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Oh my God! Shoot me now, Ninjitsu suxxors

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Xantech, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Xantech

    Xantech Guest


    1)need tactics to make my ninja work (with weapon skills)--don't have
    2)trying to gain skill within Ninjitsu blows even more. Hours and hours .06 gained.

    Thinking...ninja is DOA.

  2. dum3886

    dum3886 Guest

    just need to use ur imagination... and u can still make a perfectly good template... i have found a template and am trianing it up now... from what i have tried so far (pvp) it seems to be ok.. will be better when it's done

    just a little addition..: LOL this forum is dead!!! i'm first to post in a week
  3. Xantech

    Xantech Guest

    PM me your template and I'll send mine back if you like.


    (and you are right, this forum does seem dead)
  4. bah its not dead just lots of experimentation
  5. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    I've just made a ninja-archer who is insanely powerful (Archery, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Ninjitsu, Hide, Stealth, max Str/Dex). I've got him in Horrific Beast form and a Darkwood suit (HPR 36) with a total of 60 DCI and 147 HP and 4 sec bandages and all-70's resists (even when Corpse Skinned), so he's super-durable even against the gank. Whenever I get to red health I just drop a smoke bomb and let my HP fly up. Haven't died yet.

    On offense, I just Dismount a guy and then switch to x-bow and Concussion him to death, along with Shuriken/Darts and Melisande's Fermented Wine (can also go back to the heavy and Moving Shot him to death if he flees). Sometimes it's fun to use a Shortbow against a bunch of spellcasters and spam Lightning Arrow (constantly disrupting them).

    All in all, a very fun template to play, and quite powerful. Ninjitsu is far from dead, but I think you need to be creative to build effective ones (I have a pretty sweet Ninja Tamer with a 120 Reflect Physical suit too, though he's too gimp to ever actually play).
  6. blust3

    blust3 Guest

    I love my Ninja character. This is his skill sets: (I have two soulstones to transform between 2 sets.)

    Normal set:

    120 Ninja (103 real + 7 ring + 10 Mark of Travesty)
    100 Hiding
    81 Stealth (10 from Mark of Travesty)
    120 Sword
    70 Tactics (I only use radiant scimitar for swirlwind.)
    90 Heal
    64 Resist
    35 Necro (Sampire)
    80 Chivalry (67 real + 13 from bracelet) (Also I swap to a ring of 15 chivalry to get to 95 if it is safe to do a swap.)

    Gauntlet Set:

    115 Resist
    90 Tactics
    0 Stealth
    Other skills are the same.
  7. xxEvolusxx

    xxEvolusxx Guest

    I like my ninja.
  8. RandAlThor

    RandAlThor Guest

    Hey Will, I send you a Q my number 194-2353-342 Hukor
    I wanted to talk template with ya
  9. Doenut

    Doenut Guest

    I spend most of my time on my ninja and wasn't my first character.
  10. yeah the big change has been the nerfing of archery with ninja, which in game terms is great even thouigh Ilovedmy ninja archer
  11. Doenut

    Doenut Guest

    Yeah i stoned the archery off when the nerf came about so I'm running with swords. I'm really not a true ninja. Kinda sad. Heres my template

    115 swords
    115 ninja
    110 tactics
    100 anatomy
    100 focus
    90 healing
    70 chiv

    Would drop focus but with my darkwood suite makes for crappy regeneration. Still its a really fun template. I can do peerless and solo hunting plus champing every once and a while. Not really all that good at PvPer yet. Truefully my template isn't quit done yet. Only thing I have training right now is Ninjitsu with really slow gains at 90 [​IMG] Everything else is locked down.