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Olympics/WoW Fanfiction

Discussion in 'WoW WotLK Beta' started by DreamingGod, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. DreamingGod

    DreamingGod Guest

    <b>Olympics/WoW Fanfiction</b>

    Gur'Thog's Test

    In the searing hot midday of the Durotar day, the Ring of Valor was full of bustle. It is a big day, the Orcish tests of Valor where going on, this only happens once every few years and it is the first to be held on Azeroth.
    Gur'Thog a young orc warrior is hoping to test his luck in the competition, maybe he'll be lucky and recieve the Thorium Ceremonial Axe (if only) At best he's hoping for the Bronze Ceremonial Axe....

    "First test of Valor for the day, Running!" Announces the Announcer.

    Broken from his reverie, Gur'thog gets ready for running the fast paced sprint from one side of the Ring to the other.

    "Lucky, these undead won't have an advantage in these short races." Gur'Thog thinks out loud.

    "I don't think we should even allow them in these competitions..." Says one of the other Orc Competitors.

    "Their our allies, if they want to join we should let them" Sighs Gur'thog

    "Well we only have a moment 'till it start, May the Spirits be with you." Says the Other Orc.

    "And with you as well" replies Gur'Thog

    "Competitors to their spots, the Race will start soon!" Shouts the Announcer.

    All the Competitors line up waiting for the Goblin Announcing Gun X4500 to go off.

    "Bang!" The gun sounds, and the race is off. While a short race, it is intense. The competitor, a Forsaken male, Tiramis ultimatly gets first place Gur'Thog scores 3rd.

    "Damn it" curses Gur'Thog "Atleast I scored third, but two undead ahead of me, maybe I shall be a good sport and congradulate first place"

    The undead "Tiramis" is sitting off the the side watching the other Competitors while they are waiting for the next competitions, since he does not need to refresh himself between events he is left to his own.

    "Forsaken!" calls Gur'Thog "I want to congradualte you on your achievment."

    The undead looks over to the young orc and says, "It was an easy victory, no need for the praise..."

    You don't have to be an ass about it...undead..." Sneers Gur'thog

    "Ah, but don't we all have a right to be here? We're all Horde." counters the Forsaken

    "Get ready for the next exhibition, hand-to-hand combat!" shouts the Announcer.

    "Looks like we'll see after this, eh, orc?" says Tiramis, "now, begone I need to get ready"

    Gur'Thog leaves feeling slightly pissed at the arrogance of the Forsaken, but has to remind himself that it is not their fault that they were turned into pawns of Ner'Zhul, the Earthen Council is doing the world a favor by teaching them to deal with their new found freedom, like the orcs.

    After getting ready for a fist fight, Gur'Thog awaits the Matches to be announced, of course, he does not have to wait too long.

    "The matches are now up on the sign in the waiting halls, find your match and get ready, the first match will start soon!" announces the Announcer.

    "Well, well..." mumbles Gur'Thog, "seems that I have to fight that undead, Tiramis."

    After getting ready for his fight Gur'Thog watches the matches from his best Vantage point, many are good and the crowd loves it, many leave with their heads hung in shame but all is good show.

    "Seems our match approaches, Orc" says the raspy voice of the Forsaken "I hope your good sport..."

    Gur'Thog's retort is left unheard in the air as the announcer announces their match.

    "Good match then, undead," grins Gur'thog

    Both walk into the blood colored ring, both hoping for a fighting chance at glory.

    The Crowd is almost subdued, seems this match is anticipated.

    Tiramis sqaures off into a stance Gur'Thog doesn't recognize, it must be some Human style. Gur'Thog sets himself up to look menacing, but be functional at the same time...it seems the menacing part is not working on the undead.

    The Horn blares for the match to start.

    The Forsaken rushes in, ducking under Gur'Thogs swing to knock the smaller foe back to a more comfortable reach.

    Tiramis makes good use of the weakness the bigger orc has at this range, a few quick jabs to the stomach, and a quick dash to the side and then a combo to his kidneys. The orc responds with a quick elbo to the Forsaken's jaw, knocking Tiramis back in the process, and a jab and hook combo to the undead's head. This would have dropped most fighters, but rattling the brain of an undead does nothing.

    The orc goes in for another strike, but the Forsaken somehow deflected the blow with a block and uses the opening for a powerful uppercut to the Gur'Thog's jaw.

    Now, Gur'Thogs vision is blurring...and his vision goes red from Bloodlust...

    With renewed vitality Gur'Thog strikes the undead agian, and agian. A few times the undead manages to deflect or dadge a strike or two, but the furious strikes are a Crowd pleaser, and the cheers just envigorate the Orc.

    The undead waits for one more wild blow from the Orc, half deflecting half dodging, Tiramis makes a graceful (for an undead that is) trip droping the orc, while planting his knee into the Sweet spot under the rips and striking the Orc across the jaw, ending the Fight then and their.

    When Gur'thog comes too a few minutes after the match.

    Gur'Tog sighs "Seems I lost, eh, undead?"

    Tiramis grins (as much as a undead can) "Yes, so it seems, but you where a good match, better than the other opponents I've fought." The undead looms off into the distance "it seems that the last event is about to start, get up Orc and lets win this."

    Gur'Thog grins, "Thank you, good fight as well, oh, and its Gur'thog."

    Tiramis nods, "Tiramis."

    And at the End of the Test of Valor Gor'thog ended up with the Truesilver Ceremonial Axe, while Tiramis ended up with 1st place, the Thorium.

    The End