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Odd "Hit Lightning" question

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Tandek, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Tandek

    Tandek Guest

    I got a nice ogre slaying x-bow with hit lightning in the 40% range. Took my new archer down to pick on ogres, kicked on EoO. Saw it hitting in the 60+ range. Then, hit lightning went off. Damage: 14 and 30. Ok, that is odd. Happens every time HL goes off. Does at least 15 less damage total.

    Is there something weird about hit lightning that I'm missing? I would have thought the lightning would have added to the damage, not reduced it. Or is it some odd interaction with EoO or something that I've never noticed before?
  2. Luvan

    Luvan Guest

    Hit spell and velocity hit seperate of your arrows.
    Thus your attacks are hitting for 60ish damagegg. Then when lightning goes off it hits for i think u said 15-30 damage. Which is huge as whenever i have used a bow with hit spell or velocity... I usually see more like 7-10 damage when it goes off.
  3. Tandek

    Tandek Guest

    Sorry, I wasn't very clear. When I hit and HL goes off, the two numbers appearing for that hit are like 30 and 15, one number for the arrow and one for the lightning. If hit lightning doesn't go off, the damage I was doing was more like 60 (I'm going off memory here from a few nights ago). I don't generally check the damage numbers, and instead just watch how much of the life bar drops. I found a noticable decrease in damage anytime HL struck. I was dropping Ogres in like 2-3 shots without HL. If HL went off twice on one Ogre, it took like 4-5 shots to kill. HL was actually causing me to do LESS damage.
  4. same thing happens to me here...but is the combined damage still lower? like mine will normally hit for lets just say 45 then if lightning hit goes off i get a 23 and a 15 or so for the lightning
  5. Tandek

    Tandek Guest

    Combined damage was definitely and very noticably lower. It was almost as if either the EoO or Slayer property (or both?) didn't take affect when the lightning hit, turning a 60+ non-HL damage strike into a combined total of about 45.

    Edit: I'll test this again tonight and post some actual numbers.
  6. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Damage is capped at 300%. The damage you do when you hit lightning would probably be more then this so it gets nerfed.

    That would be my thought any way.
  7. Tandek

    Tandek Guest

    OK, this is what I got:
    Heavy X-Bow
    Ogre Slayer
    Hit Lightning 20%
    Hit Stamina Leech 10%
    Hit Lower Def 14%
    Hit Chance Increase 7%
    Physical Damage 100%

    Enemy of One set to Ogre Lords

    Sample of Regular strikes against Ogre Lords
    70, 77, 73, 82, 79, 87, 90, 80, 70, 84

    These are the two numbers that appear when the Lightning hits:
    13 43
    13 46
    14 39
    15 50
    15 39
    13 47

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but the least amount of damage done by the regular strikes did 70. The highest total damage dealt by the lightning and the bow together was 65. What is happenning here?

    I breifl ran without EoO, to get a small sampling of data:
    Regular strikes:
    47, 50, 49, 60, 60, 58, 50, 54
    15 28
    14 28
    13 34

    Apparently, the lightning is the first number, as it was not affected by the EoO. Still, why is the regular damage being reduced so much? If it was due to the cap, I would have expected the total damage to only fluctuate by one or two points (to account for rounding issues), but it's not even doing as much damage as a regular strike.
  8. Old issue. Never resolved.

    When hit spell activates, it negates other bonus'.

    Try the same thing using a NON-Slayer. Seems like that was the damage that was being negated.
  9. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Lets make sure were comparing apples and apples.

    Are you using Lightning Strike and honor to get the first sampling totals?

    Remember that the weapon special takes the place of honor and lightning strike critical hit chance.

    One possible solution is that the special move goes into effect instead of the slayer effect.
  10. Tandek

    Tandek Guest

    Being a programmer who enjoys debugging, I tried it using most of the various methods: just the slayer, with EoO and no Lightning Strike, just lightning strikes, EoO with Lightning Strike, Con Weapon, ect... many of those tried against both Ogre Lords (much easier for sampling) and regular Ogres. They all basically lead to the same conclusion that Jimmy Pop stated: If the Hit Lightning fires, the "Slayer" part of the weapon is not factored into the damage. Overwhelmingly, it means that the total damage actually ends up being less than it would have been without the lightning.

    I'll be keeping that bow in hopes that this bug is fixed sometime in the near future. [​IMG]
  11. midiguru

    midiguru Guest

    EoO basically gets cancelled out whenever any hit spell property of a weapon goes off.
  12. Tandek

    Tandek Guest


    EoO basically gets cancelled out whenever any hit spell property of a weapon goes off.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    From what I saw, the Lightning canceled out everything, including the slayer property. Even without EoO up. Anycase, this is a bug that they should be looking into fixing.
  13. There is a bug with hit lightning weapons. Sometimes when you see the hit lightning animation go off only one damage type is calculated be it physical or energy. This is why I prefer hit fireball over hit lightning, plus hit fireball always seems to go off between the swings making it an excellent disruptor.