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Oni Hunt - Tinker/Tamer tale

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Stickypaws, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Stickypaws

    Stickypaws Journeyman

    Dec 21, 2010
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    Thread starts here, with an intrepid group finding the limits of their hunting abilities : http://stratics.com/community/threads/massively-out-of-touch-golemer-looking-for-hunt-spots.293473/

    He had badly made map of Tokonu. So bad, Tokonu was spelled incorrectly. He had been told of an ancient demon named the Oni in Sho Toh.

    He took Ratchet and Sebuku, a battered pair of mechanical beasts to hunt the Oni with him.

    Oni 1.png

    He emerged from the gate and followed the path North East past the Gaman fields. He had an unnerving feeling something was watching him. It wasn't the dog.... Ratchet the Golem creaked and crunched with rust as he followed the path.

    Oni 2.png

    He passed a shrine, a chill ran down his spine. Something moved in the forest around him. He looked too his golems.

    "Hiss clack clack" the Vollem Sebuka said. The elf nodded in agreement, pressing on quickly.

    Oni 3.png

    The party moved through the forest, the laughter returned, a rush of leaves and a magic many tailed fox attacked!

    "All kill!" screamed the elf and mechanical's crashed into combat with the chuckling Kitsune. It fell fast.

    Oni 4.png

    More laughter was heard all around them from the trees. The trio ran down the path, clanking, hissing, and clacking all the way too a cave entrance.

    Oni 5.png

    As they arrived 2 more Kitsunes came tearing out of the forest spitting fireballs at the Golem, a quick and dirty fight, and the trio headed into the caves for repairs.

    Oni 6.png

    "Not bad" said the elf with a grin. "Sho Toh is outside the other end of this cave system, be aware, powerful demons walk here"

    As they emerged into the light they were immediately set upon by Revenant Lions!

    Oni 7.png

    Sebuka and Ratchet charged towards them, killing both, then attacking a third as it appeared next too them.

    The elf was unsure how long the trio could defend against such aggressive constant attacks and took them back too the cave entrance for repairs.

    Oni 8.png

    Ratchet had taken a battering and they hadnt even found the Oni yet. They headed North on the peninsula seeking the demon.

    Oni 9.png

    A warning totem perhaps?....

    The mechanicals stood alert, something had them on edge.

    He looked across in time with golems too see a molten metal creature appear before them. Ratchet and Sebuka instantly attacked the strange creature, the Rai Ju.

    Oni 9-1.png

    The molten beast fell, the party headed North West too more Revenant Lions. No good. They still had not found the Oni.

    They headed South east and followed the coast.


    Oni 9-2.png

    The Oni! There he stood! The demon turned too the party, uttering magic words, before they were able too leap into action, the elf was engulfed in flames.

    Too powerful! He ran backwards yelling at his mechanical companions too follow him. Sebuka didnt listen!

    "Hiss clack clack!" shrieked the Vollem as it attacked the Oni.

    The Oni ignored the Vollem focusing entirely on the Elf. "An Lor Xen" uttered the elf and he vanished. The Oni turned its attention too the Vollem, the Elf urged the Golem too attack.

    The elf jumped behind the vollem for repairs. Deep breaths, he had too wait too do the secound repair! The tinkers cannot heal anywhere near as fast as tamers, sometimes up too 30 secounds between pet repairs!

    Sebukas health was dropping fast. The Golem crashed its hammer down across the Onis head and distracted the demon long enough for the elf too repair the Vollem for a secound time. A burst of energy, the Oni turned its attention too Ratchet. It was losing the battle however. 2 blows were landed on Ratchet, and the Oni fell.

    Oni 9-3.png

    Both mechanicals were battered. The trio had found an Oni and slain him, but they needed too leave before the Onis friends found out he had been slain and came looking for them. They couldn't take another assault like that.

    Oni 9-4.png

    They headed too Skara Brae, took their rest, and wondered what the next hunt would bring.
    #1 Stickypaws, Jan 28, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2013
  2. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
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    Time for a strong drink of elven liquor and maybe a bottle of WD40 for the mechanical ones.

    Fab story, but I'm obviously biased :D