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OLD topic with a fresh look....

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Killian, May 23, 2008.

  1. Killian

    Killian Guest

    It seems everytime I look at Stratics... dateing back YEARS ago.(after AoS for the most part) .. it seems this topic pops up all the time. "Fix UO, Balance UO, Finish Virtues..." While the points brought up change with each major game updates and new aspects/idea's implemented in to Ultima Online, the one major point is the same.

    Fix the game, finish what was started, and balance things before brining in more items and concepts to the game.

    A mojority of the Devs over the past years have turned a blind eye to this subject. While some agree and try to fix some thing in the game, the fixes usually come along with things that add more issues.

    So I had an idea randomly pop into my head while watching CNN on TV...

    I think The Dev's should maybe present their idea's to people who play the game, and see if what they are thinking about doing would be a good idea.

    Set up a poll in game that when you log in on your account, the idea would pop up and people can vote on the subject. Let people see the current results to see where it stands. The idea would need a Majority vote to move on to the testing. Make the voting optional, if people don't want to vote, they dont have to. This way the Dev's can have their Idea's also subjected to a yes or no kind of voting system... much like a bill in the white house.. or where ever the USA does their voting on bills.

    If it passes, the put it into a test shard where testing and comments can be brought up, and on the last few days of testing, do the poll one more time to confirm the passing of the idea on the test shard.

    This allows the idea to be field tested, and voted on by players. If an idea fails, the Dev's can talk on the Forums and it realize it might be something simple that players don't like about it or see something players notice as a side effect that they don't :)

    I think this would bring Dev's and Players closer on Repairing not only UO but the communication we have with the Dev's. Plus it would bring something REALLY unique to UO in the fact players actually have a say in what happens in the game. Something even the #1 MMORPG lacks...

    Events are fine with out having to confirm them with players, as it would suck to know what is totally going to happen. But major changes or even minor changes should be voted on.

    Maybe give voteing rights to players who have accounts over a year old.. that way they have a idea of how UO is and works, and could even make it that older the account, the more voting points it has. Vets generally have a better understanding of how UO should be than newer players, and have been supporting UO longer so they should have a little bit of a edge as far as voting goes. :thumbup1:

    Share your thoughts, I know it would be a big thing to implement ( and probably hard to code in... but, something like this would go a long ways I feel. It would not only help Dev's think of new idea's, but make them actually think about the Idea/fix and how to present the idea. Possibly leading them to put more thought into the idea and less about DEVs and more about Players feelings on things, since we, the players, would be the deciding factor.