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[Price Check] on old items with magic charges

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Baka Gaijin, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Baka Gaijin

    Baka Gaijin Guest

    Plate Helm:
    Self Repair 1
    Spell Reflection Charges: 14

    Ringmail Legs:
    Spell Reflection Charges: 10

    Deer Mask:
    Agility Charges: 3
    Dexterity bonus 10

    Deer Mask:
    Protection Charges: 6

    Teleport Charges: 3

    Durability 100%
    Undead Slayer
    Feeblemind Charges: 25
    Hit Chance Increase 2%
    Damage Increase 20%

    and trammel/fel moonstones.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    The only magically charged items that are worth anything are the Invisibility ones. On my shard I pay 10k per charge if they have any boots or sashes.

    I could see Teleport charged items getting some use, also.