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[Price Check] on some items and possibly sell on europa

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Inquisitor [AK], Dec 15, 2008.

  1. hi i got some odd items id like a prizecheck and possibly sell it on europa
    would be cool if you could give me a value on each of em, some might be trashbarrelfood i wasnt sure about all of em if they are rarish
    thx in advance

    1.a Close helmet in Dull copper hue resists all 3% but just says "Close Helmet" and not with dull copper

    2.184 sea serpent scales (19 stones) but ust says "Sea Serpent scales" without number, you have to drag it to see how many it is also a single "Sea serpent scales" that doesnt stack wih the others (those scales dont spawn anymore do they?)

    3.a Sea Serpent Scale Breastplate 3/3/3/0/13

    4.Compoite bow Magicarrow 16%, UBWS (i thougt they dont spawn with UBWS, bug item?)

    5.An Enchantet Sextant (tells direction of next Bank and moongate)
    Candelabra recovered from shipwreck (old item? non spawning anymore? never saw one of those or heard of it)

    6.a Hatchet: Uses Remaining: 44 (not with clumsy or other things, it just says "Uses Remaining:44" and they dont have that when oyu craft/buy/loot em)

    7.old prepatch "Leathergloves" selfrepair1 2/4/3/3/3 (i have plenly of those prepatch armor and weapons are they worth anything? or shud i trash those?)

    8.1 full double exeptional spined leather set crafted by Lady Rainbow (not [exeptional], the more common double exeptional)

    9.1 full double exeptional barbed leather set crafted by Faith (not [exeptional], the more common double exeptional)

    10.1 full double exeptional spined leather set crafted by Hellsbells (not [exeptional], the more common double exeptional)

    11.1 full double exeptional horned leather set crafted by Lady Rainbow (not [exeptional], the more common double exeptional)

    12.8 random leather armor parts double exeptional (more common one) crafters: Lord borodino, Lord Lancelot, Peter L Orunitia
    Double exeptional Tight boots (more common exeptional) crafted by Buffy

    13.Double exeptional boots (more common exeptional) crafted by Hellsbells

    14.a Writing table says: "Of Exeptional Quality, exeptional"

    15.a wooden box says: "Of Exeptional Quality, exeptional"

    16.a stool says: "Of Exeptional Quality, exeptional"

    17.a latern says: "Of Exeptional Quality, exeptional"

    18.a runebook says "A Runebook Of Exeptional Quality"

    19.a youthfull treasure map (young player maps, are those rare nowadays?)

    20.a fellucca tearsure map (are the fel or illsh ones rare?)

    21.a scrappers compendium with +10eval +10 magery (+20 total skill, not for sale just PC plz, or if you offer insane money for it)

    22.a normal spellbook with "+11eval +11resist +10medi" (+32 total skill) more for a collector i think

    23.a wooden chest (red hued) that NEVER decays not even after serv reboot (why?)

    24.doubleslayer doubleaxe (orc, earthele)

    25.insane skill bracer even tou the skills dont fit each other, some collector might want it i never saw so many skills on one jewel, mods: archery+14 eval+11 stealth+13 swords +14 12DCI, (+52 total skills)

    26.50 newbiefied (dont loose after death) cloths, craftingtools, resources, daggers etc
  2. nobody? come on please....
  3. Vaneca

    Vaneca Guest

    Ilsh Tmaps could be considered rare, but even if so, there are plenty out there...
    Depends on lvl I guess and if it has allready been decoded.

    Maybe the Hatched with uses.

    Rest is pretty much regular and tbh useless stuff.
    Only thing that might attract ppl could be the Scrappers.
    But then again, its just 20 Skillpoints.
    Most ppl if they use Scrappers prefer LRC or other mods or in combination with Skills.

    But you can always try to sell the scrappers for some cash I guess.
  4. im not lookin for mill per item
    just tell me how many k those are worth plz
    not evrybody is a billionaire;it sums up
  5. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    Doing this quickly, in relation to prices on europa ; -

    The majority of dbl exceptional tems sell between 150k and 250k (more if the tag reads exceptional, [exceptional] )

    The serpets scale breast plate is worth a bit if it was with the rest of the whole suit. Whole suit of sea serpent with same crafter name 25 to 30 mills

    Scrappers between 600 and 900k if you find the right buyer.

    The "Never decaying chest" i got absolutly no idea on this? is it a rare in the true senseof the word idont know but im not unlocking my chests and create to find out lol

    The stackof scales with no number of items, - you may find a collector of such novalties and oddities i would take the best offer tbh m8

    Will add more as and when i figure out values and got a bit more time