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[old] Sonoma PvP thread

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Okay - let's start fresh on a PvP thread for Sonoma. This can be a continuation of the last thread - I just felt that it would be productive to start a fresh new thread.
    <br>Some rules of the thread:
    <br>Please remember the ROC and follow it in your posting.
    <br>I will allow some smack talk (moreso than normal threads that would likely be locked on the forum), but please don't get carried away with it (if the thread just degenerates into a flame war then it's really pointless - since that kind of stuff is better suited to ingame).
    <br>Thanks all and happy posting [image]/php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]
    <br>(btw - the old thread is here if you wish to read it.)
  2. Hunter3mo

    Hunter3mo Guest

    FIRST! I own all bar none lmao j/k =/
  3. Morph

    Morph Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 7, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Kitty I was just wondering if you PvP any because I think that some one who had might know that in the heat of battle it is not all that easy to smack talk when you are either A. Trying to kill 1 or more people. B. Trying to avoid dying to 1 or more people. Or C. Trying to rez 1 or more people. Yes things do degenerate some on these types of threads but if you take the time to look there are threads like this on just about every other shard. I honestly believe that it doesnt hurt to stir up a little bad blood between guilds on this forum. Example look on the Lake Austin board all the smack talk that FL has going on there and the shard is rallying behind it, or on the Pac boards where TaR and ESF are going back and forth with others. One way or another people are going to need to loosen up some and just go along for the ride. I mean you dont see me getting all huffy and puffy when I see things posted about the invasion or the royal guard even though that isnt my bag. We arent asking the people that enjoy those types of things to like the same thing we do. Hey if they did Fel wouldnt be so empty alot of the time. But alas I dont guess everything in this world makes total sense huh. Could be just me.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How about this one....

    COP came and ganked us while we were dueling with some their members!

  5. WarUltima

    WarUltima Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Hmm, isnt that one of the good "COP style OLD SKOOL" dueling traditions?
    From dueling many COP members a few months ago I learned we have wrong common senses about dueling.
    According to them a duel should have following rules: (Only for COP and some Fel members)
    1. You may chug without acknoledgement b4 the duel (coz pot is part of the game) If the one who chugged and killed you, you got OWNED.
    2. You may off screen during a duel (coz offscreen is part of the game) if he ran away and came back and killed you you got owned
    3. You may mount if you get a chance (coz mount is part of the game) if they successfully mounted they gain a better chance of using the rule #2
    4. You may call "STOP NO REG" anytime you run outta mana or you think you may not stop the following combo. This will lead to 1. Re-duel 2. "Nvm I got reg lets continue" If you killed the one who yelled "no REg" you get owned
    5. You may call in your friends to help you gank your dueling opponent, and if you say " I didnt know they will attack" you are fine, and will leads to 1. Re-duel 2. Rez-kill again when your opponent is rezed
    6. You may use wands (coz its perfectly fair since its part of pvp skill)
    7. You may hide (part of your skill)
    8. You may precast b4 the wall falls (you may bless yourself or curse your opponent b4 the wall falls)
    9. You may not cast Paralyze if the COP member has low magic resist (or you lose coz you are being unfair)
    10. You may not apply any of the rules above unless COP/Fel started using them.
    11. If you still win. They can still call in reinforcement and kill you and therefore, you got OWNED/Juiced/Mengled/Pwned

    Sorry to say man, COP owned you fair and square. it was a duel wasn't it? Know the rules before you play. Nuff Said
  6. riley0888

    riley0888 Guest

    you guys and CoW do the same too, so what are you yapping your mouth for now??
  7. lilbit

    lilbit Guest

    Thank you, I thought we did a excellent job.
  8. TheBeerMan

    TheBeerMan Guest

    Fel dueling? Now we know that is a lie Lithium. Only way to get Fel to duel is to use some newbie character that you never play. They will by no means duel your main character even thou they say they will meet u there in 5 mins and just log out and get off icq. Btw Kyle nice job on the gimpy archer,

    Who else died in pub29? Sure it wasnt just Kyle.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    kyle who is kyle???
    If you are talking about Impala...hes far from dead assface. Now that hes got ninja hell be owning your boys even more. I mean, its not like half of "THE ALLIANCE" doesn't already have a gimpass ninja so stfu.

    I dexxer dueled you , which is fair.... nox mage vs. dexxer not fair :<
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i won HEIMDALL twice in a row duels, which i dont care about except you had to bring this [censored] up in a thread.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What do you want... A COOKIE?!?

    I get a huge kick out of all yall who insist on takin yer licks out on each other here, complaining 'bout not gettin a fair shake in game. This is another great example of why keeping it in game is the best policy.

    Whether yer complaining about gettin ganked, unfair duels, or who you pwned, it all boils down to one thing... If you were comfy in yer own skin, none of it would matter, and seeking validation here would be pointless.

    I guess thats lost on thems that aint though, so I will leave it at that.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sonoma is about to get invaded
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oh well... we have been invaded before.

    Justa few more peeps for me to stick in the back or steal from their packs.

    Bring it on /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    invaded by who or what?
  15. Sadistika

    Sadistika Guest

    Quit diluting yourself there Heimdall... I'm sure every fel/cow member is willing to meet the challenge when asked to duel.. perhaps when considering the skill of the person asking - they are a little hesistant to waste the regs involved in descimating their opponents [COP/KQ/KB/EFL/H*S/PTL/EFL/*$* need I go on?] little UO dreams. At some point or another I'm sure every involved party has dueled when asked, it's when the inane foul language and unnecessary insults arise that cause the more mature party to respectfully decline dueling a child. I'm sure you know what I mean. Stop assuming your allied guilds are any more adept or willing to duel than we are. I know I personally ask anyone willing to behave themselves and duel respectfully without calling in their boys to gank to duel me.
  16. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I remember when dueling was nice and simple. You could simp,y run up to someone and say.


    Most of the time youd get a yes answer with a few no's once in awhile. But the rules back then were simple, kill your opponent, no hiding, no runing off screen(most of the time the duels were held somewhere where there was no runing off screen, example underneath the fountain), no chuging, no pets including summons, no area dmged spells. That was the day. Now the rules are no arties, no ganking, 5 skills only, and a whole bunch of other things.

    It seems thats theres so many rules they are all open to ones own interpatation of them and can be bent at will.

    A number one reason why I never dueled anyone I didnt know.
  17. TheBeerMan

    TheBeerMan Guest

    First off Lithium you didnt beat HEIMDALL, you beat Sc GoD i have two skills over GM and play a dexxers maybe 2% of the time compared to your 100%. Let see a Dexxer without parry vs a dexxer with parry, not far but ok atleast i had the balls to try oh well. 2nd I never said CoW didtn duel. I dueled alot of the CoW the other day and they have very good pvpers which you should be grateful for since they are the backbone of your place on this shard. And Kyle is the gimp archer ninja that got hsi alst accoutn banned for something that has the number 3 in it. or 3rd if u arnt taht quick. So basically if he used it once he will use it again. Maybe someday when i challenge any Fel to a duel they wont responed with lets just do t "10vs10" since they know they cant compete at 1vs1. Only a few guys in Fel have a change beating me 1vs1. But they still dont wanan try it they rather all cast FS on one person at hte same time and claim they are good.
  18. TheBeerMan

    TheBeerMan Guest

    Finally read the rest of Sadistica's post. I know u didnt just call me a child. Remmeber i was in Fel and i was in yalls TS. Yall are all teenagers and someoen of you might not even be that old. The main topic everynight in yalls TS is whos bedtime is what. Tell your memebers when there balls drop and they have 2 of them maybe they will duel but until then i dont see it, and ill publicly challenge any Fel to a duel weather i get beat or not im not scared. So there ya go Sad let see how many Fel are up for it. In fact a funny thing would be to get everyone in your guild to duel me 1vs1 one night and see what the outcome is we could even have a reporter do a report on it since yall like come here and hide behidn smoke and mirrors
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    don't complain ... maybe you should just get parry

    As far as CoW being our backbone???
    Yes they are HUGE help and a great allie.
    But what do you want us to do when you allie the whole god damn shard against us?
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Most of us children??
    No ... you were in our TS for about 2 days?
    Our players are all at least in high school, and if you wanna complain about high school kids playing a game then get a life cuz if your so mature then maybe you should realize UO is a game and games are for children.
    Also, if we sound like teenagers then you sound like ****ing redneck
  21. Dartagnan

    Dartagnan Guest

    I just gotta post on this before it gets locked.

    Thanks to COW and Fel my reds bank account has increase several K

    Thanks guys, please don't ever leave............
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *trims the thread a bit*

    ooookay - perhaps I wasn't too clear on this but....I still expect the ROC to be followed. Yes we'll be leniant but that does not mean you can throw the rules out the window completely. So, talk bad about each other if you must, but do so with some sense of good behaviour okay? (and to be more blunt, stop the rude and foul name-calling)
  23. Malak COW

    Malak COW Guest

    And thank you dartagnon and all of COP and KQ for spawning that harrower earlier in the week. My bank account has increased a few million /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  24. Nacholicus

    Nacholicus Guest

    So of all the posts deleted, mine that was suggesting a tournament was deleted. I'm not going to bother posting in this thread when my non-derogatory remarks are deleted.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The problem is you replied to a post that was a reply to a post that had to go.

    There is currently no way for a Mod to save good posts down stream from a bad post... The Stratics Message Forums are 'threaded' even if you choose to view em flat. As a result, once a thread is snipped, everything danglin off of it is gone too.

    If yer post was fine, you can repost it. If it was bad... well, I would wager you were contacted via PM about it, and know what the problem was, and it may be possible to repost it, but in a way that avoids the issues that got it snipped to start with.

    Mind you, I am a spectator here, and have no clout, but thats the way things tend to work.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's exactly as Leurnid exaplained - when one post in a thread is removed, any post that is a reply to it (or a reply to a reply of it, etc) will move right along with it. You're more than welcome to repost about a PvP tournament. (also don't forget the previous stickied PvP thread is still linked from the first post in this thread and if you posted in that thread, you can still access it by following that link)
  27. Most of us children??
    No ... you were in our TS for about 2 days?
    Our players are all at least in high school, and if you wanna complain about high school kids playing a game then get a life cuz if your so mature then maybe you should realize UO is a game and games are for children.
    Also, if we sound like teenagers then you sound like ****ing redneck

    When I started playin UO, which I don't anymore, the box said rated mature. Most of us that quit, or are still playin UO started in their teenage years. They're vets, clearly unlike you, sir. And I suggest you do what you just told War to do, it's just a game, leave it at that. You killing somebody in UO doesn't make you good at anything, sad isn't it? You're the one taking the game to far. Being good at UO was blown away with AoS all together. Sip on that, and continue to think that you're succeedin at PvP.

    - Balla of Sonoma.
  28. Elmward-EM

    Elmward-EM Guest

    Ok since everyone seems thrilled about how good their guilds are in PvP I am going to repost my event (Guild Battle Royal). This will show who is truly the best PvP guild in all of Sonoma. So ICQ me (295406136) or PM me or leave a book in the Ice white chest at the Star Breeze Inn (my home and the home of the light). Here are the rules!!

    Guild Battle Royal Tournament!!!


    Event Preparations-Guilds must pick 6 players. 5 players will be the fighters and the 6th will be the designated rezzor. The event is set up as a bracketed event but in the case of an odd number of guilds it will become a round robin creating a point system. In this case guilds will need to rank or number their fighters 1-5 points (1 preferably being the weakest and 5 preferably being the strongest). The winner of the round robin will be the one with the most points. The winner of the bracketed event will be the last guild standing.

    The Rezzor-The rezzor is not considered a fighter so you don't give him a rank or number. The rezzors job is to rez his guild mates and helps them get themselves and their stuff to the side of the arena. Once a player has died and has been rezzed they cannot go back into battle. If the rezzor is killed the -2 points will be deducted from the team if it is a round robin event. If the event is a bracketed tournament then the person who killed the rezzor is ejected from that round and is considered to be killed in battle. There is not rez killing or therefore -2 points will be deducted or there will be an ejection from the battle. If a player keeps rez killing and does not stop when told then they are ejected from the event and cannot return. If this happens then the guild must pick another member to replace him. The rezzor cannot kill anyone if so then -2 points will be deducted or the rezzor is ejected from the battle and the fighters will have to wait to be rezzed till end of round or there will be a RHK member standing by to help those in this situation.

    Basic Rules
    No Pets (no mounts)
    No outside healing or spell casting (except recall)
    No recalling from battle unless notifying a RHK member with a valid reason
    No trash talking (will be ejected from round if a player does not stop after being warned 2 times then they are ejected from the event)
    No looting or there will be an ejection from round (if looter doesn't give back the looted loot then they are ejected from the event and I am terribly sorry for the one who was looted)
    Any armour/weps/spells go
    No killing rezzor or rez killing or rez or rezzor killer will be ejected from the round (if kept up after 2 warnings then ejected from event)
    Battles do not begin or end until I or who ever the referee of the event is at the time (most likely me)

    round arrangement- The rounds will be played at the main arena at Oasis (in FELLUCEA) the 2 teams will be brought into the ring at will battle then when battle is over the teams will go back to the Oasis house and can either go to one of the other arenas (where there will be food and drink and conversation) or they can gather around the outside of the main arena and watch or they can leave if they choose (do not leave if your team has not been beaten)
    Security System- I am trying to catch up with a guild master of a big PvP guild (not naming who) to set up a security system and to have them join. If this is not possible then we will have to rely on the players at the event to keep grievers at bay. The more people attending the event the more fun the event will be and the safer the event will be.
    Winnings- winning guild wins 750K 2nd place wins 600K 3rd place wins 400K!!! In the Champions tournament the winner wins 500K and Arctic Dealer 2nd place wins 350K and Luna Lance 3rd Place wins 150K and Blaze of Death!!!

    Ok well I think that about sums it up. The rules will be restated at the event before the tournament begins. Just let me know if you are signing up (Pming me to Elmward-EM or ICQ me at 295-406-136.) I am looking forward to this event and to meet new people and to help others have a fun time. If you have any questions about the event or rules let me know.

    I almost forgot about the other tournament that will be going on during the Guild tournament. Remember for those of you guilds to pick a champion to represent your guild in the champion’s tournament. Same rules apply except rezzor and point system. This event will be a bracketed tournament even if there is an odd number. There will be opening and closing ceremonies.

    Now Sign up and compete against the most well known PvP guilds around!!!

    P.S. I don't want to here any whineing about that your guild would have won if they signed up or your guild is the best even thought you lost after the tournament. That will just be really annoying.

    P.S.Also don't send me a nasty message about not having good spelling or grammer cause I ran this through Word (except the P.S. Messages)
  29. xFallenTear

    xFallenTear Guest

    Hi peeps ïŠ. Been awhile. I noticed a few COW members posting on our Legends boards and having a big ego. I thought I would drop on by and extend an invitation to come on over already. This is for COW alone, as they will be beaten and beaten badly. Bring your boys/girls and join the fights. BTW, if you come over, I expect to see a lot of foot in mouth as your guild is made to cry everyday ïŒ. That is all.

    PS. Leave your wands, the bad habits your guild picked up on this shard need to stay here.
  30. Laoric

    Laoric Guest

    Ask Fel what happened when they tried to make a triumphant return to Napa Valley? Then left a week later.

    Good Job guys, at least you tried
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    we got their and the guild ([email protected]) we went their for decided they wanted to leave to another shard.
    And pretty much on Napa L%C is the only guild with power right now.
    So basically it would be our 15 guys at prime times vs your 35 guys, so we decided to leave.
    Honestly, i dont think we did so bad at all seeing how were outnumbered 2 or 3 to 1 most of the time.
  32. Laoric

    Laoric Guest

    35? please
    Most Ive ever seen on was 28 and that was at a harry.


    Seems Sonoma is the place for Napa rejects

    (except Raithan - Raithan = love)
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my feelings are hurt
  34. Laoric

    Laoric Guest

    i dunno who you are.
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    and i dont know who u are
    you just come here talking alot of smack
  36. Laoric

    Laoric Guest

    Iam Laoric, Ammur of LC on Napa

    Sherry or Ferros of LuT (olden days) or Not!
  37. Sik

    Sik Guest

    FEL came to napa spouting off how they were gonna "own napa"

    they allied w/ NvM/KDL/D`C, [email protected] to take on L%C. Ran their mouthes for about a week straight, lost EVERY battle even when they had more numbers. Then left cuz "[email protected] left"

    [email protected] had like 10 ppl on max, you guys had 34 chars xferred. FEL combiend w/ 10 war, 5-8 NvM, 3-5 KDL, 1-5 random PC/BC. You had us plenty outnumbered. Remember the fight at marble? We got a screenshot of 42 ppl fighting 18 L%C. You guys almost had us, but we overcame hardcore and took you out.

    Sry our TS limit is 30, and like laoric said we had 28 once at a harrower before you guys came. We never had more than 20 at peak times fighting you guys.

    Way to waste a few hundred bux xferring ppl over adn back in a week. You sure showed us.

  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Can I see the screen shot.

    I believe you I just want to see the shot lol.
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sik go ****ingn eat some donuts or something, and while your at it learn your ****ing facts ass clown

    1. We only allied [email protected] ....
    2. we did not have 34 chars xfered ... maybe 15 actualy people at the most. And who is saying we were all on at the same time?
    3. Show me the screen shot where you have 42 people in one picture plus your 18 L%C. I doubt you have it. Remember that IDOC by Khaldun ... we got you guys so many times there it wasn't even funny
    4. You suck at board fighting... don't think your a badass because you're ... well.... not?
  40. Morph

    Morph Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 7, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Since when do we allow people to be called ass clown on these boards? And while we are at it why not just keep those comments to yourself some of us like having this pvp thread on the boards, by the way dont you have your own forums to post on now. I especialy like the way they talk about using 3rd party programs to cheat. Gosh how stupid can you be. So before you start talking here about what you did or didnt do or how good you think you are and the key word is think try doing something constructive like winning a fight without cheating maybe then you will get some respect till then lose the almighty status cuz trust me the ones I fight in your guild get no respect. Sincerely Morpheous, Dartanyon, Harry Manback, and Hooman. Thx Goodbye
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thats not our ****ing website anymore...

    DrooG quit and he was paying for it....
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    and BTW i have yet to see where it says anything about using 3rd party programs to fight you guys... It's not our fault EFL sucks
  43. Morph

    Morph Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 7, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Yeah we suck so bad we got Fel members asking what we will sell our 120 scrolls for, or we suck so bad half our guild leaves to ally with others so we dont suck no more, or lets see we suck so bad we drop people left and right in front of the Fel guildhouse for hours at a time and no one ever gets smart enough to recall or gate into a different location they just continue to die in force at the front of the house. Yep sure sounds to me like we suck. Well if thats how we suck cool I will take that anyday. Laters and if this is to hard for you to take then turn your losing streak arround in game and quit talking smack here. Laters Losers......
  44. Morph

    Morph Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 7, 2004
    Likes Received:
  45. Laoric

    Laoric Guest

    sounds like fel is getting owned on sonoma too

    Good job. keep up the good work
  46. riley0888

    riley0888 Guest

    I no longer belong to EFL anymore because of some minor conflict between our OLD alliance. Anyways, when I am still EFL yesterday I only see that EFL got you guys owned totally, I mean TOTALLY in front of you guys Keep. I am there and i saw what all happened. I am actually glad that EFL could put up such a good fight, probably one of the best fights i have ever seen since I joined them. Although I have seen them losing battles awhile ago, but after yesterday owning you guys TOTALLY I am no longer worry on EFL members as they have improved alot of their organization compare to few weeks ago. No matter what, I have to thanks all EFL members for giving me such a good image, fun and treat me as a brother before I have to quit EFL.

    Anyways, FEL please do not talk anymore until next time I see you guys killing EFL, I and many people on this board would still hold our mind that you guys got owned both in NAPA and Sonoma. But I gotta give props to you guys that you guys actually ALLIED with 3F. I should give you props for making such a good decision, cause without 3F, you guys cant have any chance to compete alone anyways at this current situation. Gosh, you guys pvp are terrible. Although 3F got terrible solo pvp skills, but at least they got better teamwork than you guys. You guys are just terrible, please go practice more before you say you own EFL or Sonoma.

    Anyways, this is all I wanna say.

    May the True Sonoma Alliance join together once again is all I am looking for now.


    The Cross-shard Invader's DOOM
    "thou invaders shalt meet your doom whenever thou see me."
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wow....just a few things i HAVE to mention....
    First off, ya'll need to lay off Fel cause even when we were enemies i said it, Fel is a thousand times stronger than EFL. We used to fight Fel all the time, and still fight EFL nearly every day, and trust me, Fel was alot tougher rival that EFL could ever be. Why do you think we allied them and not you...( oh and Laoric, i dont know you, dont have anything against you, but Jesus, Fel obviously made some kind of impression on Napa as much as you keep coming over to our forums to say shyt!)
    OK, Next!
    "Although 3F got terrible solo pvp skills"
    This must be a typo, only thing i can figure out seeing as how its coming from an EFL, (or ex EFL whatever same diff) Just about everytime we fight,you outnumber us, which you're right, isnt 1v1, its more like 1v2, or 1v3 or 1v4....and the worst part is, you hide in your guildhouse, even when you're outnumbering us. 3 is the magic freakin number, if there are 3 of us ya'll dont leave the guildhouse, (its happened on more than one occasion, thats why i'm mentioning it), once we get 3 of us out there, EFL will have like...6,7,8,9,10 of em, and run to househide....we get bored of killing you inside your house, so we eventually leave. THEN you actually come running up to our GH, throw up a couple poison fields trying to act like you're gonna do something, and as soon as we step outside, you run and try to "lure" us back to your GH... Can you really not see how ridiculous you look?? With the numbers you guys have, you should have no trouble fighting us if you actually had the [email protected] to come out and fight. So anyway, i really dont want hear about a lack of solo pvp skills from EFL, you just sound silly..
    Now maybe what he meant, was, that in general, 3F isnt the strongest at American style duels, which might be true, seeing as how they're Japanese, not American, and they practice Japanese style duels, not American.

    One last thing....When you all are out their screaming "NO Understand English" and any other comments refering to the fact that 3F is Japanese, you're not accomplishing anything except making yourself look like an ass, and stupid at that. You see, nearly everyone in 3F understands English, as a 2ND OR 3RD LANGUAGE, and unless i'm mistaken, you dont know any Japanese, probably just English, so who's the ignorant one?
  48. Sik

    Sik Guest

    calypso u say i suck at board fighting? is that a skill or something I'm supposed to build?

    You guys came to napa, and left in the same week. How can i say OWNED any better?

    You might have only greened up w/ [email protected], but dont act for a second that you guys were attacking the other guilds at that marble fight, you were all against L%C and still got wtfpwned fair and square.

    And i dont kno what house fall ur talking bout, but if its the one in north minoc mines, ya that was at like 8 am. I think there was like 5 L%C on vs. the whole shard.

    I coem to talk smack cuz u guys came and talked smack, droog was CRAZY talking [censored], how they gonna own napa. I offered to duel him for his hat of magi, he accepted, and never showed up.

    The offer stands to any mage in Fel. I'll even pay a broker to broker the deal by holding collateral or the hat.

    You cant touch the greatness that is Sik.

    btw screenshot is somewhere on our forums
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    wtf are we supposed to do when the guild we come to help )which carried about half the numbers in the alliance) suddenly gets up and leaves. We weren't just gonna sit there and watch the almighty L%C ZERG GUILD play 28(or whatever who cares) vs. 5. And yeah, I've never seen the current L%C run in less then numbers of 10.
  50. Guest

    Guest Guest

    EFL, I have never seen you do a spawn or even a damn harrower... or even a ****ing oaks. Quit acting like you guys are above the rest of the shard because frankly you are THE worst pvp guild on the shard atm.
    You camp our Keep daily and then say, " Fel is SO DEAD, we just pwned THEM so haRd!" when you have 8 people casting flamestrike vs. 1 guy.
    How bout we have some even matched fights or just SOMETHING close to even numbers? You guys will drop like flys because you have garbage who wont 1v1, who casts flamestrike as their only spell, and who house hide with even numbers.

    EFL, if your so good here is a challenge...
    Why don't you try to do a harrower for once? See how long your good "teamwork" lasts.
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