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[Archery] or [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by imperterritus, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. (I have mentioned this idea before, but I think it's time it had it's own thread.)

    The recent change to Mysticism has a huge, freeing effect on mystics; the need for Eval Int was removed altogether, and the remaining buff skill can now be either Imbuing or Focus. That's a lot of points opening up on a template, especially since Focus is for fighters and Imbuing for crafters.

    It is clear that the devs always thought that a mystic fighter should be a reasonable template. The Enchant spell buffs weapons, and the damage done by Animated Weapon is buffed by Tactics and Anatomy. So at least two of the sixteen Mysticism spells are warrior-centric. The changes to Mysticism really open up the possibilities further. Consider, as a base template, the following:

    120: Archery or Throwing
    120: Mysticism, Focus
    100: Tactics, Anatomy, Healing
    40-60: Meditate (depending on vet months)
    -- 80 str, 80 dex, 70 int

    Note that I accept the compromise of a magic-warrior build; you can't be a dexxer, or really emphasize any one stat too strongly, without weakening something else. Perhaps other stat distributions will turn out better, but for now let's assumed they are pretty balanced. I am also assuming you haven't gained access to a stat scroll, but you've been playing at least 6 months and have hence raised your stat cap to 230. Do you feel differently about the balanced stats?

    * can continue being useful, both offensively and defensively, when mana low
    * mana load relatively low; only one power requires it
    * max damage by Rising Colossus, and close to max damage by Animated Weapon
    * three methods to heal: Healing, Healing Stone, and Cleansing Winds
    * two methods to cure: Healing and Cleansing Winds
    * can remove curse (not every time) with Cleansing Winds
    * can remove enemy buff with Purge Magic
    * can rez with Healing
    * ?

    * need spell channeling weapon until reach 80 in Mysticism and Focus
    * travel will be by runebook charges
    * ?

    Note that the 200 points allocated for Healing and Anatomy could well be something else. I chose those for the base because they're useful in their own right and do not require mana. Another likely build would replace those with 100 points each of Chivalry and Bushido, for a new type of ABC Archer:

    120: Archery or Throwing
    120: Mysticism, Focus
    100: Tactics, Chivalry, Bushido
    40-60: Meditate (depending on vet months)
    -- 80 str, 80 dex, 70 int

    You lose the mana-free defensive buffage and Anatomy's buff to damage. OTOH, you significantly can buff damage via Perfection and Enemy of One, just for starters. You also gain the ability to travel using Sacred Journey. If it turns out mana is not a problem here, this build might well be the more popular.

    Heck, if you can live without the Meditation, you could also build a strong bard:

    120: Archery or Throwing
    120: Mysticism, Focus, Tactics
    120: Music
    120: Discordance or Peacemaking or Provoke
    -- 80 str, 80 dex, 70 int

    I won't analyze this one. You should get a pretty good idea of strengths and weaknesses from the sections above. Suffice it to say that I believe we're going to start seeing a lot of good talk about Mystic Rangers ...

    Feel free to critique my ideas and add your counter-suggestions. I really think we've got something here that is pretty darn cool.
  2. Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    Throwing is still a useless skill. Until they make some drastic changes to it, it will continue to be so.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    Gargoyles can't be archers so you'd be looking at throwing or melee. And I would think with 120 Focus you wouldn't need meditate at all if you had enough LMC and MR in your suit. Focus regens STA as well as mana (granted, mana regens slower with focus than it would with med, but most people only take med to 100 anyway, I don't think the difference will be that great).

    This was one step in the right direction to start making gargoyles more playable. They still have other things to overcome, like revamping that dumb berserk racial ability, throwing, and making more artis usable by gargoyles.
  4. Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    This isn't necessarily a gargoyle thread. Note that I already have two throwers and enjoy playing them both. If I make a mystic-ranger, he'd likely be an elf for the +20 mana bonus. A mystic-ranger/bard would likely be human for the 20 free points of Meditate via JoaT. And if I didn't already have two throwers, I wouldn't hesitate to make a gargoyle mystic-ranger.

    I'm hoping for some comments about the mystic-ranger concept itself. (JD, I see that you made some. Thanks!) Folks can go diss Throwing in the UO Styggian Abyss forum. ;)
  5. Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    Or we can do it here, since Throwing is a combat skill, and this is the Warrior forum.
  6. Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    Fine, I get it. Connor isn't making a thrower. But what do you think of the idea of a mystic ranger using archery?
  7. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    I think................

    ...... Therefore I am :)
  8. Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    I was thinking something similar for PVM

    Arch, Myst, and focus 120

    tact, anat, and heal 100

    60 chiv

    100 str.
    100 dex
    50 int

    elf for extra mana
  9. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    Tossing out a few initial comments(haven't fully read the post yet):

    Pretend that shields can't be used with throwing. You never want to use a shield. *ever*

    You might want 120 swords so you don't get killed in hand-to-hand combat.

    Gargoyle seems like a natural fit for using wraith form.
  10. Miner, I agree about shields. Just because a ranged character can use a shield, doesn't mean he should. Even without a penalty, IMO it would be a waste of skill points. Swordsmanship would be tough to fit into a mystic ranger's template, and again I feel that if you are ranged, embrace it.

    Ooh, the wraith form idea is very interesting. It leads to an evil mystic ranger template:

    120: Archery or Throwing
    120: Mysticism, Focus
    110: Necromancy
    100: Tactics, Spirit Speak
    30-50: Meditate (depending on vet months)
    -- 80 str, 80 dex, 70 int

    With the mana drain from Wraith attacks, you might be able to drop int a bit (especially if an elf), and up dex and/or str.

    - - - - - - - - - -
    Bane, looks like you are the first to announce a mystic ranger character. How you liking it?
  11. Re: + [Throwing] let's build a mystic ranger

    As a matter of fact, i'm going to take my peacemaker-thrower and change him into a bard mystic ranger. He'll be dropping Chivalry and Resist to fit in the Mysticism. His likely goal will be:

    120: Throwing, Tactics
    120: Mysticism, Focus
    120: Music, Peacemaking

    I've found that Peacemaking augments Throwing particularly well, due to the "sweet spot" in distance between me and enemy. Peacemaking lets me often hold enemy in place allowing max time at the sweet spot for damage and accuracy. Hopefully Healing Stone, Cleansing Winds, and emergency GHeal potions will provide adequate healing.

    I realize I'm contradicting myself when I said if I went with the Bard template, he'd likely be human. But since I already have an existing gargoyle with Throwing, Music, and Peace, it seems best to use him for my first mystic ranger. If mana proves to be problem, he'll drop Tactics down to 100 and pick up 20 points of Meditate.
  12. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    before you scroll up, make sure you have enough mana regen to keep Rising Colossus up.

    Oh, and Animate Weapon is a spell with no purpose.
  13. Could you elaborate, Miner? The baseline mystic ranger template in my first post includes 100 Tactics and Anatomy, as well as 120 Mysticism and Focus. This should give it max duration, stats, and very near max damage right?

    I know when Eval was an adjunct skill for Mysticism, and Imbuing was not optional, squeezing in Tactics and/or Anatomy was impractical. But now that we can have all the buffing necessary for Animate Weapon, why do you rate it still as having "no purpose"?
  14. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Even with full everything, Animate Weapon is about as tough as a blade spirit... maybe. (4 control slots too)
    Read: couldn't kill a Toxic Slith

    Try it out on TC, I don't think it's changed since last I tested it.
  15. Zalan

    Zalan Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 13, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I`m getting ready to make a mystic thrower. While it wont be a the PvM king it will be a very versatile character. Looking at going with:

    255 Stats & 720 Skill Point Cap

    120 Throwing
    100 Tac
    100 Ana
    120 Mystic
    120 Focus
    60 Chiv (+ skill Jewelry for higher skill)

    Last 100 points I`m debating between Resist, Healing, Necro, or Bushido.

    Not sure how good Vampiric Embrace would be on at Ranged do to leech nerf. Still get a boost to Stamina, & a little extra Mana Regenation. Resist level 4 & below posions. If it gets hit with mana vamp. Healing Stone would be the only heal aviable.

    Resist would be good for well Resist to Para, Poision, Mana Vamp, Mana Drain, Curses etc.

    Healing pretty much self explanitory.

    Bushido would just be used for LS & the chance of a critical. Even at 120 would it really be that big of a damage boost?

    What skill would you go with for the last one?
  16. Zalan, personally I'd go with healing (as mentioned in first post). But as you describe the build is flexible, and all the options you mention seem reasonable. If you end up casting a lot, another option would be 100 Meditate.
  17. Lady_Mina

    Lady_Mina Guest

    There's a reason why 120 throwing PS is as cheap as pie...