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[Catskills] [OOC] Order vs. Chaos RPvP Theme on Catskills

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Pandora_CoD, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Pandora_CoD

    Pandora_CoD Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend CoD

    May 16, 2004
    Likes Received:
    We are very proud to be able to present to you all our unique concept for Role Playing PvP, based on the very popular and easily recognizeable Order vs. Chaos system.

    Order vs. Chaos is a set of role playing rules of engagement for the Catskills shard for RP guilds wishing to engage in structured player vs. player combat. The main objective for this RP Theme is to engage in story-driven, focused RP PvP with the use of quick "battle plots" as well as full length RP story arcs that are written and collaborated on by the theme members and guild leaders.

    The main concept of this theme is to invite guilds that are known to be dominantly RP-based to ally together around a common set of ROE’s and bring back the old concept of “guild wars”. This theme is exclusively for ROLE PLAYING GUILDS and those guilds have two options on how to join the theme… as an “IN SYSTEM” guild or as an “OUT OF SYSTEM” guild. Guilds must apply, be reviewed, and be accepted to this theme.

    There are two alliances, one for Order and one for Chaos. Guilds can choose to align themselves to either side, the two sides would war each other around battle plots that the guilds involved in the theme write and collectively develop. This allows the war declares for your guild to be automatic and centrally managed.

    This does require guilds to clear their war lists and accept to be “green” to the other guilds within the alliance for their chosen side. You are then also “orange” to all of the guilds of the opposing side's alliance.

    Guild Leaders are granted access to the account that holds the two alliance stones after a period of 6 months.

    Certain guilds that cannot, for whatever reason, reliquish their war lists do have another option than the above. They can align themselves with a chosen side and individually manage their war declarations. Sure that’s going to be more cumbersome, but in order to be able to keep your current warlists and still join in on the fun, this is what is needed.

    Guild leaders are then given a list of guilds that they would highlight to in order to be part of this theme and allow for RP-based interaction under the common ROE.

    Guild members and their leaders are not only encouraged, but required to, participate in the development of theme storylines. These storylines are the heart and soul of this theme, without them the theme stands still. So you must be willing and committed to participate. Ways that you can and should participate are:
    • Submit ideas for possible storylines.
    • Add suggestions for a developing storyline.
    • Play dungeon master for a particular storyline (write the in character submissions, manage the battle plots, and help to steer the storylines).
    • Create battle plots out of existing storylines.
    • Show up, ready and willing, to the storyline events (battle plots, small interactions, meetings, etc.)
    The storylines that lead to battle plots can be just about anything that can creatively thought about. We must be able to execute this with little to no help from the Event Managers and must be in detail when we do their require their help. The Dungeon Masters that volunteer to write the battle plots should be the ones that coordinate any needed interaction from EM’s, if at all. Some examples of battle plots are, but are not limited to:
    • Prisoner Escorts (Escorting a character from one area to another on foot and allowing for escape/freeing attempts.)
    • Incarcerations (Holding a character prisoner in an agreed to area — could be the Order or Chaos houses or the Barracks of a player city, or the jails of an NPC city, or even in the depths of a dungeon.)
    • Territorial Wars (a sect would declare a certain area to be forfeit and the rival sect must then declare war and retrieve the territory — could be the city of Trinsic or Britain or even the Stygian Abyss dungeon.)
    • Explosive Bombings (a particular group could “bomb” a building or holding in a player-ran city or even an NPC city, efforts to investigate “whodunit” and then post up wanted posters that can eventually lead to another battle plot, such as incarcerations.)
    • Murder Investigations (a dungeon master could place clues and have investigators try to figure out who the culprit is.)
    • Bounty Hunting (a bounty for a certain character’s head could be placed and delivery would give a huge payout.)
    All these are examples of what could be played out through role play, and I am sure there are many many more ideas in all our theme members they can submit. Battle plots are submitted through this website in the private forums designed just for those submissions. Members are required to keep the details of such events private and amongst their own guild mates or theme mates.

    Where would we be without the chance to develop our characters even further, outside of RPvP battles? Our theme guilds should also be comitted to running events and trying to make as many as their real lives allow. Remember, however real life > game. From tavern nights, to bard’s night, to Iron Chef Sosaria, to Black Tie Galas, and Honordays Festivals….events of this nature are not only fun and help to develop your character, but they could be chances to develop storylines as well.

    The following Rules of Engagement, are the accepted upon ROE’s for all guilds, in all situations. The only exception to these rules are those ROE modifications allowed by the Battle Plots you participate in. Battle plots are posted in our forum’s private areas (request access to your GM’s or Theme Administrators), be sure to read and understand those battle plots and ask any questions if you have them on how they affect our standard ROE’s.

    ARMOR RESTRICTIONS: Currently characters are only restricted from wearing FACTION ITEMS and can wear artifacts and modified armor and weapons.
    • DO NOT GO OOC – RP PvP engagements must be done IN CHARACTER at all times.
    • DO NOT GO TAGLESS – All combat characters should display their guild abbreviations and titles and show their allegience. This allows, specially since orange does not equal foe (out of system guilds declare to both friend and foe), for more clear identification. KNOW THY ENEMY!
    • DO NOT PLOT BULLY – If you want to involve a person into your plot, make sure that it happens with their consent. This includes the “making” of a vampire. Everything should be consentual.
    • DO NOT ATTACK WITHOUT WARNING – This means, be sure you ROLE PLAY your intentions to attack and they confirm.
    • DO NOT KILL AFK’ERS – If they cannot confirm your intentions, they are considered AFK; do not engage.
    • DO NOT LOOT – Ever! Do not even look in a body. Make sure to insure all your valuables.
    • DO NOT BRING YOUR GREATER DRAGONS – You are only allowed 1 pet (plus a mount), and that pet can be upto 4 slots (total of 4 slots). Mounts are allowed as long as it falls into these rules.
    • DO NOT RESS KILL – In fact, you should offer a resurrection if you can.
    • DO NOT RE-ENGAGE A KILLED PLAYER – You should wait a minimum of 30 minutes for the player to regroup.
    • DO NOT RE-ENGAGE AFTER BEING KILLED – You are required to wear your death robes over your armor after you recollect for 30 mins. However, for large scale battles between groups, once you are dead there is absolutely NO RE-ENGAGEMENT allowed, not on ANY of the players characters, for 24 hours. Use this time to role play injuries, role play capture, crawling on your knees to your ship, or other befitting conditions. You must remain in the area while wearing your death robe for the full 30 minutes or until your opponents exit the area entirely.
    As much as we, the guildmasters of our guilds, take pride is carefully selecting applicants before adding them, it can never fully be guaranteed that a black sheep hasn’t sneaked into a guild and breaks these rules. All members are encouraged to take screen shots (specially of journals) of infractions should any arise and raise those concerns to their guild leaders in the private areas of these forums or in person (or ICQ).

    Pandora, Theme Administrator for CoD (Contact Info in Signature)
    Website: Order vs. Chaos | A Catskills Role Playing PvP Theme