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One week auction on highend items, items are available on atl or cats

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by bill, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. bill

    bill Guest

    Items are available on either atl or cats. This is an auction which will end at 9pm eastern on 6/23. There are no buyouts and the items will not be sold until the end of auction. Please either post bids here, icq, or pm me. I will also be at brit west on atl on Bill the Fighter if you wish to place a bid there. Some items have minimum bids, those which dont have no reserve. My ICQ is 168257120.

    Updated 6/17

    1 fc minimum bid: 15m
    2 fcr
    mace fighting +12
    hci 13%
    di 24%

    8% hci Current Bid: 25m
    10% dci
    3 fcr
    1 fc
    10% phy resist

    20% EP
    12% hci
    9% dci
    7% lmc

    +11 Resist Spells Current Bid: 15m
    20% EP
    11% hci
    7% lmc
    20% di

    20% EP
    12% dci
    6% lmc
    17% lrc
    13% physical resist

    Owned by Noone Totem of Void Minimum Bid: 5m

    Assassin Spike
    40% Hit Lightning
    38% HML
    38% HLD
    14% dci

    Sc with no -
    48% Hit Harm
    45% HML
    27% DI

    Diamond Mace
    Sc with no -
    38% Hit Lightning
    13% dci
    42% DI

    Elven Spellblade
    SC -1
    44% Hit Lightning
    40% HLD
    30% SSI

    SC with no -
    30% SSI

    Magical Shortbow Minimum Bid: 10m
    40% Hit Lightning
    23% Life Leech
    FC 1
    40% SSI
    43% DI

    Magical Shortbow #2
    38% hit fireball
    40% hld
    40% SSI

    Composite Bow Minimum Bid: 10m
    46% Stam Leech
    44% Hit Lightning
    FC 1
    40% SSI

    Scrappers Compendium Minimum Bid: 8m
    Resist +11
    LRC 12%
    10% LMC
    25% SDI

    Gorget: Minimum Bid: 20m
    MR 2

    MR 2
    RPD 10%

    Gloves: Minimum Bid: 5m
    MR 2
    LMC 5

    Mempo: Minimum Bid: 15m
    MR 2
    LMC 4
  2. bill

    bill Guest