and how they act or 3. your not smart enough to come up with your own comebacks. Which one is it?

    If I was to generalise about YOUR guild i'd have to tar drac with the same brush as you and the rons and I don't want to that. Lucky for me that I don't generalise, only uneducated, narrow minded people do that...
  34. Coreyy

    Coreyy Guest

    LOL! OMG please stop complainining about dismounts because you guys are the worst for it. You all suck =]
  35. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    You're right mate, I never have participated in fair fight - we are always outnumbered and you use dismounters.

    Try again.
  36. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    Carbon copy of what the Rons say - maybe because what they say is the truth? Ive seen the way the work and the way you cowards scatter whenever they are around and then deny it.
  37. Fact.

    Fact. Visitor

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Wow what a convincing argument. Because you were TOTALLY involved in the conversation weren't you? You were merely eavesdropping and too cowardly to use your characters name to avoid abuse from the big bad rons. I'm pretty sure that the people who were speaking and involved in the conversation would have a far greater knowledge of how it went.

    Omfg you are dumb. As paradox said we have never participated in a fair fight because we are constantly outnumbered... The amount of times you cowardly OMG's have run to your dismounter or into your house when it was 1v1 is ridiculous, you guys are the epitome of hypercritical simpletons.

    We have offered to fight you 4v8 in a duel situation and you guys won't accept it...
  38. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    LOL don't be an idiot pet, I didn't speak early on because we were fighting and you weren't supposed to know it was me. I made myself known to you after a while, it was at the time where I killed you with moving shot on my archer while ash was attacking me at the same time. You preceded to say in guild "I just got killed by elwood while I was typing" LOL and I called you a liar, that was my first word in vent. Then I let you know who it was a little bit later, I think it was when we were fighting in terra and you and hermonious I think it was couldn't finish me off even after a para gank. It was funny how quiet and subdued and nice you were to me but earlier in the fight it was all "omg dog/coward/scum" etc

    Yes I spoke after the rons left but I stayed in your vent for over an hour and I made myself known to one of the rons when he logged back on remember? I said "Hey f**khead!" when he came into vent, and he said I can't hear you properly and left. God pet don't make out that I am scared of the abuse of the rons, you know better than that.

    Whats all this 'we' business pet? I thought you quit and paradox owns and plays your account now? Paradox has had plenty of chances to duel 1v1 and he has never taken any of them. FACT

    Who is 'our' dismounter in OMG???

    Once again this 'we' business. When RON made this offer you were no longer in game, YOU HAD QUIT REMEMBER, (and you were telling everybody how **** UO was and how you would never return LOL) so it has nothing to do with you. Ron made this offer to ToC. It wasn't just a 4v8 he wanted 4v8 all mage fight. I told him that ToC doesn't have 8 mages (one of the reasons I left) but I would be happy to duel him myself but he never replied to that. I didn't expect to win but I was happy to have a crack. Now if your making a new offer to omg then by all means take it up with sneaky...
  39. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    Do you and pet fight over who loves the rons the most?

    Pet - "I love the rons more than you paradox"
    Paradox - "No way I love the rons 100 times more than you pet"
    Pet - "Well I love the rons 1 million times more than you paradox"
    Paradox - "No wait, I love the rons 1 billion times... "
    and so on...
  40. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    I never 1v1 because as I said im terrible on mage. I HAVENT DENIED THIS FACT YOU IDIOT. Wrestle mage is also only used for group fighting. Try again.

    And because Im good mates with the rons IRL i must love them hey?

    And what, you need to spy in a vent and do stupid childish things like spam music or swear at us and eavesdrop on us because you are so mature? You call pet a kid and immature yet you are worse. Once again, hypocrite.

    Dismounter in OMG? Warlord II, Wolfenstein, and a few other dog archers.

    Try. Again. Moron.
  41. Mr Plod

    Mr Plod Guest

    I thought you knew the wonder twins and pettles better than that.
    You wouldn't be giving others a hard time about doing things like that if you did know what they have done.

    Ignorance is bliss?
  42. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    Ah so that makes it okay for him to do it does it? Hence why I said hypocrite.

    Honestly you guys dont read.
  43. Elwood

    Elwood Guest


    You said it!

    I came in your vent to listen to the way you all carry on while in game and get a good laugh, my god was it worth it just to listen to the rons s**t can everyone and you all cop it like good little boys.
    Spam music? There was no music being spammed during the time I was in your vent. I guess you just made that one up?
    I can look past a lot of what pet does because of his age, what's your excuse?

    Warlord II is a mage DUNCE :dunce:, wolfenstein plays once in a blue moon.
  44. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    Hey paradox, the rons could have used your help in game over the last couple of hours. Or are you just happy fighting your fights on here?

    Oh I know, how silly of me not to think of this first - pet won't let you use YOUR account LMAO
  45. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    I said dismounters dumb**** not just archers. READ. Maybe its warlord 3? all the same. hes on a bushido mount with bola.

    Nah im actually studying to you know further my life and so im macroing - SHOCK HORROR A NEW CHARACHTER? BUT WAIT, PET WONT LET ME DO IT TO HIS ACCOUNT?

    And pet isnt even on so try again LMAO ROFL LOL LMAO.
  46. Coreyy

    Coreyy Guest

    lol OMG has a dismounter Wolfenstein... lets see you dismount me then ganked me? And that other guy that dismounted me with a bola working with yous
  47. JediSith

    JediSith Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Arwen and I are the only dimounters in OMG, you can't count fridays night as much help from me as i was lagging in the 1000... and i was dead before i got a dismount out...
  48. Septimus

    Septimus Guest

    No they offered ToC that.
  49. Septimus

    Septimus Guest

    And that is correct. Sure any charactor is capable of it but they are stealth archers and the only 2 that I know of. I dont know who paradox is refering to as dog archers because we dont have any, I dont think arwen or jedi even have ninjitsu do you?
  50. Fact.

    Fact. Visitor

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Oh. My. God.

    You. Are. So. Stupid. It. Is. Not. Funny.

    Generally. When. You. Are. In. A. Guild. Or. Group. Of. Players. Or. People. You. Refer. To. Them. As. We.

    Can. You. Understand. That. Or. Are. You. Too. Stupid?

    Hey dumbass, I've been out all day...

    Actually I'll make it simpler, I was logged into this TOTALLY awesome MMO It's called "OUTSIDE", here's a description!

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