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[Price Check] Older Items possibly for sale...

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Verdex, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Verdex

    Verdex Guest

    Everything listed is on Pacific. I'll update this more as I go through items.
    Green Clothings set: Feathered Hat, Skirt, and Fancy Shirt all by same creator
    Green Kilt
    Of Exceptional Quality items (lots of different things)
    Old NPC colored armor not labled with an ore. Agapite, Copper and Iron colored (slightly darker than normal iron)
    Full set of Tokuno Swords
    Full set of Tokuno Urns
    Full set of Tokuno Minors
    Full set of Tokuno Majors
    Mistas Cider (single jug)
    Old Haven guard armor (verite green, not labled)
    Umbra guard clothing and weapon (cloth with red executioners axe)

    That's all I can think of for now off of the top of my head. I'll post more once I get home and can check, thanks.
  2. Verdex

    Verdex Guest

    Adding to the list....

    Full suit of ranger armor
    Full suit of bone armor (spined colored blue)
    Bone Leggings (barbed colored green)
    Full Suit of Sea Serpent Scale Armor
    Leather Cap (mage armor) x2
    [Exceptional] Bow
    [Exceptional] Ringmail Gloves
    A Keyring of Exceptional Quality x2
    A Kite Shield of Exceptional Quality
    A Butcher Knife of Exceptional Quality
    A Hatchet of Exceptional Quality
    A Short Spear of Exceptional Quality
    A Halberd of Exceptional Quality
    A Platemail Arms of Exceptional Quality
    A Bandana of Exceptional Quality
    A Floppy Hat of Exceptional Quality
    A Lantern of Exceptional Quality
    A Dressform of Exceptional Quality
    A Runebook of Exceptional Quality x2
    A Wooden Chest of Exceptional Quality x2
    Of Exceptional Quality Stool
    Of Exceptional Quality Shadow Platemail arms
    Of Exceptional Quality Shadow Chainmail leggings
    Of Exceptional Quality Dull Copper Chaos Shield
    Of Exceptional Quality Katana
    Of Exceptional Quality Cloak
    Of Exceptional Quality Kilt
    Of Exceptional Quality Wide Brim Hat
    Of Exceptional Quality Bronze Lance
    10000 Diamonds Necklace, earrings, wedding band, and bracelet
    Tree Ornament Weddingband
    [Practice Weapon] Crook, Gnarled Staff, Hatchet, Longsword, Mace, and Bow
    Mug of Ale (bright green) x2
    Crystal Ball x4
    125 item Gold Boxes x3
    A Guild Deed (not sure if they're rare or not) x2
    Tall Candle
    15 different mini house deeds (missing castle and thatched roof for sure, i have small stone keep though...)
    Member of the Royal Britannian Guard (ice blue, blessed)
    Holiday Timepiece
    Agapite Halberd and Katana (old... Durability 120, HCI 6, DI 40)
    Verite War Hammer (old... Durability 120, HCI 8, DI 40)
    Backwards banages (white)
    Backwards bandages (green)
    A Snowy Scene of the Twin Oaks Tavern
    A Snowy Scene of the Palace of Paroxysmus
    A Statue of Dupre (Pink Bust)

    That's all I can find for now...
  3. Verdex

    Verdex Guest