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Old Time UO vet...taking a look at AoC

Discussion in 'Age of Conan Stratics' started by KinG DaviD, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. KinG DaviD

    KinG DaviD Guest

    Just a few questions:

    I have been playing OU since 1999 and still enjoy it. I am looking forward to the next great MMO. Mainly just for a fresh start. seems like there is nothing left to get after 9 years.

    A couple questions:

    1. How is the game play? eg. PVP....do you have to manually manuver your char in a fight? like in Vanguard...if you were attacked from behind,.... you had to turn your char you could start fighting, by then well...you were usuay toast,,, i played vanguard for 2 weeks.
    Does AoC have a good set up for fighting? wll your char auto fight with main skills and you can use specials during?? i like that about UO,,,, if you are attacked...u auto return fire.

    2. In my opinion....when graphics attempt to get too life like...it gets to lookn pretty lame... are the graphics cool? or lame?

    3. If i decide to get game..is the $90 collector pack worth it?
    you get what? a ring and a robe for free drinks? or sumpn like that...
    is the ring worth it..or will it end up sitting in my bank.(storage) or what ever aoc has.

    4. Does AoC have housing? i thought i read that it did....are the houses cool?

    i just bought a new laptop for gaming....gateway fx 64bit. im tempted to get this game...but i dont wanna waste anymore money if its anything like vanguard. no offense vanguard players...the houses were pretty cool there anyway..and the swimming ability was kinda neat too. i just didnt like the playability of it...i like to use my mouse...and macros...

    if anyone has made it this far and read all this...God Bless yah....you did bette rthan i would have :) im usually on UO stratics,,,so if yah could PM i would appreciate it greatly!! ill try and check back here....
  2. Sawo

    Sawo Visitor

    Apr 24, 2001
    Likes Received:
    These are my opinions.

    1. PvP/PvE is great. You dont auto-fight, you have to fight, but you can put "auto face" on from controls. There are no "skills" but combos for fighting and you MUST learn to fight with them. Combos are great because you have to like.... well, fight rather than wait cooldown and spam keys. AoC has "shield" system, meaning if target is shielding lets say left side, its useless to hit or do combo what end up that side. 3/5 basic hits what are used alone or with combos. Combo goes like key strokes [combo][1][3]. If you drop your target with combo, you get "Fatality". Even that there are alot of whining, imo fighting is ok, you can drop higher player or lose to weaker if you dont know how to fight against different classes.

    2. I was reserved about AoC graphix, about realism, but its Conan, no elfs, gnomes or dwarfs, its based on real world and has loads of references to it. AoC is heavy. Textures load slooooooooooow unless you back 64bit OS and hefty amount of video, base and vitual memory. You can see nipples and blood accurate enough :thumbup1:

    3. I have CE and its just a big box, you can do fine without it. In game stuff is not that impressive, I dont even wear the cloak because its fugly.

    4. Guild cities, no personal houses

    You can try and get Buddy key for AoC testing, but downloading client is... lol
  3. UrsusManor

    UrsusManor Guest

    I think CE is not that bad...very huge box containing leather map of Hyboria, extra discs for the music and artworks. However the only thing which makes it attractive for me is the big book containing beuatiful artworks. That book is quite impressive...i can only recommend it.
  4. Ironforge

    Ironforge Guest

    Sawo has pretty much hit every key point and I agree with him and he has done a good job of describing the combat system to you. I did not think the enitre CE was worth it myself but i did buy the book off of Ebay and the book is great.

    If you are thinking about the game I would reccomend trying to get your hands on a Buddy key. It will give you a good enough insite to whether you want to play the game or not and it will also show you how your machine will handle the game. There have been numerous people on the main AoC forums that have been complaining that their machine cant handle it and i would hate to see you spending the money on the game and not be able to actually play.
  5. KinG DaviD

    KinG DaviD Guest

    IM pretty sure my machine should be able to handle it. i just bought it...infact its still in the box behind my desk heer at work. I bought a nice 64bit laptop with 17"monitor...and 8800M nividea geforce gts with 512mb/... and the processor is most adequate...

    where might i be able to obtain a buddy code? and are there really 700k people playing this? if so why doesnt anyone look at the forums?

    king david

    are there name restrictions? can you put Knight or King before your name??

    thanks for the feedback guys!! i appreciate it!
  6. Thorstein

    Thorstein Guest

    thankfully no
  7. Zokra

    Zokra Guest

    Just a word of caution... the combat is great (though could be amazing with some tweakage), it will ruin every other mmo for you... auto-attack seems so lame after having played AoC.

    Also... I was thoroughly addicted to the game from beta through the first couple of weeks of live - it had a lot of bugs and missing content but those could all be fixed... trouble is, while they have fixed a lot of minor issues, the communities main concerns go unaddressed and they have made some questionable decisions over gameplay changes which have angered a lot of people... it wouldn't be so bad if they communicated with the playerbase, but they don't.

    Lots of stealth nerfs too at the moment...

    I'm still hopeful it will all come good in the end and that the choices they have made will proved to be good ones in the end but I am losing faith now and am beginning to look elsewhere for my gaming thrills :)
  8. Aserian

    Aserian Guest

    I am an old time UO vet myself and since I have got AOC I have not even played uo except to check my vendors......The only thing I can suggest is that you make sure you have an up and over the top computer system other wise don't bother playing AOC....I went and bought a new system just for the game and everything runs fine and fast and the graphics are the best ever.Nothing loads slow for me......This game will put wow and UO out of buisness in a few years lol well maybe not! I do wish they had some housing.....Well being old uo vets I know how long it takes for a game to get things like housing crafting and other intrest up to date...Give this game a few years and it will be the best......If you need any more info on a good system to run AOC contact me I will throw you some specs.......
  9. Ciar2001

    Ciar2001 Guest

    UO Vet 97-01 I have just recently come back from AoC to UO I have various characters on Fury FFA PvP in AoC from 20-73 and the game just has no substance, on top of that it is seriously linear, if you have ever played GW then you will realise after time that AoC is just a bigger version, currently no pvp system, way too many bugs, admittedly I remember server rollbacks back in 97 and losing everything, but it's now 2008 things should move on, the GFX are amazing so if you like eye candy it's great.

    give it a whirl see how it pans out, for me it hasn't and I have played since beta until now :(
  10. dp_dropout

    dp_dropout Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
  11. Dethpatryn

    Dethpatryn Guest

    Regarding your question about more people on the forums...

    There are plenty of people posting on the official forums. This forum is relatively new, and as we're expanding here at AOC Stratics, more and more people will learn about this forum and you'll see more activity.
  12. Ibichi

    Ibichi Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 6, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Nine of us tried out AoC and all of us have gone back to other games. AoC has alot of potential but has a long way to go.

    I was very disappointed in the crafting, it is horrible. And there is really no economy in the game.
  13. KinG DaviD

    KinG DaviD Guest

    I did end up purchasing the game....and have played it twice now. My laptop handles it beatifully. I was a little worried about realism graphix....as most i have seen look terrible and cheesy...but the graphics im seeing here are amazing!!! yes...good eye candy! i appreciate the input on the economy, and the substance of the game. i am still on that island doing my lil quests and am at lvl 6. I do hope they come out with housing and from what i read improve the crafting. Hopefully if they are smart...they will listen to their gamers and make the appropriate changes. I agree...if this game had similar economy and crafting as UO....with these graphics....would put everyone out of business. This game so far from what i have seen has the potential to be the best MMO ever..if they play their cards right.
    I look forward to meeting some of you ingame. I do plan on keeping my last 2 accts open still with UO...i have sold off 6 of them in anticipation for the move here...but i dont want to get ahead of myself....i initially got excited about Vanguard...but that was very short lived.
  14. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle Guest

    Ahoy KD of PAS :) I too am a 10 year UO Vet, alas, I've just pulled my AOC subscription citing occasional bluescreens, slow performance - despite a fast dual-core system with an SLI pair of 8800GTS cards it is essentially unplayable by me right now so back on the shelf it goes:(

    When it worked, the graphics were good and the special move combos were quite different than the usual auto-combat of something like Guildwars. From a crafting, item management, storage standpoint UO leaves it in the dust. AOC is more like a Hellgate London with cuter graphics and a subscription model that will sustain the service for more than 6 months!! It's not a bad game, but you really do have to learn a different and more hands-on combat system but I had just as much fun in Unreal Tournament on my own server - so why pay for a subscription?
  15. TurboTimmy

    TurboTimmy Guest

    Hi KD. i Remeber you from Sonoma. Im most commonly known as Turbo Timmy of [WAKA] about 2 months ago now i guess I started on on Conan and really havnt played any UO since.......Conan has its problems but overall i enjoy something new and reconize the ever present reallity that "Speedhacking" can't even be fixed in UO. The Mage PvP in conan is somewhat boring, but Melee seems very interesting.... the Next few months will tell if this game will really be what I am looking for, or If I will just move on to Internet Checkers...
  16. DebconLady

    DebconLady Guest

    I think there are alot of UO Vets checking out Conan! I am one of them. I'm on Deathwisperer! Look me up!
  17. Fluffi

    Fluffi Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Can I please add to the UO vets questions....

    How does the whole PvP / PvE / RP server thing work?

    I've been given a buddy code by a UO friend who is now playing AoC. As far as I can see, this code is specific to the server he's already on, so I'd like to ask some questions before I use it.

    1) If I choose a PvE server, can I choose to attack players when I feel like it? What are the PvP limitations on a PvE server?

    2) If I choose a PvP server, what are my PvE options - will this be like a pre-Tram UO environment, where everything is available, but with the constant risk of PvP?

    3) Is PvP free-for-all, or are there level-based limitations, as in Anarchy Online?

    4) What is an RP server?


  18. Sawo

    Sawo Visitor

    Apr 24, 2001
    Likes Received:

    1) No. PvE PvP is limited to PvP minigames, siege and border kingdom areas. Like in AO, arena and open PvP zones.
    2) In PvP server you have same PvE thingies but you are open to all attacks. You and every other players are "red", meaning you cant even heal peoples unless you are in team and you can accidently kill them if you go for help. Weapons swings works like irl, imagine 2H sword swing at buss stop :D
    3) If you are at PvP server or in PvP area, watch your ass, no level limitations.
    4) RP = Role Playing. Server what encourages to "play role". RP-PvE is where role players are, RP-PvP where are PvP'rs who expect that no one whines after gänged because they are RP'ing mass murderer etc.

    I used to play at RP-PvP server, its blood sports, fun. But I am now at PvE server because its far better for playing the game itself and enjoy it. You can still have all PvP fun but when you choose. Now that there is PvP XP, I can imagine what kind of gangin is on at PvP server, like with WoW when Honor was introduced.
  19. Fluffi

    Fluffi Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2004
    Likes Received:

    It looks like the choice is between RP/PvP and PvE for me...

    But, if I join a PvE server and decide I want to do a bit of PvP, can I just walk to a "border area" and start hitting people randomly, or do I need to wait for a group to start an organised instanced battle?

    Is PvP random, or limited to between opposing guilds or factions (or whatever they are called?)

    I like the freedom that current UO offers - when I enter their version of a PvP area, I can attack (and be attacked by) absolutely anyone.

    If PvE servers work like this, then I'll be there in a flash.
  20. Sawo

    Sawo Visitor

    Apr 24, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Border Kingdom is for siege battles -> Guild battles. PvE options are siege (guild), PvP minigames (capture the skull ) and drunken brawling at taverns. Basically you cant PK in PvE.

    I say that go to PvE and lrn2play, try PvP but as I said, its blood sports totally, from newbie ground to end game. As I said, PvP XP is new in the game so amount of ganging might be high, maybe someone from PvP server tell more.
  21. xain908

    xain908 Guest

    hi guys. I have a site that shows you great equips to prepare us for sieges, boss raids, pvp.


    I hope it helps. :D

  22. I too am a UO vet, I suggest playing the Siege Perilous shard. No insurance, all felucca, and people are great!
  23. Hukk

    Hukk Guest

    The problem is that Funcom does NOT listen to their customers. As a example the players on testive server reccommeded AGAINST most of the changes that were implimented in patch 1.05 and FC ignored the testive players and did so anyway.

    I honestly believe that FC wants the playerbase to drop to the point where they can cancel AoC because everything they do pisses players off to the point where they cancel accounts. FC sure aint doing anything to encourage players to stay.

    I really liked AoC before patch 1.05, even to the point that I'd overlook things like the lack of information from FC about any and everything, the chinzy loot, not listening to the playerbase, and the outright lies. But with patch 1.05 they totally FUBARed AoC into a different game, one I do not like and that was the final straw. Like what EA did to UO with the Age of Shadows expansion in 2003.