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One cold winter day

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Kragor Lars, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Kragor Lars

    Kragor Lars Visitor

    Sep 4, 2015
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    On a cold winter day in the woods outside Minoc, Kragor Lars was taking a stroll in hunt of food for his family, Kragor was cold with only wearing his armor and nothing else he began to freeze and walk slowly fighting off the frigid cold and frightening weather. When all of a sudden out of no wear a pack of Daemons came out and attacked him. Kragor was no match for this pack as there was too many, but Kragor was no coward he stood and fought. The pack of daemons stood there casting spell after spell and finally Kragor succumbed to the Daemons and died. Before he died Kragor was able to send off a note to his family saying he was in trouble and he wasn't going to make it.

    Ulrich Lars the necromancer received the letter from Kragor 4 days later while he was sitting at his desk scribbling spells on paper. Ulrich became enraged at the lost of his brother. Ulrich got up from his chair and set forth to the Minoc woods where he searched for Kragor's remains. The cold weather of this frigid dreary winter was no match against Ulrich as he casted a spell of protection upon himself. After a few days of searching he was successful in finding Kragor where he started to cast spells to bring him back to life. He was successful in bringing back Kragor to life, but something was different about Kragor which Ulrich didn't comprehend as to what it was

    Upon Kragor's reincarnation he gained the ability of the Paladin which Ulrich became distraught knowing that the Paladin was an enemy of the necromancer. Ulrich at this time didn't know what to do as he knows e can not live with a Paladin, he went to his Uncle Vulcan Lars and inquired about a solution as he knows he can not live in the same home as a Paladin. Vulcan decided that Kragor must leave and live on his own. Kragor having great respect for his uncle he left the castle and started to wonder around. One day in his travels he came upon another man by the name of Malekai.

    Malekai took Kragor into te Dread Keep and fed him some kind of red soup which burnt off te skin of Kragors Face. Kragor did not know what to do he didn't know what to make of Malekai and his deception. At which Malekai finally spoke to Kragor and said”Now you are one of us and you shall listen to all my commands” Kragor could not say know as he was under a spell from Malekai.

    Ever since that fateful day upon his resurrection and meeting Malekai he has been and always will e under the control of Malekai.....
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