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Orcish Poem Contest

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Agustus, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Agustus

    Agustus Guest

    Hear ye, Hear ye oh ugly and smelly orcs (humans also)! Do you have the talent to write a poem? Reply here with your submission and you may win the following:

    First place prize ...[​IMG]

    Second place prize ...[​IMG]

    Third place prize ...[​IMG]

    [*]Limit 1 poem per person (you may edit it, I will read final poem at end of contest)
    [*]Submit in orcish language and it's english translation
    [*]Originality (no googling!)

    Contest will end Monday, August 21, 2006 @ 6pm EST

    Winners will be chosen by me and a secret judge.

    Let the mayhem, I mean the contest begin!
  2. absimiliard

    absimiliard Guest

    Meeb tink dis kondesd rilly dum
    Uruk nub mak poem
    Uruk onli humm!

    Do tink so muj mak meeb hed ake
    Zo meeb find yuu zun
    Den yuu legz meeb brak!

    Dis idee dum, meeb tink yuu zee
    Now meeb go find trone
    Meeb need do pee!

    (Trans: by Lindisfarne)
    I think this contest's very dumb,
    Orcs don't sing poems,
    they only humm!

    To think so much makes my head ache,
    So I'll find you soon,
    Then your legs I'll break!

    This idea was dumb, I think you see.
    So now I'll go find Lord British's throne,
    I need to pee!


    <edit> If I win with this little piece of tripe . . . . 1. God help us all cause we ain't poets, this poem sucks. 2. Give my winnings to Mo'gluk, I don't do "orcy" stuff. </edit>
  3. How is it that award #3 is far more appealing than awards #1 and 2?
  4. Ginsu-SP

    Ginsu-SP Guest

    Nar Mat Kordh-ishi

    Nar mat kordh-ishi
    Nar mat kordh-ishi
    Nagraufom nalt lat madh ofl uruk
    Mirdautas vras!
    Nar mat kordh-ishi

    Nar mat kordh-ishi
    Nar mat kordh-ishi
    Eben iv dat breedur bubhosh
    Lat hab lul gijak-ishi?
    Nar mat kordh-ishi

    Nar mat kordh-ishi
    Nar mat kordh-ishi
    Lat pi tu shum cidur
    Cidur mabas lufut!
    Nar mat kordh-ishi



    Do Not Die In Bed

    Do not die in bed
    Do not die in bed
    Rise up you big strong orc
    Today is a good day to kill!
    Do not die in bed

    Do not die in bed
    Do not die in bed
    Even if that girl is hawt
    You have flowers in your blood?
    Do not die in bed

    Do not die in bed
    Do not die in bed
    You drink too much cider
    Cider after war!
    Do not die in bed


  5. I am in love with this thread.
  6. fantastique

    fantastique Guest

    Spoken like a true Orc. One for all and all for One!!

    May your feet always stay warm and sheets never get cold.
  7. Spree

    Spree Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I have only on English I need help converting it to Orkish.

    ? Okie Okie Okie !!!
    I come here today to play ?
    ? Okie Okie Okie !!!
    I did not come here to slay ?

    ? Frightened Little Okie why do you run away
    Good bye Frightened Little Orkie I just come here to play ?

    ? Hello Big Ork Brutie I just come here to play
    Good bye Big Ork Brutie you hit to hard to play ?

    ? Naughty Golden Chopper just hit me with his Axe
    Good bye Naughty Golden Chopper I just come here to play ?

    ? Okie Okie Scouter do not stealth away
    Good bye Okie Okie Scouter I just come here to play ?

    ? Bomber Bomber Orkie please do blow me away
    Good bye Bomber Bomber Orkie I just come here to play ?

    ? Hello Magic Okie don't hit me with a spell
    Good bye Magic Orkie I just come here to play ?

    ? Lordie Lordie Okie how are you today?
    Good bye Lordie Orkie I just come here to play ?

    ? Orkie Okie Captain will you walk this way
    Good bye Orkie Captain I just come here to play ?

    ? Okie Okie Okie !!! you are so very cute
    Okie Okie Okie !!!I just come here to play ?
  8. ukee meeb need tink ov bubhosh skribble.....

    anyone smell smoke?..........
  9. Agustus

    Agustus Guest

    Consider this a bump ... 3 more days to submit/edit your poem!

    You noticed an orc trying to write a poem ...Gah! Me nub gud et diz. Gah!You noticed that orc jumping wildly and screaming loudly ...
  10. Crunch VmP

    Crunch VmP Guest

    this particular poem is a Limerick that i created in fourth grade

    There was a boy named Fred
    He had a big fat head
    he picked his nose, had furry toes
    and his hair was really red.
  11. wut iz limerlik ??? meeb skribble lat poum in uruk fer all da oomies tu see.....

    der wuz dis oomie, hiz nam' wuz fred
    agh hiz noggin wuz bubhosh
    agh him pik'd hiz schnoz, agh him hav furri paws
    but him hiz fur wuz da colur uv bluud

    dis nub bad oome skribble meeb like it lat hav ani udders???
  12. Savage Night -(very poor Orcish)

    Tran, Tran, id matz meeb Bran

    Fug, Qwak, Magru-strik, Bak

    Wat agan ula c ulga gan

    Skil'z ib bubhosh, iz tran'n meeb hat

    Be'fur meeb dun meeb neeb dub pont ash

    Lod da bordz, send da Q

    Wat bra dem ula blah ula lat

    Lod da Pak

    Cek da mak'z

    Thrak da gat

    Bra Magru ula kabu

    Skil'z ib bubhosh, iz tran'n meeb hat

    Savage Night -(poetry??)

    Train, Train, it kills my Brain

    Hide, Quake, Deathstrike, Bake

    Wait again to see my Gain

    The Skill is Great, its the Training I hate

    Before Im done I must see two point one

    Load the Boards, send the Q

    Wait for someone to reply to you

    Load the Pack

    Check the Mac's

    Run the Gates

    For Death to make

    The Skill is Great, its the Training I hate!
  13. Tell me the "Orc's" aren't going to let the "Savages" win an Orc Poem contest!?!

    *looks over his shoulder, takes a sip of ale and continues plotting coordinates*
  14. Feyre

    Feyre Guest

    Noone ever said orcs were good linguists..
  15. Agustus

    Agustus Guest

    Bump, less than 22 hours left ...
  16. Agustus

    Agustus Guest

    Contest Ends in 5 1/2 hours!
  17. Agustus

    Agustus Guest

    The winners of the orcish poetry contest are:

    [*]1st place goes to SavageSP (prize given)
    [*]2nd place goes to absimiliard
    [*]3rd place goes to Ginsu-SP

    Please icq (pigeon) me at 233-500-055 to pick up your prize. I pm'd the winners with a secret word so I know you are the right person.