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Old School

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I know alot of you are old players, what kinda crazy stuff to you remember ingame back in the day?

    There's a certain place in my heart for the following...

    Drakes on a tower roof one hit fireballing passerby's
    Small houses ontop of tower roof's
    Fighting over a persons house you just looted/stole the keys/rune to
    Having to carry runes to your house
    expl/hally e-bolt
    fighting over deciet LL room
    standing in a dungeon for hours dropping trapped chest for passerby's
    staying up for 24-48+ hours straight only breaking for server down
    Being hidden at a dungeon entrance and watching 15 pk's run bye followed by 15 npk's 5 minutes later
    Getting killed in bum [censored] and having to all the way to chaos shrinne just for a res
    not daring to run on roadways because 10 pks would be hidden somewhere along the way
    Keeping a balron in your house for years as it built up loot on a daily basis
    Logging a character out in a newly placed house to loot it 4 months later
    Saying I [censored] hate this game I quit only to get ressed and play 5 minutes later
    Roll out with 10 guildmates to 8 different guild HQ's one after another for huge brawls
    No vent/roger wilco/map/scripts/ect
    Buying castle deeds cheaper then what you could sell them back for
    Standing in your house hidden while 2 players gate into your house through the stairs, then pwning them both
    and certainly much much more

    Ever think about the problems around 8 years ago compared to the problems now?
    Totally different.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Blue, you're my boy!
  3. HalfDead

    HalfDead Guest

    Bone Knights wall, for gains.
    Using a teleporting bug to get inside people houses.
    Stealing ship keys out of packs, and having about 20 ships in your thief's pack.

    Hiding rabbits underneath mares using the same names, and selling the rabbit for 75k, making peole think they were buying a nitemare. (75k wabbit [​IMG])
    Running all the way to moonglow bank from the grave yard, being chased by a Lich.

    The hype and talk of moving over to Siege perilous.
    Team Cows
    Running around looking on the ground for reagnts.
    Looking on the ground *irl* looking for black pearls, to only discover you are playing way too much UO. [​IMG]
    I could go on for pages.
  4. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    My first bounty and running around from people all day long in town... for dropping poisoned bread on the ground. *snickers*

    On the advice of a very helpful Seer who thought I was a little too full of myself, I attacked my first town guard.

    Playing for 3 days straight before discovering you could actually leave West Britian. [​IMG]
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Teleporting through town on a red so you won't get guard wacked by npc's because you were to lazy to run around.
  6. Living in that cave above Minoc when they closed it off to make T2A. I had the only rune on Atlantic! lol
  7. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Spending the last 100 gold in my bank box on food cause I thought I'd starve to death if I didn't eat. [​IMG]
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Stealing from people through tent walls.
    Calling guards on people you stole from after they attack you.
    Teleporting onto the bridge in Shame to farm pe's.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    nada, im a newbie, i didnt even know uo back then [​IMG]
  10. Farming millions in the terathian keep by provoking.
    15 vs 1 ganks and the pk won.
    Gm skill taking 5-10 months to get to.
    Regular dungeon raids.
    Actually dieing off an orc.[​IMG]
  11. unforgivenUO

    unforgivenUO Guest

    i have few

    stealing a persons tent when thier key dropped to the ground after they placed it.

    blue boning people and looting them at the banks an regeant shops

    having a zoo full of creatures locked in my house.

    watching theives die when they snoop into a trapped container in my bag.

    gating people to "stuck" spots before stuck option came around

    luring reds through a gate into town and getting them guard whacked.

    cutting off my mother in law's head and handing it to her

    fighting with my Pk nieghbors for hours on end only to complain when they quit coming around

    reaching Lord/Lady status for the very first time only to go into town to show off the new title and accidently get guard whacked looting a blue body

    placing that first small house and hanging out there for months as a newbie guild

    houses placed in front of a tower to allow only recall/gate access

    having towers you could walk underneath in bucs den

    my guild mate looting the house of a guy who scammed me out of 400k when i was trying to buy my first large house. I logged in to find all the guys stuff laying on the floor of my house

    being a hooker at west brit taking my clothes off for money
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dragging tera's up to ophid's to farm gold as a noob.
    Building your pk back to 90's after stat loss only to walk outside, lose connection and die to dire wolf.
  13. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Battles at the Crossroads that lasted 12+ hours

    Making a run from the Trinsic west gate and trying to make it all the way to Britian.. rarely successful. [​IMG]

    Subsequently, training up enough to prevent those from making it from the Trinsic west gate to Britian. [​IMG]
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Gating PE's, Balron's, LL's to Despise.
  15. unforgivenUO

    unforgivenUO Guest

    reminds me of another
    server down time fights at brit's graveyard only to wake up red cause the server saved farther than ya thought
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hiring 100 mages in wind to gm magic resist in an hour.
    when magic arrow and fireball were one hit kills
    vanq heavy xbow archer mages
    townies back when offensive magic didn't work in town
    tab then hide to avoid combat
    talking while hidden.
    tailoring on your mage
    death gates when dispel field killed both sides of the gate
    gating pets to the savage fort
    stuck gates when you had to page a gm to get moved.
    but most importantly of all, having a partner in crime back in the day.
  17. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Playing Hide and Seek with Rohan... I'd run off and hide, stealth around him... pop out, smack him with my sword (gain!) and do it all over again.

    This could go on for hours cause it was so much fun... till he calls in Kronos and they gank me [​IMG]
  18. wavace

    wavace Guest

    The gold dupe bug where u put 59,999 gold on a dragon and making it drop twice as much.
    Thunderlips placing the first house on siege.
    Taking a step out of any town and instantly getting pkd.
    Running around Siege and seeing NO houses for hours.
    The cost of a tower on ebay back in the day-$1000
    Seeing the Hero/Evil characters everywhere.("I shall defend the virtues")
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    when grizzly bears flagged as red.
  20. Fidessa

    Fidessa Guest

    - npc archers on brit roof ganking passing reds
    - red community (which doesn't excist anymore)
    - huge guild to guild figts everywhere
    - dueling at special spots (like that square under the ground spot and lots of other populair spots like Yew jail roof and course Wrong roof)
    - ghosting ppl in their houses
    - having to farm with your guild ready for a guild to guild battle
    - needing your WHOLE guild to bank the cash you made from elder gazors in the elder gazors room
    - your enemie was your enemie no matter the character he is on
    - everyone who could gate had a chaos gate for reds
    - fighting over a housespot
    - area spells going through walls (going afk in your house wasn't too smart all times)
    - camping houses of ppl you don't like
    - releasing unicorns at red hotspots
    - being able to gate ppl's pets to an other far away spot
    - being able to gate to T2a and use this to gate and make your enemie follow you to Wyverns Island to cast invis as fast as you could and watch your enemies die
    - scamming ppl with NOT prepatched hero clothing (i got scammed that way [​IMG] )
    - being noob meaning that you are an easy pray
    - killing of new players to shard, to short the ppl we wanted on Siege
    - dungeon crawling was a serious danger to farmers
    - not being able to farm in a dungeon claimed by an enemie guild
    - huge arranged guildfights in T2a
    - being red was a state of mind (many red folks had only red characters)
    - becoming red by killing blue npcs at bucs
    - 50k was a HUGE amount of money

    gonna stop here lol otherwise too much.
  21. tristo

    tristo Guest

    -power hour and doing the wall in the bone room at deceit
    -getting you and a friend to stage a murder at the tailor shop for some black leather sandals that one of the npcs were wearing
    -putting a communication crystal in one of ur neighbors house to hear them from your house
    -using a vanq hally on ur friend just waiting to get a concussion blow
    -starting out selling iron ore just to make some gold then moving on to selling regs in bulk
    -entering the star room at the terathan keep near papua, u had to hit some specific key combination to enter it at the top of the tower
    -stealing a ship key
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    -PK tamers running around with 5 and 6 dragons
    -Stealthing into peoples houses after they unlock the door (no such thing as lockdowns then) and stealing them blind
    -Running around as a mage completely nude holding a spear and killing everyone
    -Hiding in houses waiting for people to release stuff and pick it up before they do

    Just to name a few
  23. I started on sonoma, chars were all eventually PK's: Sulick, Ferret Pirate, Ineluki, Magus, Akasha, Brutus

    On my first day in UO, found a single iron ore on the ground and spent 10 minutes trying to sell it

    Running through the west mountain pass outside brit and getting pk'd at the xroads on my first day, fighting the pks with my newby character over and over having a great time, they eventually started helping me.

    Becoming a PK with 80 something magery, running around naked on foot, and watching groups of mounted armored players run from me screaming PK!! RUN!!!

    Killing someone with a rune to their house and a key, greedily looting it.

    Hiding in the doorway at the terathan temple so people got blocked in and died, precasting recall while i looted all their magic weapons from the terathan warriors, then recalling away before the blues could kill me. Eventually gave 18 people(no lie) a murder count when they finally got fed up and murdered me while i was blue.

    maintaining 3rd on the bounty board for several months, two punks above me pk'd together, if only my rl friends who introduced me to UO pk'd [​IMG]

    killing a guild in Wind 7v1 with well placed energy vortexes

    recalling to my home just south of the brigand camp(the one north of brit xroads) to find 2 hidden fencers in hiding hoping to get my key and claim my bounty

    Dieng to guards in an unfamiliar forrest only to get the message "you're now under the protection of the town guards" 2 minutes after being killed by them

    Losing connection and dieng to a harpy on a char with no hopes of going blue.

    Quitting UO over and over and always coming back.

    Parking 2 boats next to a house on waters edge, walking of the far boats plank and being teleported into the house to loot it.(can't say i'm proud of this now looking back)

    Having 6 summoned daemons.

    Teleporting backwards behind groups coming to claim my bounty and hiding in mid teleport, laughing as they kept going and then picking off the stragler.

    Actually being able to fit hiding on my char. magic reflection actually reflecting spells, healing while poisoned, para ganking when it lasted far too long.

    I guess it could go on forever
  24. using discord to pull npc's outside of guard zones in jhelom to murder and get gold from.
    Making a regular black dye tub look like a black dye tub using wool dyed black and making 70k from it
    Leaving town for the first time and getting PK'd less than 2 minutes in the woods.
    Continuous raids on towns by lizardmen and ratmen.
    getting a house for the first time since i started UO some 3 years later. houses went for 1 mil easy.
    When GM in any skill meant something.
    Not seeing WW and Dragons in town in fear they would attack someone and get guardwacked.
    Sitting around the bank in Ranger Armor to show off what you had.
    When GM crafted armor and weapons were actually better than the ones you can find.
    Finding that Surpassingly Accurate War Fork of Vanquishing and drooling over it for 3 days before using it for the first time
  25. imported_Falon of Eldor

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 29, 2005
    Likes Received:
    On Napa, first day, at brit bank, following someone through a gate when they said: All Follow Me -- and finding myself in a dungeon with all sorts of scary stuff and trying to explain to the person I followed that I thought they were talking to me when they said, "All follow me". *blushes deep crimson*

    and first week on SP; seeing some rowdy elves going in and out of LBR's castle and discreetly following them in only to be manhandled and asked who was i spy for! and ending up cooking and dancing with all the ELF elves. *tears*
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  26. HalfDead

    HalfDead Guest

    Sitting behind the fence at Moonglow's bank killing the guards with archery.

    Pulling the blue NPC's out of town to kill and loot them, and getting rich and dread lord in the process.

    Fighting balrons.
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  27. Killing someone who smack talks too much just to take their keys for thier house and boats and all the goodies inside the house.
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  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Poisoning ghosts so once they'd res their stats and skills would not gain.
  29. using blade spirits to GM parry in a few hours.
    being able to outrun a e-bolt and arrows.
    Making sure you had to lock everything up at your house to includ the door to keep thiefs from stealing it all
    Watching 3 people fighting over the gold on a ratmans corpse that spawned in Britian.
    Throwing a gate up between the pet and the tamer to gate them down to the bottom of a dungeon
    Selling Horses at brit bank to make 500g a piece.
  30. Patty Pickaxe

    Patty Pickaxe Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I'm with Shak here, I didnt start playing until 2002 (after trammel, after LBR). But I do remember watching hubby go hunting with 5 dragons in tow killing everything that moved.
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    me started jan 04 [​IMG]
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *Wipes Tears From Eyes*

    Please.. Make it stop.. Don't go on!!
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aw.. WTH!

    - Having a GM skill was worth something
    - When just having a house made you popular
    - Gating people into your house to blockem in with boxes and other things just to killem
    - Having Dragon Armor was elite.
    - Going to Brit Gate trying to find out which thief just jacked you
    - When bein Lord/Lady made you popular

    I could go on...
  34. riffraff

    riffraff Guest

    Jumping into a gate to find myself surrounded by the most notorious PK guild on Pacific, then 1-hit killing their GM with lightning before I was dropped myself.

    Breaking into people's houses using gate travel. Having some of them chase me out [​IMG]

    Stealing skull candles with a 50 steal newbie from Moonglow mage shop. Selling the candles for 10m gold years later.

    Selling small houses on ebay for $100+ each.

    Coming to siege.. becoming the first GM healer on the shard.. twice. Selling scissors for a few gp each to buy cloth for banadages. Sneaking into t2a thru vesper graveyard to pick chests.

    Placing a tower right outside deceit in the middle of UDL land.. woot!
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Selling Lord and Lady heads on your vendor.
    Spelling out your name on the roof with heads you collected pking.

    Eq'ing Tera Keep Spawners on the ledge and killing over 50 people at once.
    Going to a spawn and seeing half the people talking about being ready for your pk to come.
    People actually going to a spawn just to see your pk.
    The formation of the Anti-Big D guild, one month later known as Champs. The biggest spawning guild on chessy. *tears up* D...bringing people together since Oct. '97

    Turning in your guildmasters bounty after killing him with an alternate character. Haha screw you Alice Cooper.
  36. unforgivenUO

    unforgivenUO Guest

    The days when they had counsellors in game who were actual players that cared about the other gamers. I later became one jsut because of the help they had given me early on.

    Some of the best Uo days i had were being a smurf for a while.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest


    and first week on SP; seeing some rowdy elves going in and out of LBR's castle and discreetly following them in only to be manhandled and asked who was i spy for! and ending up cooking and dancing with all the ELF elves. *tears*

    [/ QUOTE ]

    hahahahahaha....good times....good times

    damn spy
  38. NPC Beggars auto-following you asking for gold: The most ANNOYING NPC in the game to date.

    Being able to provoke stuff through walls, great fun in Hythloth, made a ton of Money on ATL.

    The tailor/smith/baker houses with the 'add-ons' in the house when placed. annoying, but that first smith house, what a sight.

    The wrap-around karma bug.

    UO Servers going down on average once every 2-3 hours just after UO went live and then warping about 90% of the time you just played.

    Oh, those were the days. . .

    Edit: Forgot the 2 classics!
    1) Reactive Armor = God Mode [invincible to attacks]
    2) Magic Reflect actually reflecting spells
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dodging campfires at the bank to prevent that .1 magery loss
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Never inviting Eddie McManus in for tea in me tiny first ever dinky small home,surrounded by KOC and every other pvpin pkin guild on Ches in a forest west of minoc *pre tram natch*. [​IMG]

    killing my first red *pk type of red not to be confused with friends whom were red* as QZ on Chessie
    losing my first ever set of valorite plate to ..a pk outside delucia
    the awe and wonder at the new expansion..of the lost lands filled me with wonder I still call em home from the then new cities of papua and delucia on up t to the light house, spending time killing titans gming archery on knight errants etc. all new once as a " new expansion" for UO *the invasion of ophidans to downtown Delucia as I was trying to gm tailoring on a chr.*

    sight of the very first ever in game seen, newly created nightmare, as it fried us all [​IMG]

    forming an alliance of newbies guilds class of 98 reds and blues together to fight the *vets* of 97 from them pwning all ta2 lost lands and killing them for a change, pwning ta2 ourselves, instead of them pwning &amp; killin us newbies of late 97/98 [​IMG]

    making gates for those 733t arse smart arse "vets" of a whole one yr old, coming to delucia pking us.. then asking if not begging us for a "gate" hahaha back to old world towns so we gate em to the wonderful city of ..the ophidian lair once it was EA permitted loved telling em 'long walk back to the old world there stupid ea wont let us recall or gate to and fro yet'

    joining CoM when factions were new cuz of the challenge to defend the only faction compound that was so full of holes anybody could enter it..having shadowlords invade us enmasse that one eve by sea and by land and we turned em back got 8 sigls and kept em even for quite awhile till we finally lost em all even our own Magincia........................back in the day when factions were new

    strutting with me shiny Order shield on Europa fightin winning having fun with big rpl guild there in the old school order chaos wars on Europa

    hangin with my son uo beta vet who bought me uo to begin with my mentor in UO till he quit UO for good when they invented trammel was really fun fighting pks with one's own grown son ! [​IMG] He was so devious his brain intellect oft out foxed the best of em and all he was was a gm halley guy that stealthed and mined ore ..he was awesome out there

    ah well memories are fond but only that memories of an era long gone kaput passed over and done with..uo went from a game of fun and pvping for fun, to rich mans itemised %%% mathmatical artie twinky rich arse itemised polo match bleh

    oh seeing a silver steed on Chesapeake a *bleed over from the invention of those creatures on a new shard called Siege* [​IMG]
  41. riffraff

    riffraff Guest

    oh yeah..

    Setting campfires at the Town Cryer to watch people scatter like roaches.

    Walking into covetrous, getting para'd by the mage behind the rock and pummeled by a Halberd by his buddy (when damage did not break para) until dead, most of which happened while the screen was black, loading the dungeon.
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Anyone remember the Abyss Shard ?

    *begins feeling really UO Old* [​IMG]
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    **rolls eyes **

    Anyone else get to meet Richard Garriott as Lord British ..while players were frying and torching him with spells, ie the invention of *invulnerable* on Lord British ! HAHA [​IMG] GO CHESAPEAKE *back in the day that is*

    hrm sorry hehe
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    waiting every friday at 7pm for a certain person to mine a certain valorite spot. then kill her and have some valorite.

    some people never change.
  45. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest


    - When Nightmares would rare up after being fed
    - All the lag when someone would come through town with 10 dragons in tow
    - The old golem art
    - Running from a PK when my first char was 10 days old and running into destard with no night sight [and it was pitch black] to get away from him! Also wondering why nothing was in there and getting lost, then suddenly hearing roars from every direction and thinking "wtf is that?"... while unable to find my way back to the entrance! Last thing I saw was a breath attack from a dragon before I died!

    - Trying to sell horses to NPC's that were talking to me, all the time thinking they were players.

    - Having to feed pets every hour or so, lest they go wild... even worse, them going wild in town and getting guardwhacked!

    - Being the only [at least to my knowledge] warrior/fencer on Atlantic and frequently 2 clicking my horse while in war mode to try and get back on it. OOoOOOooOO

    - When the vet skill was useless and we had to heal pets with mage spells

    - PKing mages nekkid, with a tribal spear

    - Turning red in Moonglow about 10 seconds after I logged on! *curses ppl who log out after dying only to come back days later and give you a count*
  46. Ariath2k

    Ariath2k Guest


    And would you all argue it was a better game back then, or now?

    Whichever way it's always been ridden with bugs.
  47. Spree

    Spree Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Filling a house with traped chests, then go into dungon with a rune marked Home and a copy of the house key and die. Wait at house with freinds to loot the pk that killed you.
  48. A dagger could actually kill someone
    AOL lol
  49. CorwinWE

    CorwinWE Guest

    Here's the story as told to me by one of the original devs:

    The invulnerable flag existed, it's just someone forgot to turn it on.

    Garriot was using the client for the first time, didn't know about, or didn't bother to bring up his healthbar; and everyone was laughing too hard about the firefield, they didn't even think to check.
  50. HalfDead

    HalfDead Guest

    Or, sitting at trammel bank spamming selling silver vanq weps on your vendor, and offering gate. Then gating noobs to ice fiends instead. Be a hella spawn out there, they're sure to die. [​IMG]