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OOC Meeting With EM Log

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Jerec KTM, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Jerec KTM

    Jerec KTM Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 20, 2004
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    Since many people have requested a log of the EM responses after the Tuesday meeting.

    [13/09/17][19:41:22] [Malag aste]: Any word on when Yew might get it's Governors building?
    [13/09/17][19:41:24] [Magnus Grey]: If they make an appearance again, they will likely be in the king's stables.
    [13/09/17][19:41:27] [Maj]: well thanks for being a tease
    [13/09/17][19:41:27] [Drago Terra]: night Trina
    [13/09/17][19:41:28] [Maj]: lol
    [13/09/17][19:41:31] [Trina Forest]: Kal Ort Por
    [13/09/17][19:41:33] [Karek]: thank you
    [13/09/17][19:41:34] [Ang]: lol
    [13/09/17][19:41:36] [Maj]: i was thinking we would all get one
    [13/09/17][19:41:36] [Karek]: Kal Ort Por
    [13/09/17][19:41:41] [Esmeralda]: goolol
    [13/09/17][19:41:41] [<61662699>Ginger]: shoot Mesanna has never got back to me in a timely manner
    [13/09/17][19:41:45] [Magnus Grey]: Malag, I've passed the request on to Mesanna. I don't know when she will build it.
    [13/09/17][19:41:46] [Esmeralda]: lol
    [13/09/17][19:41:46] [Drago Terra]: you did get a horse
    [13/09/17][19:41:53] [Malag aste]: K
    [13/09/17][19:42:04] [<43606831>Neptune]: that would be your best bet on the x-fer issue
    [13/09/17][19:42:07] [Fumues]: my lord Thorreain will be at your meeting in the mean time the tear down of valnior has begane
    [13/09/17][19:42:13] [Malag aste]: I'm sure she's swamped with requests
    [13/09/17][19:42:13] [Esmeralda]: bye
    [13/09/17][19:42:17] [Moonrush]: well will have to get chummy with the king to get one of them ponies
    [13/09/17][19:42:25] [Fumues]: mine was aproved 6 mo ago
    [13/09/17][19:42:32] [Malag aste]: Sanctum Viatas
    [13/09/17][19:42:40] [Malag aste]: Good night
    [13/09/17][19:42:45] [Magnus Grey]: Current outstanding governor buildings are Britain, Moonglow, Skara, and Yew.
    [13/09/17][19:42:50] [Magnus Grey]: They have all been sent to Mesanna.
    [13/09/17][19:43:10] [Malag aste]: Sanctum Viatas
    [13/09/17][19:43:11] [Magnus Grey]: The requests for the houses have been high.
    [13/09/17][19:43:24] [Magnus Grey]: We were lucky to get the first two of any shard so quickly
    [13/09/17][19:43:38] [Grimm Reeper]: Kal Ort Por
    [13/09/17][19:43:58] [Maj]: Corp Por
    [13/09/17][19:44:11] [Magnus Grey]: Any other questions about tonight, the arc, or anything else?
    [13/09/17][19:44:18] [Moonrush]: will u help me get rid of the mind rot please
    [13/09/17][19:44:19] [Maj]: Corp Por
    [13/09/17][19:44:20] [<52115895>Ang]: TY EM's and have a great evening
    [13/09/17][19:44:27] [Neptune]: what abought plant's
    [13/09/17][19:44:28] [Maj]: well thanks for the fun! good job, i have to tend to a sunburn.
    [13/09/17][19:44:29] [<51047339>Magnus Grey]: Welcome. Have a great night!
    [13/09/17][19:44:30] [<64262195>Sarah Paumera]: Thanks Ang, goodnight
    [13/09/17][19:44:31] [Maj]: night
    [13/09/17][19:44:38] [Neptune]: around the city or offic's/
    [13/09/17][19:44:42] [Maj]: Kal Ort Por
    [13/09/17][19:44:54] [Magnus Grey]: Plant lockdowns are definitely not a possibility. We've been told no.
    [13/09/17][19:45:11] [Neptune]: ok why do other shard's have them ?
    [13/09/17][19:45:40] [Magnus Grey]: I don't know on that.
    [13/09/17][19:45:43] [Moonrush]: about this mind rot please
    [13/09/17][19:46:20] [Neptune]: so what can we do to the town's then?
    [13/09/17][19:46:32] [Ginger]: Sanctum Viatas
    [13/09/17][19:46:33] [Sarah Paumera]: You can request governors' offices
    [13/09/17][19:46:40] [Drago Terra]: set them on fire muhaha
    [13/09/17][19:46:48] [Neptune]: can they be decoed?
    [13/09/17][19:46:50] [lockpicker]: blow up luna
    [13/09/17][19:46:54] [Magnus Grey]: I know that there are possibly other things in the works.
    [13/09/17][19:47:04] [lockpicker]: that would make it like old days
    [13/09/17][19:47:09] [Fumues]: In Ort Ylem
    [13/09/17][19:47:17] [Magnus Grey]: But right now, a lot of the requests are on hold while this first round can be done.
    [13/09/17][19:47:17] [Moonrush]: Kal Ort Por
    [13/09/17][19:47:27] [Magnus Grey]: With 15 shards and 9 possible towns
    [13/09/17][19:47:37] [Drago Terra]: time for me to retire. Good night Magnus & Sarah, thanks for the fun time :)
    [13/09/17][19:47:45] [Sarah Paumera]: goodnight Drago
    [13/09/17][19:47:48] [Drago Terra]: Sanctum Viatas
    [13/09/17][19:48:00] [Neptune]: can proplas still be turned in ?
    [13/09/17][19:48:08] [Neptune]: for other thing's?
    [13/09/17][19:48:19] [Magnus Grey]: Proposals?
    [13/09/17][19:48:25] You cannot pick that up.
    [13/09/17][19:48:27] [Fumues]: In Ort Ylem
    [13/09/17][19:48:29] You cannot pick that up.
    [13/09/17][19:48:31] You cannot pick that up.
    [13/09/17][19:48:37] [Neptune]: what has been ask by the prvios govanor's
    [13/09/17][19:48:39] [Damia Terra]: i'm off for the night, thank you for the event
    [13/09/17][19:48:43] [Fumues]: the banners need a tax
    [13/09/17][19:48:47] [Sarah Paumera]: goodnight Damia
    [13/09/17][19:48:48] [Magnus Grey]: We have sent off all the requests we have received, but I believe at this time, they are on hold.
    [13/09/17][19:48:49] [Damia Terra]: Sanctum Viatas
    [13/09/17][19:49:12] [Neptune]: is there a way to know what was asked befor?
    [13/09/17][19:49:23] [Sarah Paumera]: It was put on display at the meeting.
    [13/09/17][19:49:28] [Neptune]: so we don't ask for oposing thing's/
    [13/09/17][19:49:32] [Sarah Paumera]: The requests from Tanda and Willa were in books at the meeting.
    [13/09/17][19:49:44] [Sarah Paumera]: The new requests will be on display at the next meeting.
    [13/09/17][19:49:54] [Magnus Grey]: Currently, for Skara, there are no requests.
    [13/09/17][19:49:55] [Neptune]: and the old one's?
    [13/09/17][19:50:04] [Neptune]: to refrance
    [13/09/17][19:50:19] [Neptune]: will they be displayed there as well?
    [13/09/17][19:50:24] [Magnus Grey]: I will say that beyond roleplay things like the Tokuno, most things are out of our hands
    [13/09/17][19:50:32] [Sarah Paumera]: Right now, governors' offices can be requested.
    [13/09/17][19:50:48] [Neptune]: what abought npc's?
    [13/09/17][19:50:53] [Fumues]: well let her know we are pulling out of fel
    [13/09/17][19:50:57] [Sarah Paumera]: Skara has a request pending for a governor's office.
    [13/09/17][19:51:04] [Martyna Z'muir]: (Some people don't understand theat the council is all about RP)
    [13/09/17][19:51:25] [Fumues]: gv is going to be trm guild again and shard events on hold
    [13/09/17][19:51:43] [Fumues]: we have 5 scotts in none ea words now
    [13/09/17][19:51:44] [Sarah Paumera]: Thank you for telling us, Fumues. We wish them well.
    [13/09/17][19:52:04] [Fumues]: be 27 acc
    [13/09/17][19:52:08] [Neptune]: what abought npc's? can we requeast them
    [13/09/17][19:52:51] [Magnus Grey]: I will ask about that. New shopkeepers may be something they will consider down the line.
    [13/09/17][19:53:13] [Neptune]: well we got a bee hive but no bee keeper
    [13/09/17][19:53:35] [Neptune]: he died defending skara when jhelom raided us
    [13/09/17][19:53:42] [Neptune]: an we need a new one
    [13/09/17][19:54:26] [Magnus Grey]: I will ask about that.
    [13/09/17][19:54:29] [Magnus Grey]: Any other questions?
    [13/09/17][19:54:41] [Neptune]: and cleaning up after story arc's
    [13/09/17][19:54:55] [Magnus Grey]: Actually, Neptune can you write that up for me in an email.
    [13/09/17][19:54:56] [Neptune]: ther's dead pack hore's
    [13/09/17][19:55:06] [Neptune]: along the road to brit
    [13/09/17][19:55:29] [Magnus Grey]: The dead pack horses from the global?
    [13/09/17][19:55:34] [Neptune]: yes
    [13/09/17][19:55:43] [Sarah Paumera]: Governors' requests must be emailed to [email protected].
    [13/09/17][19:56:10] [Magnus Grey]: I don't think we are able to move them ourselves, but will check if they are static or not.
    [13/09/17][19:56:27] [Neptune]: ok
    [13/09/17][19:56:43] [Neptune]: so what are we aloud to ask for
    [13/09/17][19:56:52] [Neptune]: an posably get for the city
    [13/09/17][19:56:57] [Sarah Paumera]: governors' houses
    [13/09/17][19:57:00] [Neptune]: beside's an office
    [13/09/17][19:57:17] [Magnus Grey]: I will pass on any requests you send me, but at this time, don't expect much beyond the houses.
    [13/09/17][19:57:32] [Neptune]: can it be deco'ed?
    [13/09/17][19:58:26] [Magnus Grey]: Currently, the house's decoration cannot be modified because of how they are built
    [13/09/17][19:58:43] [Neptune]: k can you lock stuff down
    [13/09/17][19:58:53] [Neptune]: of have it locked down?
    [13/09/17][19:59:01] [Neptune]: like a desk
    [13/09/17][19:59:07] [Neptune]: dislay case
    [13/09/17][19:59:11] [Neptune]: wprld map
    [13/09/17][19:59:12] [Magnus Grey]: There is a desk and a chair that only the governor can sit in
    [13/09/17][19:59:15] [Neptune]: an suck
    [13/09/17][19:59:21] [Sarah Paumera]: there's a map too
    [13/09/17][19:59:21] [Neptune]: such
    [13/09/17][19:59:26] [Magnus Grey]: The few I've seen are really very nice.
    [13/09/17][19:59:30] [Sarah Paumera]: we've seen the offices. They're very nice
    [13/09/17][19:59:38] [Neptune]: dook caes's?
    [13/09/17][19:59:41] [Neptune]: book
    [13/09/17][19:59:47] [Sarah Paumera]: they have bookcases
    [13/09/17][19:59:51] [Neptune]: bench's?
    [13/09/17][20:00:02] [Sarah Paumera]: chairs
    [13/09/17][20:00:27] [Neptune]: a suit of armor?
    [13/09/17][20:00:39] [Neptune]: a grandfather clock?
    [13/09/17][20:00:58] [Neptune]: poasbly a cheast
    [13/09/17][20:01:13] [Magnus Grey]: I believe there is a way to do donations currently
    [13/09/17][20:01:34] [Sarah Paumera]: There's a city herald
    [13/09/17][20:01:38] [Sarah Paumera]: And a message board
    [13/09/17][20:01:48] [Neptune]: and traped balot box's
    [13/09/17][20:01:53] [Sarah Paumera]: People can leave donations with the herald and mention them on the message board.
    [13/09/17][20:01:58] [Neptune]: they can be traped you know
    [13/09/17][20:02:41] [Sarah Paumera]: Please send that information and your requests in an email to [email protected]
    [13/09/17][20:02:49] [Neptune]: is there a posablity to have other buildings buit?
    [13/09/17][20:03:16] [Sarah Paumera]: Not currently.
    [13/09/17][20:03:27] [Neptune]: so
    [13/09/17][20:03:34] [Neptune]: we get a mesasage bord
    [13/09/17][20:03:49] [Neptune]: and a building we cant deco
    [13/09/17][20:03:58] [Sarah Paumera]: and a herald for donations
    [13/09/17][20:04:05] [Sarah Paumera]: and the chance to roleplay at the Council meeting.
    [13/09/17][20:04:09] [Neptune]: doe's he say anything
    [13/09/17][20:04:15] [Neptune]: or just storage?
    [13/09/17][20:04:15] [Magnus Grey]: I'm frustrated.
    [13/09/17][20:04:24] [Neptune]: why so?
    [13/09/17][20:04:31] [Sarah Paumera]: Please send that information and your requests in an email to [email protected]
    [13/09/17][20:04:59] [Neptune]: why so?
    [13/09/17][20:05:01] [Magnus Grey]: We have limited control over global additions to this system.
    [13/09/17][20:05:09] [Neptune]: *nod's*
    [13/09/17][20:05:13] [Magnus Grey]: We cannot do decoration simply because of time constraints.
    [13/09/17][20:05:18] [Neptune]: only so much you can do
    [13/09/17][20:05:36] [Sarah Paumera]: We have been told no about the decorations and plants in town.
    [13/09/17][20:05:52] [Sarah Paumera]: It would be a huge time sink. Time we should be spending planning and holding events.
    [13/09/17][20:05:57] [Neptune]: well ho does other shard's get them ?
    [13/09/17][20:06:11] [Neptune]: understable
    [13/09/17][20:06:25] [Sarah Paumera]: No idea. Other shards are other shards.
    [13/09/17][20:06:49] [Neptune]: there em's do it or messana
    [13/09/17][20:07:23] [Sarah Paumera]: I don't know. What I do know is that GL was fortunate enough to get two governors' offices.
    [13/09/17][20:07:32] [Neptune]: k
    [13/09/17][20:07:35] [Sarah Paumera]: We were the first shard to get them. We were lucky.
    [13/09/17][20:07:52] [Uoholic]: *bow*
    [13/09/17][20:07:54] [Neptune]: so mostly it's rp with a chace of getting someting for the city
    [13/09/17][20:07:59] [Sarah Paumera]: We hope the Council will last for a long time. Not everything needs to be done at once.
    [13/09/17][20:08:14] [Neptune]: true
    [13/09/17][20:08:23] [Magnus Grey]: Roleplay will be a big part of it.
    [13/09/17][20:08:29] [Neptune]: *nod's*
    [13/09/17][20:08:31] [Magnus Grey]: That is the part we have control over.
    [13/09/17][20:08:46] [Neptune]: an it help's that you both have been here so long with us
    [13/09/17][20:08:50] [Magnus Grey]: Like the Tokuno treaty signing which was player written and ratified.
    [13/09/17][20:08:57] [Neptune]: you know alot of the back story's
    [13/09/17][20:09:28] [Sarah Paumera]: The treaty signing was very much what governors are elected for.
    [13/09/17][20:09:56] [Sarah Paumera]: There was also a place in tonight's event for a governor of a town to promise dreams.
    [13/09/17][20:10:08] [Neptune]: *nod's*
    [13/09/17][20:10:09] [Magnus Grey]: We saw this council as a way to intermix player and EM storylines and roleplay more.
    [13/09/17][20:10:34] [Neptune]: true but as some of us get elected an replaced
    [13/09/17][20:10:45] [Neptune]: thing's get murrky
    [13/09/17][20:10:55] [Neptune]: an not everyone rp's
    [13/09/17][20:10:56] [Magnus Grey]: That said, we have to proceed carefully.
    [13/09/17][20:11:10] [Sarah Paumera]: Three months is a lot of time to do an arc for your town.
    [13/09/17][20:11:35] [Sarah Paumera]: Some other shards' governors have done events and arcs, I believe.
    [13/09/17][20:11:37] [Neptune]: you havet been keeping up with the hig cousan
    [13/09/17][20:11:41] [Neptune]: councal
    [13/09/17][20:11:49] Your luck just ran out.
    [13/09/17][20:11:55] [Neptune]: meeting's ever other monday
    [13/09/17][20:13:08] [Magnus Grey]: We have to be careful of accusations of favoritism.
    [13/09/17][20:13:38] [Neptune]: true
    [13/09/17][20:14:05] [Sarah Paumera]: Are there any other questions or should we say goodnight?
    [13/09/17][20:14:20] [Neptune]: im good
    [13/09/17][20:14:30] [Neptune]: i'm sure there's more i can't think of
    [13/09/17][20:14:33] [Neptune]: right now
    [13/09/17][20:14:36] [Neptune]: ohh
    [13/09/17][20:14:45] [Neptune]: what abought my tital
    [13/09/17][20:14:51] [Magnus Grey]: I'm not sure how to fix your title. Mesanna put them on originally
    [13/09/17][20:15:00] [Magnus Grey]: She may have to reapply it
    [13/09/17][20:15:01] [Sarah Paumera]: You might want to email her. [email protected]
    [13/09/17][20:15:07] [Neptune]: k
    [13/09/17][20:15:19] [Sarah Paumera]: Goodnight all. Sweet dreams.
    [13/09/17][20:15:22] [Neptune]: night
    [13/09/17][20:15:23] [Magnus Grey]: good night all
    #1 Jerec KTM, Sep 23, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2013