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Opinon on this weapon

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Synyster Gates_MT, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Would u guys think this a good wep to pvm with on high end monsters
    its a verite broadsword with
    hit life leech 47%
    hit mana leech 47%
    swing speed increase 25%
    damage increase 39%

    I tried to find an ornate axe or a two handed heavy hitter with the same properties but baja isnt a big selling shard so I couldnt seem to. I figured broadswords were 14-15 so they must have some damage done but what do u guys think?
  2. Ash

    Ash Guest

    I would keep looking. Even with the 25% SSI you won't be at max swing speed even with max Dex, and without stamina leech each time you get hit you will start swinging slower and slower. When you get hit down to 75% stamina your swing speed will be about 2 seconds. But if joust more than tank and can keep stamina at 100% through potions, divine fury or regen then it could work for you.
  3. thanks ill keep looking i just planned to divine fury but i guess ill be casting it an awful lot if i dont have stam leech I would use soul seeker but it doesnt hit near hard enuff on anything
  4. I found a bone harvy with HSL 34 HLL 45 HML 46 -1 hci 5
  5. grrr sorry i didnt mean to end my post there. but it doesnt have any SSI so should i just keep the sword or buy the harvy?
  6. Ash

    Ash Guest

    Bone harvester without SSI is slower than the broadsword with SSI. So from a damage per second aspect, the broadsword would be better of those 2.
  7. Hey i'm not really sure of your temp but i do pretty well with the soul seeker i know it's a repond slayer.....BUT i use it vs para succi's in blood and obviously you have chiv..( going by you saying using divine fury)
    i have a very good demonslayer katana 30 ish man/ life leech ... but for some reason i'd say the SSI of soul seeker keeps me alive longer (not sure but all i can think of )

    when i look for a weapon i look more at the specials the weapon offers i prefer katana's for the double strike and armor ignore.. he he and i am a samurai..so it just makes sense to use a katana...

    what high end monster are you going up against?
    depending on what monster your facing... would determine what weap i would choose...
    i have another samurai char i play w no chiv and he does ok vs normal succi's, and i can go toe to toe w lurg.

    i can't solo peerless but w out chiv he doesnt have the damage output w my sammy w chiv (he's all 120 in the basic or pure??? samurai swords, bush parry, tact, anat, and the rest in healing)
  8. im going to be going up against High end monsters (AKA tangle, doom creatures except for DF and other high end monsters) I was looking for a heavy hitting two hander the vendors on baja aarent great at all
  9. Hey, maybe you could go kill Lurg, and grobu they drop ornate axes sometimes.
    and they can be a challenge if you get a mob after ya...ha ha
    i think swoops used to drop ornates as well...and then there's the strongbox quest some say you can get good weaps and jewelry doing those( i havent got anything special when i tried them)

    buying a runic hammer and crafting till you get what you want can be expensive but there's nothing cooler than using a weapon w/ your crafters name on it.. imo anyway.

    or you could shop around on other shards find what ya need then transfer it back to your home shard.. can be expensive as well but easier than crafting your own.

    i have a spare ornate i don't use on origin...it's stat's are
    Hit Lower Def 44
    Hit Life Leech 66
    DCI 14
    SSI 30
    let me know if your interested, and maybe we can find a way to get it to ya..
  10. For a swordsman my favorite demon slaying wep classes are cutlass for one handers cuz bleed attack is awesome on demons and the executioners axes cuz bleed attack and mortal wound on the same wep is jus plain nasty folks!!!! Especially with demon slayer props of course!!!

    The cutlass with SSI is pretty quick too
  11. What you really want is an Ornate Axe with DI, 25-30 SSI, SL, & ML. It has the highest DPS of all the sword weps. For Doom against DF's, I'd suggest a radiant scimitar so you can use the Whirlwind special when you have Undead on you.
  12. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Just remember DO NOT USE the Soul Seeker against undead. These are the opposite on repond and the undead will smoke ya! :gun:
  13. Setnaffa

    Setnaffa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    That depends on the swing rate. I'm actually doing more DPS with a Rune Blade than with an Ornate Axe.
  14. xStrikerx

    xStrikerx Guest

    It seems Rune Blades and D-Maces have more plain dps simply because Ornates cannot swing at max speed. However Ornates can beat Rune Blades because of crushing blow special. D-Maces beat that by having both crushing and conc blow.
  15. Setnaffa

    Setnaffa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I don't do too bad with a Rune Blade and Bladeweave. Bladeweave is a bit unpredictable, but "unpredictable" isn't always a bad thing when it comes to a fight. Also disarm can be quite helpful.

    Still, the Diamond Mace is the best Mace weapon (if not the best overall weapon) hands down.
  16. Ash

    Ash Guest

    Finding the highest DPS weapon using the formulas is going to depend on dexterity on top of the SSI and DI. Also the swing speed will increase as stamina drops.

    If crank dex to max of 150 (using items or potion/spell to get above 125 cap) with 30% SSI, then Rune Blade is the highest DPS but not by much. The Ornate Axe is a close second and hits harder but just short of the max swing speed. This comes into more importance as stamina drops, then the Ornate Axe will get slower and slower, so if drop a little stamina swing rate drops from 1.5 to 1.75. But when you drop below 75% stamina, swing rate is down to 2 seconds. Since Rune Blade starts off at max rate, when it gets to 75% stamina it just drops from 1.25 to 1.5. So if using an Ornate Axe you have to make sure to keep stamina above 95% or swing rate is going to suffer.

    But if dex is below 150, mathematically the highest DPS will change as well. At 125 displayed Dex, the max DPS calculates out to be a tie between hatchet, Daisho and Elven Machete. Again Ornate Axe and Rune Blade are still close behind, but again swing speed is going to suffer greatly as Stamina drops. Swing speed on Ornate Axe will drop to 2 seconds if stamina falls below 95% and at 65% it is at 2.25 seconds, where as the Rune Blade will stay at 1.5 seconds from 100% stamina to 65% before it takes first increase in swing rate. Also note hatchet and Elven Machete are 1 handed weapons leaving other hand for potions or shield if you don't have bushido.

    So, just goes to show have to look at swing rate impact as stamina decreases as the Ornate axe can take .25 increase with just a small amount of stamina loss.
  17. xStrikerx

    xStrikerx Guest

    Actually I think I was wrong. Ornates can reach max swing speed with 30 SSI on weapon, 180 stam, and Daimyo's Helm (10 SSI).
  18. I've been trying to make a runeblade with no luck so far. I guess I should have also mentioned that while I use an Ornate Axe with DI 40, SSI 25, SL 46, ML 44, I also have the full Assassin Armor set on my dexxer, so I've really got 45 SSI. I'm not regretting the 25mil I spent on the gloves to finish that suit off one bit. :D