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old tamer returns

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Jancecapade, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Jancecapade

    Jancecapade Guest

    so i have returned from a handful of years off from UO. i have already made a bard and am enjoying uo just as much as ever(if not a little too much)

    but regardless, i want to make a tamer.

    i know TC is good to check things out,m but i would like the insight of experienced tamers.

    im thinking of running a template something in the lines of

    120 taming(obvious
    110-120 lore
    110-120 vet
    80-90 magery(mainly utility purposes)
    100-120 Spellweaving
    100 meditation

    im not sure how mana intensive this would build up to be, i i figure gift of renewal and vet will keep my pets in good health, and i can use my SW to suppliment damage. first off, i feel like ill be very mana hungry, but then again waht caster isnt. my biggest question is i would like to try to work in either myst or necro for wither and wraith. if i chose the necro route i would be quite willing to get rid of magery.

    if worst comes to worst i can just make him a peace, disco tamer. but i like the idea of SW and Myst or Necro.

    can anyone help me out? i figure that with necro and SW i can leach mana back, though im not 100% sure, i read somewhere that the mana leach is based on SS.

    if this is so, would it even be viable to use wraith for mana leech if i dont have SS??

    any criticisms(torward the build/tactic) or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. pgib

    pgib Guest

    Welcome back.

    120 taming is useful for stable slots, as lore and vet. 110 is more than enough for fights.

    Spellweaving is great with the arcane focus. With 100 you can create a focus with pretty much anyone (80 to 120 arcanists).

    As per mana cost, with 40 lower mana cost, some mana regeneration and 150+ mana you'll do fine (i am a tamer mystic with 120 focus, 40lmc, 12mr, 176mana and the lack of mana is the least of my problems :D).

    Mysticism is also great because with 240 points (mysticism+focus) you can fight anti-tamer mobs or the same things you'll do with a greater dragon, with much less pain.

    I'm tempted to start a new char with:

    110 taming (greater dragon)
    110 lore (greater dragon)
    100 vet (res pet, occasional heal)
    100 magery (hide + gate travel)
    100 spellweaving (word of death, gift of life/renewal, attunement, wind)
    110 mystic (rising colossus, mass sleep, cleansing wind, hail storm)
    110 focus (mana+stamina regeneration + mystic support)

    But the sole idea of trainig taming again is drawing me back... :D.
  3. ShanDizzy

    ShanDizzy Guest

    I am also an Old Tamer rejoining. Sadly, I lent out my old account and have to start fresh. Is there much changed for the template of a Mage/Tamer/Peace build?
  4. pgib

    pgib Guest

    There are no changes to taming but for the greater dragon, which is a "normal" pet that just requires you to have 106+ taming - lore (110 is better). The rest is exactly the same.
  5. Serine

    Serine Guest

    I made a new tamer and decided to go for skills on items as much as i can , So i got 15 tame on ring - 15 tame on breacelet - 5 on talisman and 10 from mark of travesty . so its one way to save alot skill points and alot time away from taming :p

    On jewels i also got fcr 3 and fc1 + 1 and 13 magery on both i think .