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(Player Event) October's BSR Results, November's Date Announced

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by ToniFierce, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. ToniFierce

    ToniFierce Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 21, 2009
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    (recorded by a Wandering Reporter, who wishes to remain anonymous)
    October’s Best Shot in the Realm (BSR), hosted by the Misfits of Society Guild, was held on All Hallows’ Eve.

    This nights archery contest was also a costume contest to the delight of the contestants and spectators; but at times caused some to wonder which were costumes or if there were actual monsters on the loose at Skara Brae Fairgrounds. This reporter herself was taken aback when a shadow wyrm appeared and stood near the buttes, but ‘twas just RawheadRex sporting his Halloween costume.

    Toni Fierce, GM of M!S and emcee for the evening, announced at the end of the BSR there would be a costume judging and a prize would be awarded. Among the various dressed trick-or-treaters were a skeleton, a pixie, a fisherman, a cute chick, a Maddening Horror, a savage rider complete with mount, a miner, a chicken, and an elf.

    The BSR commenced with Toni reading the rules and Lil Debi in position as butte resetter. On this 10th night of 2010’s BSR the weather was pleasant with a hint of chill and frost in the air. This calm though chilly weather caused the arrows to fly straight and true; and until the warm-quivered arrows reset themselves to the chill in the air, the buttes were punished with high scores and Robin Hoods (RHs), where the first arrow is split evenly down the middle by a second arrow.
    The first round, where only 70 points in three shots will move you to round two, saw Allie Koholik, Happy Fool the Miner, Cherokee, Lil Debi, and Mae Lilli all shooting RHs, beating that mark by 130 extra points by posting 200’s. Chango, using only two shots, posted a 100. Shooting three bulls-eyes were RawHeadRex and Richard Lionheart. At this moment in time many of the spectators and contestants thought this could be a record setting night of high scores with many an “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs” coming from the crowd as the sound of splitting wood amazed them. Every shooter moved to round two.

    Round two started and 100 points was required to move to round three. By this time, alas, the warm arrows had cooled to match the chilly air and the accuracy caused by this phenomenon of temperature differences disappeared. Lil Debi shot and stunned the crowd when she missed all three shots and scored a 30!!! There were 2 RHs this round, one by Wrath, who coupled it with an inner ring shot to total 160. Chango again took two shots and totaled 150 (was he saving arrows?). All but our butte resetter Lil Debi moved to round three, but a new apprehension was felt by the shooters and the crowd.
    Round three started and this round required three bulls-eyes or 150 points to move to the fourth round. Ten shooters were still in the hunt for the million gold prize, the coveted engraved one-of-a-kind bow, and not by the least, the invitation-only years end shoot-off of the 12 monthly winners and the years end crown of 2010’s Champion of Champions Best Shot in the Realm. Round three again saw the accuracy diminished even more with nary one archer shooting a RH and only four shooters could complete the three bulls-eyes needed.
    Heading into the fourth round were Wrath, Allie Koholik, Happy Fool, and Cherokee. The latter two might be considered favorites as neither had missed the bulls-eye yet. With two bulls-eyes and a RH any of these talented shooters could walk away with October’s Prize, but it was not to be as none of these three could repeat their earlier feat. This made Toni call for a five-shot shoot-off with the highest score capturing the prize. Wrath with three bulls-eyes, a RH and an inner ring shot walked away with the title, a check for one-million gold, and a bow engraved "Champion, Best Shot in the Realm, October 2010." Maybe “walked away” would be untrue as he danced the happy dance while the crowd cheered.
    The winner of the hotly contested costume contest was Llama, who dressed as a savage rider complete with savage painted skin and a ridgeback as a mount. She was awarded a skeleton costume and a race change token. While second place was not announced, many thought Richard Lionheart dressed as a fisherman and towing along a rented NPC fisher girl would‘ve taken that prize.

    Misfits of Society would like to thank all the archers and spectators who took the time from their pumpkin hunting to compete and attend the BSR. We invite all the archers of the land to the next BSR which will be held on Saturday, November 27th at the Skara Brae Fairgrounds at 8:30 p.m. pst (10:30 cst, 11:30 est). We hope to see you there, and until then, Bows Up!

    Score sheet for the October BSR:

    (Required 70 100 150 200 Shoot-off)

    Richard Lionheart 150 110 110*
    Wrath (winner) 110 160 150 150 260
    Llama 110 110 110*
    RawheadRex 150 150 110*
    Allie Koholik 200 110 150 160 220*
    Happy Fool 200 150 150 150 210*
    Chango 100 150 110*
    Cherokee 200 150 150 150 170*
    Lil Debi 200 30*
    Het Nkik 110 150 110*
    Mae Lilli 200 110 110*

    * Eliminated
  2. Me save arrows? that's funny. I just don't feel the need to take all the shots if i already have the required points :D
    Anyone who has hunted with me knows i BLAST through arrows haha