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Old vet needs help

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by korak, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. korak

    korak Guest

    Hello everyone, its great to be back after 4 years away. Got a small question about gains now. I started a new swordsman and went to the pits and it seems like I kill the fighters way to fast (5 or 6 hits). Im using a butchers knife. Am I doing something wrong cause it seems like I used to be able to swing for quite a while longer in the old days but like I said its been over 4 years.
    Thx a lot for any info.
  2. The best way to gain now is to buy your skill up to 40 in New Haven, work up to 50 while there, then head to Despise to start on the Lizardmen. As you gain in skill, work your way down level by level until about 90 skill. At that point head to the Yomotsu Mines to the 2nd room where 2 Yomotsu Warriors spawn and they'll take you to 120. You'll be at 120 skill in 2 days or less.
  3. korak

    korak Guest

    Thx for the help Ill give it a try.