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[Selling] [Oldschool] 1998-2002 Junk - Double Exceptionals, Old Holiday Gifts, Invisibility Items, etc.

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Velsinn, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Velsinn

    Velsinn Visitor

    Oct 14, 2015
    Likes Received:
    A few weeks ago, I returned to Britannia after 13 years away.

    When I left, I was comfortably rich, by 1999-2000 Atlantic standards...3 million in the bank, a tower at the Brit X-roads loaded with old rares, piles of resources. But that's all long-since gone to dust, and my gold reserve is apparently laughable chump-change thanks to the staggering inflation of the last decade. (The Ghost of Milton Friedman says "OooOoooOo!") I'm trying my best not to dwell on what the contents of that tower would be worth nowadays :)

    In order to start funding the millions in power-scrolls it's going to take to drag my characters into the new millennium, I've identified some items I still have that "I think" have some worth.

    I'd be grateful for any assistance helping me understand what these should sell for (if anything) on today's market, and I'll entertain any fair offers from prospective buyers. (And my apologies for time wasted, if this is in fact just a bunch of junk :)

    Many Thanks!

    (5) Runebook [Exceptional]
    (5) A Runebook of Exceptional Quality
    (3) A Quarter Staff of Exceptional Quality
    (5) A Crate of Exceptional Quality
    A Wooden Chest of Exceptional Quality
    (2) A Wooden Box of Exceptional QUality
    Wooden Box [Exceptional]
    (2) A Tool Kit of Exceptional Quality
    A Scissors of Exceptional Quality
    (4) A Sewing Kit of Exceptional Quality
    A Skirt of Exceptional Quality

    A Longsword [Practice Weapon]
    A Skullcap Recovered From A Shipwreck
    (17) Trammel Moonstone (Various colors)
    (11) Felucca Moonstone (Various colors)
    (5) "Pickaxe" (is actually A Gargoyle's pickaxe, not labeled in title) (124, 123, 121, 121, 120)

    A Holiday Timepiece (Blessed) (from 1999)
    A Fireworks Wand (100) (Blessed) (From 1998. Not Mininova)
    Greetings Oceania From EM Shanyra Fyre, 2015 (Blue body sash. No idea how the hell I got this :)
    A statue of Jaana (woman, violet) (from 2001)
    (2) 5-Year Birthday Cakes (light green, pink)
    A Pile Of Snow (Blessed) (from 1999)
    This Is Half A Prize Ticket! Find and Target Another Ticket. (brown) (from 1998 or 99)
    This Is A Prize Ticket! It Will Only Work For YOU, So Don't Give It Away. (yellow)
    A Holiday Bell From T-Bone (teal) (from 2000)
    A Holiday Bell From Stellerex (purple) (from 2000)
    A Holiday Bell From Evocare (light blue) (from 2000)
    A Holiday Bell From Evocare (violet) (from 2000)
    A Holiday Bell From Prophet (red) (from 2000)
    A Holiday Bell From Tajima (green) (from 2000)
    Gift Box (purple) (from 2003)
    Holiday Wreath Deed (tan)
    Snowman (Gonzo The Snowman)
    Gift Box (pink) (from 2003)
    Holiday Wreath Deed (blue)
    Snowman (Coppacchia The Snowman)

    Invisibility Items:
    Cloak (88)
    Tribal Mask (22)
    Deer Mask (38)
    Bonnet (78)
    Wide-Brim Hat (85)
    (3) Bracelet (71, 52, 17)
    (4) Body Sash (96, 93, 91, 24)
    (2) Boots (87, 72)
    (4) Thigh Boots (44, 25, 24, 18)

    Old Magic Charged Items:
    Tribal Mask - Spell Reflection (58)
    (2) Body Sash - Night Sight (57,52)
    (2) Gnarled Staff - Mana Drain (124, 119)
    (5) Wand - Mana Drain (159, 191, 144, 66, 111)
    (3) Gnarled Staff - Identification (166, 152, 48)
    (6) Wand - Identification (75, 186, 101, 122, 64, 35)