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Old School goes back to School

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Quaffer, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Quaffer

    Quaffer Guest

    Please take a moment to listen to my tale for I am a bit long winded but will try as I may to stay on topic. I come to give account to what I feel has been some of the greatest changes and additions to UO that have helped the Crafter. First, Praise be to the Devs! with thier endless persuit of new ideas in the daunting challenge of game ballance. A big tip of my hat to our Mods for the guidance that has helped me set new goals and showed a path for achievement. Without the Mods and this Stratics community, I would of tossed my hat in long ago and changed my UO passtime back to AD&D.

    I am of an older school. Pre-Renaissance by birth, I cut my teeth as a fencing bard slaying the Lich in the Moonglow cemetary with a silver spear of might. PK's and thiefs were a way of life and Trammel was nothing more than a name for a small colored moonstone that did nothing. Lessons were learned during these days that have helped me over the years and pointed me to my first GOAL; to craft my own insturments with MY mark on them.

    TRAMMEL. Good for the crafter. I dropped my spear and pursued the crafting arts. I sent other members of my family out to gather the needed resources; Axer/Swords and a Mining/Mage. I lived on boats docked to the southern end of Verity island Trammel and worked this template:
    GM Carpentry
    GM Blacksmith
    GM Tailor
    GM Tinker
    GM Music
    85 provoke
    remaining points scattered to the arts of Magery.
    (trained Arms Lore in these days but it proved useless so it was dropped, *kicks dirt*)

    BODS. What a relief! I was a "provoking mule" perched at the Demon Temple gaining my fame and karma so I could achieve my goal of Marking my exceptional insturments. The barding worked its purpose but BODS saved much time and loss of life allowing this crafter to craft and NOT have to play with the deamons.

    CRAFTING MENUS. Many will not even remember the old crafting menus. If any of you out there GM'd any crafting skill with the old menus, your patience and dedication was its own reward and you have my deepest respect. This was my main reason for searching out UOAssist, a tool that I have no regrets in using. The macros in UO have greatly improved over time but rarely do I take the time to set them up. I come to craft, not to let the machine do my crafting for me.

    ELVES !!! Oh bless thier hearts! I took a break from being active only coming around to stock my vendors till sales dropped to the point where I dropped the vendors. My crafting life felt complete and to tell the truth, I was bored. Then comes ML and those wonderful Elves, giving me strength (wow can I hold alot now days) and the Heartwood. I like to think of it as playing the lottery; head for the elven tree-town and craft to my hearts content in hopes of hitting it big with a coveted Runic Saw! Colored wood, gems and resources that give challenge to obtain (to say the least) have helped renew my crafting goals and desire to play.

    SOUL STONES. The hardest choice I ever made was to stone my gm music and the provoke and pass them to a new member in my family. I guess barding was my first true love and proved more fun than stocking vendors all day long. However, I am very greatful to be able to pass my knowledge to another and not just let it drop. This brings me to where I am today:
    GM Carpenter (placed first because I am what I am.)
    120 Blacksmith (love that elf gear)
    120 Tailor (BWC is your friend)
    GM Arms Lore (again, and YES, you have to have it)
    GM Tinker
    GM Roleplayer (no skill points needed)
    GM Magery (well, almost)
    60 Music (so I can still carry a tune in my bucket)
    20 points awaiting my dream of Legendary Carpenter (dreaming keeps you alive)

    BWC and my LBB. These brought me to make this post. The Butchers War Cleaver is a MUST for gathering leather. Not finding the recipe yet, I forced myself to visit Luna and part with a tidy sum of gold. After 20 brown bears I realized I would of parted with 10x as much gold for this wonderful tool. I placed a small shack in the wood and can gather leather at a rate of 7k / hour. The LBB is my Little Blue Bag, better known as the Salvage Bag. I was really surprised and to learn of both these tool and can only say... thank you.

    UO has come a long ways and I am happy to be a part of it. Thank you for listening...

    *tips hat*