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Olympic Boxing

Discussion in 'WoW WotLK Beta' started by alynatrill, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. alynatrill

    alynatrill Guest

    <b>Beta Ideas (Pic and Achievements)</b>

    Olympic Boxing in Gurubashi Arena

    1) Taking Home the Gold!: Have the most killing blows in a battleground.
    2) Close your eyes!: Kill 150 enemy players with your Spirit of Competition summoned.
    3) Olympic Supporter: Wear your Competitor's Tabard for a total of 5 hours.
    4) Staying Hydrated: Drink 100 waters.
    5) Master of the Games: Win all battlegrounds 10 times.
    6) MVP: Win a Warsong Gulch with 3 flag captures, an Arathi Basin with 5 Assaults, an Alterac Valley with 15 killing blows, and an Eye of the Storm with 5 flag captures.
    7) Anxious to Ride: Assault the stables in Arathi Basin.
    8) Carrier of the Torch: Run through a whole area (ex. Westfall, Duskwood) while holding a sparkler or a weapon with fiery enchant and wearing your competitor's tabard.
    9) It Was Steroids... : Kill two enemy players by yourself.
    10) Finishing the Day: Use your hearthstone after 8:00pm server time.
    11) Preparing for the Game: Eat a food that gives you a buff (ex. Blackened Sporefish) before the gates for a battleground open.
    12) A Helping Hand: Help kill something that is attacking a player under 20% health.
    13) (Rogue Only) Soccer Training: Kick 50 opponents.
    14) Tennis Training: Kill 25 opponents using a blunt weapon.
    15) Ready to Ride!: Summon your mount 50 times in one day.
    16) Weightlifting: Carry a two handed weapon for 10 minutes.
    17) (Priest and Shaman only) Weakening the Opponent: Use dispel, mass dispel or purge on 20 enemies.
    18) Defending the Title: Win 5 battlegrounds in a row.
    19) Team Savior: Kill an enemy flag carrier in Warsong Gulch when his team has 2 points.
    20) Fencing Cheater: While fighting an enemy wielding a sword, heal yourself at under 25% health.
    21) Getting Pumped: Cheer in a battleground.

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