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Old... and Back

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by sully, May 25, 2008.

  1. sully

    sully Guest

    Well, I stopped playing UO way back in late 2002, early 2003. I logged in once a few years ago, but it didn't strike my fancy really. Oddly enough, yesterday I got enough of a bug to see how UO is doing these days and reenabled my acct.

    First thing i noticed is my house was gone(sure took long enough, last time I had checked, around 2005, it was still standing)

    Second thing I noticed was that Fel was still a barren land.

    Third thing I noticed is Trammel was almost as barren as Fel.

    Fourth thing, was what the hell do I do? I looked around Manas a bit, done some mining for kicks, placed a new(albeit smaller cuz I'm a lot poorer than I remember me being ) house. There's some new expansions in the ensuing years, but hell if I can find any evidence of em.
  2. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    Yes fel is mostly a barren land. Log in on peek times though and you can get about 20 people at yew gate messing around. Same with tram, sometimes, we could be doing lady M(a mondains legacy boss), and we will only be able to get four or five people to go. Other times, we can easily fill up two parties.

    Lake Austin is a small shard no doubt about it. And small as in player numbers, not land size ;) But thats why I love it so!

    Try and find yourself a rune library, most should have a book saying ML places or something similar. I know the KOL one does. Most have requirements to get in. Such as a quest or an item.

    My favourite place to play in is bedlam, its tough as hell, yet it seems to have everything, a peerless boss, a champ spawn, decent quests and luckily - a healer right outside!! It's found in the Umbra bloodletters, you will need a quest to get in(found right outside the bloodletters).

    I am of course, assuming, that when you came back for abit in '05 you didn't do much of the ml stuff? My advice would be to join a largly pvm guild that would be doing alot of the new(I mean, new to you ;) ) things. I'd suggest either KOL or UMP seem to do the most peerless. Mind you, I'm kinda biased on the KOL bit ;)