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Of Castles and Heraldric Banners - Shard Lore and Ambient Decorations

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    These are suggestions I have for the Capitol of New Britannia.

    The purpose? To bring a sense of historical recognition and ambient personalization to the Capitol. Some of what I am about to suggest is being done on other shards. But not all.

    Castle Blackthorn

    The two previous occupants of this towering manor are dead. It is gathering dust. And for the moment it serves no purpose save to remind the Britannians that even Virtuous men can be corrupted.

    What if Queen Dawn were to grant Castle Blackthorne - and the associated fiefdoms and lands - to a Peer of the Britannic Court? What if she granted it to the House of Nystad?

    She posthumously granted the Right of Peerage to Aino. What if she were to grant Kullervo Knighthood and restore the House through such a Gesture? Or better yet she grants the Castle to another? One we can interact with on a regular basis.

    We still don't know who burned down the Castle Nystad.


    Britannian Heraldric Society - Banners

    "Several weeks ago, while thinking of how best to honor the memory of my dear sister Lady Aino Nystad, an idea germinated. The genesis of which lies in the now famous struggle against the erstwhile King pro-temp of Britain, nefarious Casca. The struggle which was led by the various towns and kingdoms that exist amongst our realm and beyond."
    - Kullervo Nystad, Aino Nystad Town Recognition.

    I know I am not the first to suggest this.

    Label the Banners on the walls with the names of the participants during the War of Independent States. (e.g. Dawn and Horseshoe Isle.)


    Britannian Heraldric Society - Stables

    This is an establishment on Chesapeake (Royal Guard Headquarters). It occupies the same building as the Heraldric Society on Baja. Note the stables.

    Since we are going to be having office hours and events scheduled here each Sunday I think it wise to establish a stable and liveried servant next to the building.


    The Haunted Inn

    Halloween is coming.

    The Haunted Inn is a piece of our shards Lore and Fiction. One that has been referenced in stories throughout the years. But more and more the building - and how it earned its name - is being forgotten.

    I suggest the building be renamed 'The Haunted Inn.' And since Halloween is right around the corner... why not a design contest to turn the Haunted Inn into a Haunted Inn?


    Merediths Songs and Tales

    Meredith the Songwriter. She was a troubadour played by Seer Eliar, and was most famous for her weekly 'Storytelling Nights.' This was her home in Felucca.

    But once again this is a piece of our shard history that is being forgotten. And in Trammel this is another unused building.

    What if the building were redecorated in honor of Meredith; perhaps with a stage and seating? It would be the perfect location for EM or Player Sponsored Storytelling and Poetry Nights.



    The Way

    The Festival of the Way. Perhaps one of the most memorable events in our shards modern history. One that has included hundreds of players from our shard and others.

    There are signs along road that indicate 'To Trinsic' or 'To Britain.' I think a minor change - labeling these signs to indicate 'the Way Road' - would be a serious nod to our shards player history and lore.​

    Yatterberry Farm

    I was disappointed - as were others - that all the Yatterberry Trees were captured and relocated to other shards.

    Magdalena of Queen Shieba's Alliance [QSA] has suggested that one of the farms in Western Britanny be converted to a Yatterberry Farm. The fields would be decorated to be a Yatterberry Vineyard. And the farmhouse could be occupied by NPC Goblins - complete with fingerpaints and ice cream - immortalizing the 'Proverbial Goddess of Death Arc.'​

    Town Guard Stations

    New Britain was just invaded. The Crystal Shard was stolen from the Castle. The Bane Chosen and the Ophidians are at War and are attempting to draw the Britannians into their Conflict. There have been numerous battles in recent months. Queen Dawn's enemies are on the move.

    It makes sense to me that the Town Guard would have a tight watch on the Capitol. That the garrisons would be manned. That checkpoints would be established.

    I have a character on Chesapeake and participated in the last invasion. And this is what I saw. (See Pictures Below.) Something so minor as this, I thought, did much to emphasize the theme that the Kingdom is at War.

    Picture doing this on Baja. Only the Royal Guards would be designed to appear as Town Guards. Orange Cloaks and Halberds. Each would react to rumor and announcement speech. Then decorate the garrisons in Eastern and Northern Britain.




    Britain Bank Bazaar

    The Bazaars at Skara Brae were entertaining. Fun. But the venue is too large and thus the event hasn't been continued.

    Set tents up at West Britain Bank. Design them to appear similar to the Faireground Stalls and the Bazaar in Ter Mur.

    This would allow for the event moderators (and players) to host a smaller scale bazaar. It would also allow for players to set up shop when an official bazaar is not being hosted; i.e. Billy Scranton peddling fruit or the Widow reading fortures.​

    NPC Township Recognition

    There is some concern that who aren't involved in townships - and those who don't meet recognition - will be excluded from upcoming events and RP.

    What if the Capitol of New Britain (Britannia) and Luna (Latinum) were treated as PRC Townships or Kingdoms in the Arc? The two townships would be run by the event moderators (Queen Dawn and the Luna Merchantine Council) and people would be allowed to participate as citizens of either town. Banners could be designed for the Capitols of both States. Honors Assigned. So on and so fourth.

    This would allow some organizations - such as the Town Guard of Britain - to participate and support the town of their choice.​

    Luna Teleportation Hub

    I have seen the light.

    Have I changed my mind about Luna? No. But do I see the wisdom in a hub being located there. Yes. So long as there is a good story to explain its implementation.

    But - as opposed to Chesapeake - most would prefer it be located within the Walls of Luna. (As suggested by Amber Witch.) Luna is the Fortress of the Crusade. It is at War. It doesn't make sense to me that the hub would be located where it could be sabotaged IC by Necromancers.

    These platforms are not occupied. I prefer redesigning the second floor but these platforms are not occupied and have no obstacles to being implemented.

  2. EMSeppo

    EMSeppo Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Some nice suggestions. However, there are already plenty of sites which are not used.

    For instance, a market can easily be held at fairgrounds, we don't need more stalls at Brit bank at the moment. If need be, moon-gates from popular banks leading to the fairground can be installed for the duration of the market.

    We would like to see players actually use what is already there, instead of creating more in the hopes that it will be.