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Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Metalhead069, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Metalhead069

    Metalhead069 Guest

    WELL MR BLUE POO where to begin? i near had ur first wave of 1 dead he wasnt that good then u had to arrive so ur fighting abit like sso now 2 vs 1 which doesnt suprise me and u still cant take me dwn? i go out front to an open area and start fighting u and near had u dead then guards get u for what ever reason when u *** back i get u again this time ur lacky anakin is blocking me from killing u since u really r nothing fancy ur not even as good as i remembered? my sword does area damage so i attacked chosen (soz v) at which point i whent into the jungle to fight him 1 vs 1 i had 24 hp then got higher then higher and told him to stop since i am mates with him but too l8 i killed him then tramasauras crap came in and i got dwn to 24hp again keeping in mind i had snakes etc attacking me and had him near below half hp when i was full then blue poo rocks up again and typical aupk fashion i wasnt goin to fight a group of u lol im happy i have damaged ur ego's i came out with everything i needed and some! fellers i suggest more team work i suggest better players and i suggest u dnt act like ur the best especially u bluepoo as mr foxx from double the fist would say ......DOUBLE NO FIST!

    HAHAHAHA bruised ego's my friends... maybe one day u will b able to beat me 1 vs 1 blue poo but i highly doubt it since u couldnt fight ur way out of a wet paper bag and ur pillow fights with ur boyfriends dont help u train against n e thing. AUPK ----->:bowdown::bowdown: :party: <----- Gohan

    Blue lou being carried away when i was done with him --------> :stretcher:
    gohan vs blue lou :twak: (gohans on the left)

    AUPK :loser: u got :owned:
  2. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    Oh my god! Can anyone understand what this poor simple fool has just typed?
    Ok, here is the story - Some nubs were spawning desert and dimebag found them, he killed all but gohan who just ran and ran so he called me in, gohan see's me and runs all the way back in through fire to serps docks. I decide to bola him and when i get him off mount i immediately poisoned it (silly me) in guard zone and I got guard whacked. This moron didn't even see what happened! He then spouted off at luna bank about how bad AUPK were and how bad SSO were and how he is the best dexexer 'kickin it' on the shard right now. He told me some story about how he was the best mage going around in 1999/2000 and he taught crystal all she knew (no idea wtf crystal is). But it did not end there, he gave me a lesson in politics with the cronulla riots, called me a lebo, a homosexual, said I was dumb and he is smart and said that I condone **** (yes I know, what the...?). He then told me that if this was real life I would be bleeding now and he went on about how trained up he is in some form of martial arts or whatever. Lastly he was telling me that his missus was lying beside him while he was playing and saying how good looking she was. Honestly, I lost about half an hour of my life tonight listening to this stupid redneck's dribble and sadly i'll never get it back...

    A couple of quick points before I go -

    * Just so you know, if you look up a little further in the oceania forum section you will see that there is a thread dedicated to pvp. This is where all the pvp talk is supposed to go you dimwit.

    * You play a dexxer. You are loaded up with faction arties and you use faction remove curse bandies. You have 3 keys, primary special, secondary special and bandie heal, thats it. There is no skill to what you do at all, a child could do it. AND YOU ARE STILL SH*T!

    * You didn't 'come out of it' with everything, you came out with nothing. We took your spawn remember? We got all scrolls, unchallenged too I might add.

    * Please speak english if you are going to post here. Save the sh*t text talk like "u / ur / wana / l8 / n e thing / goin / dwn" for your brain dead mates.

    * Funny that you would say that you remember me from those early days. I never played on oceania back then, i've only been on this shard a little under 18 months

    * Venus is not your mate, he was laughing at you just as much as I was in vent last night. He just doesn't have he heart to tell you that you are an idiot.

    You were saying somthing along these lines at luna back too. I offered you a 1v1 fight to prove that statement and funnily enough you wouldn't accept. I even offered to put up gold if you beat me and if you lose you don't owe me a cent...
  3. Ovrkill

    Ovrkill Guest

    Couldnt have said it better myself.

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