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[Selling] Old Formosa Rares/Pets

Discussion in 'UO Asia Trade' started by Elron Pumperknic, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Elron Pumperknic

    Elron Pumperknic Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 8, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Hello All! I'm going to be selling some old Rares and a few Pets on the Formosa Shard.

    The most interesting of the things I have for sale is "A Dread Warhose"


    For those unfamiliar with it.

    I have two and am willing to part with one for the right price.
    The lore on it is:
    Hits 582
    Stamina 113
    Mana 107
    STR 528
    Dex 113
    INt 107
    Bard Dif: 103.3

    Phys 74%
    Fire 21%
    Cold 29%
    Poison 55%
    Energy 45%

    Combat Ratings:
    Wrestling 87.5
    Tactics 97.2
    Resisting Spells 82.4
    Anatomy 10.1

    Magery 37.8
    Eval Int. 36.3
    Meditaiton 30.5

    Taking Offers on a Metallic Dye Tub. (5th year reward)
    Ethy Swamp Dragon as Well.

    Also Taking offers on Old Minor Artifacts:
    Shield of Invulnerability
    Orcish Visage
    Righteous Anger
    Raed's Glory
    Burglar's Bandana
    Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow
    Pixie Swatter
    Wildfire Bow
    Gwenno's Harp
    Iolo's Lute

    I also have a powder of fortifying for sale as well.

    You can contact me on this thread to discuss options!