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On to unicorns! Can I sell them?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by JoyousGard, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    With the help of jewels, I'm taming unicorns. Everybody does it I know, but I keep a log of their stats. I am looking for that near perfect unicorn.

    I have come across a few that are really good but do not make the grade. Can these be sold untrained or trained? If so, how much can they sell for?
    HP= 210/210
    STR= 325/325
    INT= 218/225
    RESISTS= 55/28/40/59/38

    (This one would have been aces for me if Fire was 35)
  2. I'm sure you could sell them if you find someone wanting one, but to be honest I've never seen anybody selling Unicorns at auction or bank sitting.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Donate them to the Moonglow Zoo for points. A few hundred thousand and you can get a sash (j/k). But seriously donate to the zoo.
  4. minificelle

    minificelle Guest

    Dont bother to try to sell Unicorns.
    Only tamers can ride them and even the worst tamers can tame them easily if they want one.
    And yours is not even that great, 55 phy is way too low (65 max).
  5. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    First an example of two Unicorn resists:

    Phys - from 55-65
    En - from 25-40

    Now my thinking is:
    "Oh wow 55 is such a high amount of resist. I don't even have 55 phys. There is not a great deal of difference between 55 and 65. Therefore any Phys resist meets my standards."
    "Geez, 25 is such a low amount of resist there is no protection there. 40 resist is a decent amount but I cannot realistically hope to get 40 and a combination of high values for other important stats. So I will accept 35 resist and higher."

    My thinking is just that, there is no math behind it.

    Does anyone know how to figure an equation to determine;
    U - number of hits til death when being hit with 100 pts of a single damage type.
    O - number of hits til death when being hit with 10 pts of a single damage type.

    When given;
    K - Hit Points (eg. 210)
    R - % resistance to damage type (eg. 55)

    So it's 2 equations (1 for A and 1 for B)
    Using C and D

    It's the same equation I guess, but whoever figures this out, should see what I am driving at.

    It should give an idea of how large a difference fixed ranges in resists are.

    Like with Hellkittens, who cares if you have 80 or 90? It's all good when only 10 or 20 damage is getting through on a 100 damage strike.
  6. minificelle

    minificelle Guest

    For me when i choose a pet (one i will keep)

    First, i check resists,
    -Any that has not phy resist max or very close to max is a pet i dont even consider, no matter the rest. Reason being almost all monsters do at least some phy damage and many do only phy damage.
    -Then, i want the strong resist of the pet to be close or very close to max. Simply because it will be my "pet of choice" when dealing with monsters that hit hard in this element. (the difference between a 80% resist and a 90% resist is double damage).
    -Then, i want all other resists good (no more than 5 from the max), the less important being the weak resist of the pet. Reason being i wont use that pet in a place where most monsters hit in the weak resist.
    -If, and only if the resists are good i will check the other stats.
    -Any that is not close to max life is discarded.
    -The ones with high dex seem to run faster, so i like they have high dex.
    -Strengh and intel are not that important for me (2 or 3 damages difference between a max and a min stat). Sure, if those stats are good too, its better [​IMG]

    All that means that a keeper is not an easy pet to find and you will probably have to kill many before finding the good one...

    Now, obviously, all that is not super important for a mount because it will not be a tanking pet, but i still cant play with a "bad pet" and im always searching for a better one [​IMG]

    For the equations you are asking about, mmm, im not sure i understand what you mean.
    Your unicorn with 210 life and 55 phy resist being hit with 100 phy damage will take 45 damage, so 5 hits, she is dead (but probably you will heal her and sure she will heal herself so...). A 65 resist phy would endure 6 hits at 35 each allowing you easier and less stressfull heals (both from yourself and herself).

    I hope it what you was asking for...