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Odd Raptor taming bug

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Stickypaws, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Stickypaws

    Stickypaws Journeyman

    Dec 21, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Going to be as descriptive as i can as every time I have bought this up I get a condescending remark. I have a proper tamer with 110 real taming and all, and I tamed naked for years, and still do with him today. I am a legendary lead tamer, and I know what I am doing.

    So, Raptors.

    The Prelude.

    My current tinker template has dropped music and peace for some taming and veterinary. He is already 120 lore due to stable slot need and loreing my mechanical pets. I felt stone sliths that eat ingots would be a nice addition, after checking the calculator 65 Taming and 120 Lore is more than enough for them. I would need taming jewels to actually tame them, but I didn't intend to do it more than a couple of times.

    I noticed I could also have a raptor with 99% control chance at this level. 65.1 taming is what the hunters guide shows them as tameable at. Not bad... A small tank I could vet while my golem attacks... Ill get one of them.

    I check on Test Center, and at 65.1 taming I was able to start the tame.

    The bug?

    I threw on 2 +15 jewels giving me 95 taming Jewelled skill. Went to the raptors and tried taming them.

    After angering the beast a few times, I got the message 'You have no chance of taming that!'. I checked my jewels were on, took them off and put them back on. Checked on my modified skill thing and its deffo at 95 taming. Make sure I am taming a actual raptor and not a summoned one right?

    Now, when you try to tame a summon, you only get that 1 message 'You cannot tame that'. Theres no 'you have angered the beast' message. So, after some headless chicken runnin around, I know 100% certain I was not trying to tame a summon.

    All the same, to make us 200% certain, Wenchy came and tried taming the one I had pulled out. She was able to initiate the tame. For whatever reason, I couldnt start the tame. I did try again after Wenchy had tried to tame it (and begun the taming bit, then broke off). I still couldnt get past that message.

    I logged out and in, drop the jewels and put them back on, soulstoned taming and put it back on. Gave it a day for a server maintenance went back the next day and tried again.

    I still had the same problem.

    For whatever reason, my tinker cannot tame Raptors.

    The prologue.

    Go figure, I was able to tame Stone Sliths the same days I had these problems. Stone Sliths are also 65.1 taming pets. Whatever the problem I have is, it is specific to Raptors.

    Only other thing in my head to try is raise taming another 0.1 so I am 65.1 real skill and see if that lets me initiate a tame. But if that was an issue, I wouldn't be able to tame a Stone Slith, and all the tamers with 85 taming real skill 120 jewel skill would not be able to tame Greater Draggys right? Does not make much sense that does it. Will try it when I have the time :)

    Edit :

    Following this up with 3 things.

    1. I tried raising taming to 65.1 then taming again, with and without +30 jewels, still no joy.

    2. Molly of Europa has the same problem, real skill 62ish, twinked skill 80ish, also cannot initiate the taming of a raptor.

    3. My tamer with 110 taming & 110 lore should have a 90% chance of taming one. He failed to tame both his ones about 30-40 times before actually getting it tamed.

    Raptors are just naturally stroppy gits? :)

    Edit again:

    With or without jewels, 95 or 65 taming, my tinker cannot have one transfered to him that somebody else has tamed.

    I really think someones trying to tell my tinker he shouldn't have a raptor.
  2. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

  3. Well, I have 120 taming and when I try it tells me that it cannot be tamed.

    Did they do something in a recent patch to nix these from the tameables?

    This is an elf peace tamers, just in case that has anything to do with it.
  4. yars

    yars Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 4, 2003
    Likes Received:
    don't see why they would stop them from being tamed,unless there is some kind of exploit.
  5. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    If you get that message, it means it's a raptor which was summoned by a real raptor. Those can't be tamed. But the normal ones should still tame up fine.

  6. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    My method for taming raptors(107.1 skill btw) Is to get on screen with one pull its bar and keep in mind which one that is. Knowing that no one else has been onscreen to "trigger" the raptor spawning its buddys, I kill the summons then tame via the original health bar. I play a bard alot and I am used to placing a health bar in a certain position as either a boss or the main target and for raptors I use that "practice" to keep the original raptor's bar so I dont get confused.
  7. Thanks, Wenchy - that was indeed it. I was trying to tame the summoned buddies.....but, hey, they lored higher than the one that summoned them.

    I never even considered them as pets. Then I moved some characters to Europa and checked out the Pet Brokers there. I use the EC with Pinco's mods, which has a full featured lore sheet, complete with max possible stats for each creature, as well as very good pet power calculator, all on one sheet on your screen. Wow! Tough and that odd brand of so ugly they're cute ;)

    So I had to have one.

    Thanks for the tip, 5%.

    Yeah, it can get confusing once those other two appear so fast and move so, so quickly to attack you. Naturally I'm assuming that this is one of those abilities that vanishes upon taming. It would have to or else folks would be running on a mount with two in tow, spawning six total upon each All Kill and filling Fel with these little guys.