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Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Pluffina, Apr 12, 2001.

  1. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Okay -- the fact that I am so HAPPY about this is PROOF POSITIVE that I am a TOTAL DORK. Heh. But oh well so be it, I am a TOTAL DORK! YAY!


    This has completely made my day. (see "dork" sentence above.) WELL IT HAS. I feel utterly charmed about everything. You know, CRAP happens and you get all poopy and BLAH, and then suddenly just a little thing can turn your whole week around. Or it can if you are a dork, apparently. I think what I am going to do is THIS. I am going to finish this house I am in the middle of doing, I am going to build a piano for this guy who took a look at the instructions and threw up in his shoes ( I DO NOT BLAME HIM -- PIANOS ARE HELLISH THINGS) and asked me to do it, and then I am going to take a week or so off and NOT take on any new clients but instead plan the UGLIEST HOMECONTEST which is something I have wanted to do ever since I got seriously into deccing. If you understand HTML and can HELP ME make a VOTING PAGE for my site, please PM me and explain to me how to do it using little words. And pictures, even.


    Plush by Pluffy, I am Currently on Hiatus, but you can access the Gallery by hitting the link.
  2. hehe way to Go!!!!

    Krysma Doomspeak GM mage/bard
    Emerald Tamer/T-hunter
    Breeze Windsong Gm Smith/Miner/Scribe

    So you HATE Tamers? And you HATE Bards? Well im both!!!
    YOU probally envy the size of my [email protected]#^& Too!!!
  3. OOOH !! OOOH!!

    Can I join the Ugliest Home Contest? My wife says I have absolutely the worst tastes in decorating.

  4. Beregon

    Beregon Guest

    My mom says I have good taste.
    Congrats Pluff, ya deserved it very much.
    First Stratics, then UO.com, then the world!

    *pictures Pluffina decorating a 'Mech, or an AC, or even an Orc Camp*

    Beregon, Lord of Minas Ithil, KMI, LS
    Agarwaen, Blood-Stained Axe, KMA, LS
    Agarwaen, Master of Minas Anor, KMA, SON
    Telchar, Aegis Forge, KMA, SON
  5. Tarapazu

    Tarapazu Guest

    I want my house back. NOW!!!!! hehe

    Congrats to ya... that is great. I always knew something would come out there.
  6. Baranor

    Baranor Guest

    hehheeh i love yer site!

    Halbarad Lord of Minas Anor KMA LS
    Baranor Axe of Minas Ithil KMI LS
    Baranor Knight of Minas Anor BH SON
  7. sse_goku

    sse_goku Guest

    Cool congrats Pluffina. btw-When you off your break from house decorating can I hire you?

    SSE GOKU-Lumberjack and occasional sh*t talker
    SSE GOKU(2nd account)-Fencer and horse killer
    SSE GOKU(3rd account)-Possible thief
    Charlie Benante-Scribe and Alchemist
    Scott Ian-Carpenter,Tailor,Miner,and Smith
  8. Beregon

    Beregon Guest

    Heh heh, can't wait to see that gallery fill up with all the houses you've done. One of these days that job will make you rich =)

    Beregon, Lord of Minas Ithil, KMI, LS
    Agarwaen, Blood-Stained Axe, KMA, LS
    Agarwaen, Master of Minas Anor, KMA, SON
    Telchar, Aegis Forge, KMA, SON
  9. bring me there?
    I dont know how to get there.
    Cant find no rune to shrine of sacrifice
  10. I am Legion

    I am Legion Guest

    I'm Not sure if you mean houses IRL or in UO but that would be a great contest... It'd be cool to see how many terrible things people have done with the housing tool. It has potential to be very ugly and bad.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dredging up ANOTHER old post? - wow you must really be bored if you're reading all these old posts *chortles*
  12. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Legion that contest is LONG over. This is another post from 2001 hehe. Lord help us.

    As I recall Genjuro won it with his 1337 d3VVDisH HovsE.

    It was HIDEOUS. His idea was that a buncha dewds broke in and did spray painted and broke everything --- he had LEET written on the WALL using objects -- let mew see if I can DIG UP A PIC. --- Gah I can not -- it was called hecubusentry and I can find the old file but the images are gone -- BAH! It was great -- Maybe genjuro has a pic?

  13. I am Legion

    I am Legion Guest

    Still I'd love to see a contest like this again, as it would be quite funny... *looks for old post to res*
  14. Hehe here I thought you were all excited cause you found out I live nextdoor, anyway congrats and i wanna hire you to help me deco my house so i dont get entered in contest :]