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Octoberfest Planning Meeting/ Staff Recruiting

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by imported_Xotche of Meade, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. As promised, it's time to begin the first stages of a shard wide event that has proven over the last 2 years to be isanely funny, FREE and loads of quality comic relief in our UO worlds.

    I wanted to wait a bit until the UOML dust settled down before we began to ask for staff/volunteers/event-host. It is a large undertaking to develope, organize and host a festival, everytime I personally say that's my last one and yet.... the pm's come, new people volunteer, old host come back and another one is planned! WOOOT! [​IMG]

    <font color="purple"> Give me a PM or post here if interested! </font>

    <font color="blue"> Historically: </font> All events are FREE and open to the Public. <font color="red"> We do depend on donations of prizes and gold from our generous public and private benifactors. </font> Festivals do best when held on Sunday late afternoon into the evenings. We hold them in a town vs. private homes/ rp towns (though some events need to be staged from a home that we gate to). Any event should never depend on just one person to run it, since we average 45-200+ participants per festival.

    <font color="blue">Tried and true events: </font> Here are just a few favorites that perhaps we can find a guild or group of players to host...the all time favorite being some staged 'mock' guilde-war. {Last festival our beloved Mayors of Paxlair and Gyldenfeld were taken hostage by the fiercest Orcs on the shard, it was over an hour of ongoing warfare, bloodshedd and shouts to the wargodz.}

    1. House &amp; Garden Contest
    2. Dungeon Crawls
    3. Looting Races
    4. Archery Events
    5. Crafters Bazzare
    6. Cow Tipping
    7. Drunken Barrel Races
    8. Gambling
    9. Island Madness ( T-hunting to the max!)
    10. House mazes

    Finally my suggestion for this year's theme for war.....ELVES vs. HUMANS! [​IMG]

    There is plenty of room for suggestions, positive input and experienced advice. Again this is just a feeler thread for volunteers, benifactors and event host. Another thread will be posted as more information, date, time and planning is put into place.

    Thanks in advance for supporting your community!

  2. Doh! [​IMG] *forgot to mention the important part*

    <font color="blue"> First Planning Meeting Date
    Sunday September 25th 9pm EST
    at the Skara Brae Com. Center</font>

    Free beer and pizza will be provided!
  3. Maith

    Maith Guest

    My favorite is always the drunken barrel racing! That is sooooo much fun!!!!
  4. Hey Xotche I'm in! Let me know what I can do!

    I don't know if you remember but I was involved with helping out with the Multishard festival a couple of years ago... I took some time off, but I'm back again, with another chapel... lol.

    I'll do whatever I can to help, AND this year I'm entering my house in the house and garden contest!

  5. Latobian

    Latobian Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    If you need money or donated prizes message me on ICQ (Melissy- 121880236). Gift giving is my specialty. [​IMG]
  6. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest

    Put me down for something!
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Put me down for something!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You've got bad breath and your other personal hygiene is lacking as well!
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] that was classic Count

    *laughs till ribs hurt* You have to admit Terrance he got ya on that one! [​IMG]

    thanks all for the generous offerings to help.....a list is soon to come
  9. Zynia

    Zynia Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I'll help with whatever you need. Just let me know.
    ICQ: 158026374
  10. Our meeting is still scheduled for this Sunday Sept. 25th at 9pm est, Skara community center.

    I am usually very good at keeping them very brief, informative and progressive.

    We need to vote on a city though I believe most of my counterparts feel that the city of YEW needs to be our highlight this year, the alternate was Minoc.

    <font color="blue">Objectives we need to cover: </font>

    Date and time need to be voted in.

    Events and Host

    Volunteers for inscribing books, decorations, gating and loot hiding

    Prizes and gold contributions

    Collections for our Craftsmen Bazzare and Crafters are needed

    One of the main attractions I am hoping to become a reality this Octoberfest is a mock war between the Elf and Human races (led by some certain guild leaders for about one hour in the city of Yew Trammel) ending with a mutal peace allience. Then I hope as a group we face against some forable foes brought in perhaps by our new EM *hint hint* [​IMG].

    Nothing fancy or complex. (Our first Summer festival either it was complete coincidence or our pleading, but we had a huge ant invasion. Many of you remember how long it took us to fill the resources for that one.) Just a few nasty dread spiders or a mass of really evil Lich Lords to crash the party. Maybe even a super slayer or save that one for a true Trick or Treat on Halloween. [​IMG]

    See you all this weekend at the meeting!

    Thank you for your offerings to help,

  11. In 3 hours we find out how many events and crazy fun things we'll be doing for Octoberfestival. See you all tonight at 9pm est! Skara Com Center.

    Pizzas and beer are on the house! [​IMG]

  12. Wanted Volunteers:

    Pick one *winks* [​IMG]

    We need a few good drunks to lead the Drunken Barrel Race at the Yew vineyards.

    We need someone to lead the Army of Orc or Humans towards battle with the Elves, as we post QZ is re-building her homes for war.

    We need someone to lead a bunny bash at the Yew Farms for our new players of Chessy and old if they wish to participate.

    All Craftsmen are needed for the Crafters Bazzare.

    We need folks who can assist in the looting race to hide objects around Yew.

    We need Fyr to lead the House and Garden Contest on this forum.

    We need our shard reporter for the front page ad to our Festival, you do an awesome job!

    We need scribes for books a week before the Festival.

    We need a host, gaters and rez'ers for a Dungeon Commando or Dungeon Crawl event.

    We need a few more gm cartographers for the Island Madness event.

    I have the perfect event for you and guild Tancred, either the Mage Poker or a Casino event, house take is to benefit the Red Wolfe Cafe prize bank.

    And we need contributions for the Bazzare and prize funds.

    Thanks all!

  13. Arynia

    Arynia Guest

    I'm helping with elf recruitment, so if you want to join the elven side, icq me and I'll direct you to the person who is going to lead the elves. I'm also helping with pvp training, so If you never done pvp before and would like to learn some pointers just come to my boot camp =),

    icq: 254-632-154
  14. I am also helping plan this Orc vs Elves battle. I'll bring it up at the PaxLair meeting tonight in Tokuno too. I have ideas for the rules of engagement, how the houses are used, etc. Basically we will need two guilds that can war each other and people temporarily get in each opposing guild.

    There may also be chances for practice sessions between the guilds even a few weeks prior to the Festival. Lots of mechanics to work out and trying to keep the event to one hour, but there can be even more fun in just preparing and practicing.

    We'll try to establish some "objectives" for the fighting, so it isn't just a fighting spree. Some strategy will be required.

    Fighting area will be Yew Trammel. Elves defend Yew, Orcs invade it.

    Winfield, Old Man and Mayor of PaxLair
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Terraynze ur Fir humie!!!
    Gak wud peepin fur da rulz frum lazid tyme, wen Orkiez clompid dat humiez en Trynsyc, bud Gak nub kud peep demz. Demz wud skrybblid en humie. Gakz Orkie tu humie blaher ib brokin. Gak neeb mojo to make sem beddur (Dub Poynt Ash). Pozid demz ere ur gib tu Gak, ib lat cin peep demz. Rulg.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Mayhaps this lil picture might assist some of ye, in ye recruiting for a pvpin festival war mode mood.

  17. I have a few level 6 T-maps I be willing to donate to the
    treasure hunting events. I just need some chests opened
    to get them.
  18. Extra maps would be terrific! Thank you. [​IMG]

    We hope to gather all the locations on one island for level 6 for a great Island Madness event. Anytime there is an event at the Red Wolf Cafe, feel free to bring your chest and I am positive someone will open then for you or pm and we can meet later.

    I am excited about this Orc vs Elf war so please participate since this is the climax event to our Octoberfestival. In the past they have been great fun.