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Opinions on mob loot

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Splup, May 27, 2010.

  1. Splup

    Splup Guest


    IMHO there has been a problem with mob loot since AoS and imbuing did not quite fix it, kinda just changed it.

    Low end mobs drop 99,9 % useless loot, even for newbies. Low end mobs have only few items in their corpse which isnt that bad. But when we go to high end mobs, wahh...

    High end mobs drop craploads of loot, I mean ridiculously many items. Now with imbuing 99,9 % of these items are useless as USING items. Especially since the mob items can have only 450 imbued intensity and lack both exceptional and arms lore bonus. Yeah they might have over 500 intensity when looted, but what are the odds that the properties match so well, that it beats the imbued item? Nere zero. Only looted jewerly is sometimes worth imbuing cause we can imbue 500 intensity.

    This means that everything else can be looted straight to a bag and unravelled, since the items have no other use. Yeah sounds simple enough, but the weight. If bother dragging every item you gotta go drop the loot to your house all the time, cause items are so heavy. And to ilsh/abyss/fel dungeon you can't recall so it takes time and is very boring. So what do you do?

    You pick only the best items from which you get atleast enhanced essences and hope for relics. This is where you kill your hand and nerves. Going through 40 items in corpse checking how many properties and how how intensity each item has, and then dragging em to your backpack. I'm taking wild quess here that not too many people enjoy doing it in the long run. Yea, I know some do.

    Been reading posts here and talked with my friends and these are the two ideas I have liked the most:

    A. Corpse filter: You could create filters what kinda items show on corpses. By total intensity, number of mods etc. You would see only the items that pass your filter in the corpse.

    B. Less loot and better intensities: Simple, mobs would drop less items but with higher mod intensities.

    I would also like to consider letting us to imbue 500 intensity on looted armor/weapons. I mean why can't we? Something do with them wanting to keep runics even a bit useful in some way? I'm pretty sure there would be better ways to do that.

    If we could imbue 500 intensity on looted items, items with lets say 8 LMC or 20 LRC etc. would be worth looting, would make hunting more interesting. Or is the reason for 450 intensity that it would be too easy way to save relics/other imbuing mats? I dunno, what do you think?

    Would also be great if looted items could be just used on chars straight away, but I don't see em easily beating imbuing.