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Ok, need clarification *not for me but for someone that works with me*

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Wyld Cherry, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    Ok, there is this kid at work, he claims you can still play TSO on PS2 or something.

    I had to tell him that there is no way, cuz yes PS2 has their own server but for them to play TSO, they have to connect with EA's server correct !

    I also told him that the source code was not and will NOT BE FOR SALE. But he was admit at his word.

    Now, Sony has a made a game just like TSO, a new world, go to town, make a charactor etc etc etc. I told him thats neat and all but TSO aka EA LAND has since shut down (As of Aug 1st) and its gone, over zip, zero.

    He won't listen to any word of reason from me and I was and always will be a veterain TSO player.

    So, for clarification for him and not for me, TSO is gone, you can NOT play it on your PS2. Yes PS2 you can play online games, but you play it on their server and not on PS2's server. This kid doesn't understand that for you to play EALAND you would had to go to the ealand site and download the client (that is off of their server).

    Don't you have to have already estabalish internet connection for you to us the PS2 net? If so then you are using EA's server to download AND play the game (in which the game has since died and gone and buried (Aug 1st).

    So please for anyone out there that has played the game since day one like most of us, please post it here so I can copy it and show it to the kid so he can be UNCONFUSED lol

    He was really annoying the crap out of me last night but you can't explain anything to him, he think's his crap stink then anyone and the damn kid is NEW WITH THE COMPANY LoL :gun:


    So, any, beta, founder or whatever, please explain so I can copy it and show it to the damn kid lol at !

    I told him I don't see how you can play the game on the PS2 online and not being on EA's server. Because, for you to play a ONLINE game, you have to download the game client off of their site (THEIR SERVER RIGHT !)

    UGH, the damn kid has me in biting nails lol

    so any answers will be handy and a godsent to me and less of a headache for me and not for him.
  2. I bet the kid got TSO confused with Sims 2 or any of the other offline sims games.
  3. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Tell him to prove it.

    Its true the game is gone, forever.
  4. Renee TSO

    Renee TSO Guest

    What i think hes talking about is the sims busting out. You could play that online from the PS2. If i remeber right they shut down that server back in 2004. That was simmular but NO WHERE near the same as TSO. Give me some time and i will try to find you link. I think i was reading about this the other day even.

    At one time almost every game that came out on the PS2 you could play on line. Once i hooked it up to play resident evil live (or online dont remember what it was called) and it was the LAMEST thing i had ever done. There was 4 already written lines i could say and did i mention it was lame. Five minuets later i unhooked the phone line from the ps2 and never looked back.

    looking for your link now...almost forgot *giggles*
  5. Renee TSO

    Renee TSO Guest


    Ok heres the link for what i think he might have been talking about. They did shut down in 2004. You know what really "makes me very angry" is with the shutting down of that server they had PRIME opportunity to plug TSO! All EA had to do was "if you enjoyed playing the sims busting out online you might like The Sims Online...get your free 14 day trial today!" HOW HARD IS THAT!

    I hope this helps you at work, if not, send him the link to download tso and see how far he gets...
  6. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    AWSOME GUYS thank you so much. My husband and myself was saying the samething. He prolly got it confused with bustin out.

    So I am right, you have to use your phoneline to be online on the PS2, thought so too

    I'll give him this and see if this will show him I am right an dhe's obviously wrong
  7. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    Im sure hes talking about Sonys Home for playstation 3 ? its a 3d online world
  8. Caesar

    Caesar Guest

    Is he the person who made this?
  9. Goldie

    Goldie Guest

    Resident Evil Live was called Resident Evil: Outbreak. The servers closed Jan. 2nd, 2008. I thought it was an awesome game!! I played it until it closed, just like I did with TSO! :(
  10. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    CAESAR omg, He was saying something about that too, where you can override it.

    I don't think he wrote that up cuz he doesn't venture to the statics unless he is not telling me he is.

    The employee that works with me, his name is Luke Brockhouse. Not sure anyone knows this kid but he works with me and he's the one that is confused lol
  11. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    Also, can this person be reported for hacking into a source code that was stated it was not for any use nor for sale?

    I miss TSO greatly but I wouldn't make the game by a 3rd party to TRY to keep it alive. How about letting TSO rest in peace. Sorry but this ****'s me off, how do you report that site about that kind of thing lol
  12. Caesar

    Caesar Guest

    Nah, it wouldnt be worth it. He could never break the code enough to get to the illegal part of the game. He doesn't understand how the dev's encode it. Plus, no one has heard from the owner of the site in over a month. He gave up a few days after the game closed.
  13. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    I thought so, anyways who would be that stupid to do something like that anyways. Unless you have no life and want to ruin everyone else's