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[Official] Britain Invasion Strategy & Attack Ideas Thread (post/discuss your ideas here!)

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Terence Duff, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest

    [​IMG]Each night (for at least the last 4 days) a team of 50+ Britannians have been battling the invasion in Britain! After all this work several new ideas and strategies are emerging from whether or not to kill the stealthy scouts early in the morning and let the invasion come fully into the city (so that we can rack up more kills), or kill it just before the invasion and make for an easy night.

    At www.paxlair.com, Winfield has posted many ideas about strategy for the invasion and asks that it be discussed here! Also, Tancred wrote a Tactical Considerations book in-game with chapter topics:

    <ul>[*]Resurrection areas[*]Loot Distribution[*]A Defense HeadQuarters in Britain[*]Guilds/Player Towns Promoting Defense Events[*]Communication Crystals for City-Wide Contact[/list]
    So there are many great ideas going around about how to best combat the invasion as we eagerly await to see how well Chessy did compared with all shards at beating this invasion!

    Use this thread instead of making a new one for all ideas, strategy, tactical considerations, planning and announcements and anything else related to the invasion.
  2. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest

    <font size="2">Winfield, who has led the past four sucessful assaults on the Britain Invasion asked me to post up this article he wrote which can be found here on the www.paxlair.com website:</font></p><blockquote>

    <font size="2"><table cellspacing="3" cellpadding="3" border="0" align="right"><tbody><tr><td width="100%"><p style="margin-top: 0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt;">[​IMG]</p></td></tr></tbody></table></font><font size="2" color="navy">BRITAIN, TRAMMEL, CHESAPEAKE - Tonight, Friday, April 22, 2005, many people showed their courage and valor once again against the Despise Army. This was the best strategy, tactics, and progression I have seen so far. We were well organized, patient, and moved forward with purpose! Tonight makes success number 6 !! (at least) </font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">We assembled as in previous nights at 9 PM ET at the Chamber of Virtue in East Britain, Trammel, Chesapeake. This time, we did not send an advance defensive party because the enemy had only progressed to the cemetary, not the blacksmith shop as in the previous night.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">Between 9 and 9:15 PM, we assembled Parties by having leaders stand on a Virtue Altar and announce they were accepting party members.This helped party everyone for the assault to come. Crimzinn also gave out Petals of Trinsic to all who wanted them; we lined up cooperatively on the west wall of the Chamber of Virtue to receive the petals. Thanks Crimzinn!</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">Lord Tancred (not Tancred Redstar) offered a book of tactics, which I will review and publish very soon.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">Nearing 9:15 PM, we discussed last minute strategy. Since we only had about 25 people at the start, I announced we would focus on one Generals' location (spawn point) at a time until the Ogre Lord General appeared and the enemy diminished. In practice,I saw the fighters move forward to the next Generals' location towards the mountains leaving a team to clean up the remaining few Generals at the previous spot. This allowed for maximum energy, timing, and effect without getting too far ahead (which would deplete our resources and delay our advances).</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">We started just south of the Cemetary at 9:15 PM ET; the enemy had not entered the actual City of Britain.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">While all the Britain/Sosarian Army advanced, I recruited a few people at the Skara and Luna Banks. Thanks to those who came! You were extremely important to the shard's success!</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">Now for strategy decisions that need to be made...</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">The main strategy now is whether we wait for a FULL attack on Britain City, or continue to repulse every night BEFORE the invasion reaches inside Britain City. The reason this question arises is we do not know if our "partial" successes are counted for the upcoming Statue as Successes. Therefore, without any further information and to be safe, I suggest we allow (much to our peril) the enemy to completely advance into Britain City.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">It seems after each night, our success causes the Britain Invasion to NOT start again the next day until around 4 PM ET with a progressive invasion from Despise Mountains. It must take the enemy an hour or so to move from one Generals' Point to the next, heading towards Britain.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">Also, I understand that the invasion will not start until someone kills the Ethereal Scout somewhere in Britain, reportedly near the Healer Shop in N Britain. I have never seen this scout personally. This is different from the normal Despise Scouts, as reported to me, but is ethereal in image and nature. But the name of the scout is just a Despise Scout like all the rest. Further information on this can be put in the sticky strategy thread on the Stratics Chesapeake Board please.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">So, we have a choice, my friends, in order to combat a full scale enemy assault that is all the way to Britain City. We would like to do this daily to ensure a full "success".</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">1) Someone kill the Ethereal Scout as early as possible, like in the morning, wherever it is. This should start the enemy advance earlier than we perhaps have seen it.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">2) We assemble at 9PM ET each night as always, and if the enemy has not advanced, we do not defend Britain, but call it a day and wait for the next night (skipping a night).</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">3) We do choice 2 above, but just wait (how long? 30 mins, an hour, more?) for the invasion to actually get into Britain City.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">I suggest trying Choice #1 first. Let us assemble Saturday night once again, but someone try Saturday morning to get the Enemy to start coming down from Despise. Find the Etheral Scout and kill it. I heard that it should appear about 3 hours after our last success, which could be about 2 or 3 AM ET. That is unconfirmed.</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">Well, these are the latest ideas I have. I wanted to get this information to you quickly so we could discuss strategy as we move into the weekend. Offer your ideas on the Stratics Chesapeake Board in the sticky strategy thread please.
    </font> </p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">Dragonspeed!</font></p>

    <font size="2" color="navy">Winfield, old man and Mayor of PaxLair</font></p></blockquote>

    <font size="2">To add your ideas to the Official Chesapeake Invasion Strategies and Ideas thread click [Discuss this Article] below!
  3. At 8 PM ET, the invasion had advanced to the north side of the Cemetary.

    I have been studying the Developer's Feedback thread from last January. It is HERE . It offers some information and ideas in our current situation.

    One of our goals today is to let the invasion enter Britain to ensure a "success count" and to also have more to fight.

    Here are some ideas to allow a larger enemy force to attack:

    1) Do not attack the enemy until it reaches Britain
    2) Find the Stealthy Scout earlier (which always shows up somewhere in Britain, but can be 12 hours or more after the last success)
    3) Start at the Mountains and work backwards, to the SE, allowing the 'spawn' to progress.

    I suggest we try this last choice tonight, and see if the enemy reaches Britain. We should still be able to defeat each Generals' point (spawn point), and work our way SE instead of NW. (if we stop the spawn from the Britain approach and go NW, then the spawn has stopped progressing and will not reach Britain.)

    Early arrivers are already attacking at the Cemetary. I reached some of them and encouraged them to start at the Mountains instead. I could not stay to aid them, and do not know if they did move to the mountains.

    Winfield, old man
  4. We determined it is NOT a good idea to attack from the Mountains, and then go towards Britain. The enemy quickly learned our plan and once we cleared the area near the Mountain and started to move SE, they once again attacked us from the rear in force!

    So, we now will continue with our earlier strategies to attack from the Britain area, then past the cemetary and beyond to the mountains, traveling NW.

  5. I'm getting donations of the mystic, power, and vanquishing weapons each night. Big John gave me a lot in the last two nights (about 18) and Graf Freiwold gave me some too.

    I have them at the PaxLair Auditorium in Malas and would like to get them handed out to people who need them.

    Any suggestions on how and when to best do this?

  6. We had some of the greatest strategy in these invasions than I've ever seen. A little organization made things easy for us. Now that the Invasions are concluded, I look forward to more challenging excursions, large or small, with so many great people on Chesapeake.

    Congratulations Chesapeake! You make a mighty Army!

    Winfield, Old Man and Mayor of PaxLair