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Of greed and motivation, charity and fantasy

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Phoenix Rising, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. Corelon the Great shifted nervously upon his horse. The task at hand was overwhelming yet he knew what must be done, The Court of Truth must be retaken at all cost. With him were his friends Marin the Tamer and Obrick the Paladin. While others were in distant lands finding wealth and treasure, he was here in the city of Yew looking to free the very places where the laws of the land were enforced. This was his glory, his drive, his passion. This one moment, to battle those that had taken from him and his people.

    How greedy were the men and women that hunted in a land far off? Looking only for relics and gold. How callus were they to the causes of the lands plight? How empty were they to the motherlands needs?


    Sarin held his breath. He could hear Jacob running down the hall now, and behind him the melodic pounding of terrifying power. The Balron was coming. He had to hold fast, the other members of his guild were counting on him. The ancient text had spoken of artifacts of immense power being nearby. How much good could he do with a weapon like the scriptures spoke of? How much could he sell the items for to help others, to build a community tower or donate to a worthwhile cause?

    How foolish were the knights in the cities back home? How cowardly, how mislead? They drove themselves against odds that could not be won, against powers that would not yield until the Lady Jade gave word to push on. Let them scrap for fights now. When the real battle would begin, he and his guild would hold the relics of old in their hands and take control of the battle. What good was power against unwinable warfare?

    The black winged Daemon Lord entered the dark smoky room. It stopped short of the warriors and mages gathered in silence awaiting its approach. Its wet maw opened in a sickly smile to reveal black razor sharp teeth. Sarin charged.


    Terry cast another line into the water. The seas had been unusually choppy that day. Already she had found a sunken treasure chest. Now, she cast her line hoping to find something new. The crystal peaks of the emerald sea sparkled on the warm autumn day. How nice would it be to find something really old, something valuable.

    Suddenly, her fishing rod bent violently, the water in the ocean began to bubble, a sign of something to come, a sign she knew all too well. She dropped the pole and stepped back. Uttering a word of power and bracing herself, she prepared for the beast to come.

    Rising, towering above the mast on her ship was the huge stalk-like neck of the Sea Serpent. It bellowed its discontentment with having been raised from its underwater comforts. Terry struck. “Corp Por!” she shouted, a wave of energy emanating from her fingertips ripped at the flesh of the giant monster.

    The serpent stuck back, flame spewing from its mighty jaws. Terry staggered but smiled, this was adventure. This was the reason she loved the sea. The salt, the peace and now the danger. “Corp Por!” she screamed again as the giant creature buckled. The head of the serpent slammed down onto the deck of her small ship. The sea was quiet again, and silent.

    How foolish were those that fought on land? How empty was their lives? Never knowing the waves or the tides. Never seeing a dolphin under full moon or fearing the depths of the sea while appreciating its bounty.

    Later over a bottle of wine at the Barley Inn, Terry would stare again at the message in a bottle that she had found, and the cryptic writings scribbled in frantic fashion on the pure white parchment.


    In the world of Sosaria, every man can be a king or a pauper, every woman a queen or a beggar. In Sosaria everyone can be the gallant knight, the crafty treasure hunter or the nefarious murderer. In Sosaria, no one is better in their pursuit, weaker in their preference or vein in their pleasure. Because in the end my friends, Sosaria is what we fantasize it to be, and for each man and woman, it is no more or no less than what we make of it. Each of us has different drives, and the sooner that we except those individual motivations, the sooner we can truly enjoy the game.

    ~ Phoenix
  2. Well-writ!

  3. Very Very good Indeed, I love it, and look forward to seeing more, /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif thanks for shareing Phoenix!