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Old SoN member looking for others

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Neo of SoN, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Neo of SoN

    Neo of SoN Guest

    Hi everyone, just came back after a 2-3 year absence.

    I was wondering if anyone that knew me back then is still here.

    I don't care if we hated each other or were best friends, i want to hear from you.

    Send me a PM and bite my head off if you please, I know I did some things that weren't right... *shrugs* I'm human, and I was 15 when I started playing so theres my excuse.

    Anyway I'd just like to know that theres still people that know what SoN is... or was at least, and who remember me, for whatever reason.

    If you want to find me in game, I'm likely either at Luna bank looking for people I know to hopefully show up, or at my house which is the 18x18 in the snow furthest "up" or northwest from Luna.

    Thanks and happy gaming,

    Neo AKA Rakanishu, Deunan Knute, etc.