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NEWS Orcs Move on Cove

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Tamais, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Tamais

    Tamais Reporting for Lake Austin since April 2014
    Reporter Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Campaign Patron

    May 13, 2008
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    Surprised, Hilnus looked at the parchment. It had been less than a week since Adar had been stopped. Seeing the meeting had begun. Hilnus quickly found a seat.

    "We have had some success tracing down her minions. We haven't been about to find the more troublesome." Dahlia frowned before continuing. "However, our new ally, has caught the trail of two."

    "That is good, lets go capture them!" Hilnus shouted. "We await your orders."

    Shaking her head Dahlia sighed. "The Fiery lady will only give you, the Royal Spies, the information. She also demands to be allowed to assist."

    "That is troubling." Tamias said frowning.

    Dahlia nodded, "But better than her burning down our cities."

    "That is true." Hilnus agreed.

    Going to the door, Dahlia said. "She should be here soon...Keep an eye on her. She hasn't been a threat yet. Lets keep it that way."

    After she had left, the spies nervously looked around. "I hope the hall is protected from fire." Demoss said nervously. "The Fiery Lady is unpredictable. Does the hall seem warmer?"

    Hearing laughter, people turned to see the Fiery Lady sitting with them. "That was fun, seeing your little friend leave so fast." She began to rub her hands together. "So many pretties to burn."


    She summoned a small ball of fire that quickly went out. "What is this? she said frowning.

    "My lady, the hall is made to prevent all spells." Hilnus explained. " Dalia said you had news for us?"

    "Yes, I've found more little minions to burn." the Fiery Lady rubbed her hands gleefully. "Do you want to help?"

    "What were the minions doing? Tamais asked?

    "Hum...oh they were going to attack a city. "The Fiery Lady said impatiently.

    Concerned, Hilnus asked? "Wait, what city? We have to stop them."

    "They want to attack Cove." The fiery lady stood up ready to go. "Please can I burn them?"

    Thinking for a minute, Demoss told her yes. "I knew we could be friends." the Fiery Lady giggled. "Hurry, I'll take you to the Orc camp."

    Once outside the Royal Spies prepared. Warriors making sure their weapons were sharp. Tamers feed their pets. Hilnus and other mages and prepared several spells. "We are ready to follow you, my Lady." Hilnus said leading the party through the gate.

    Arriving, the orcs were no where to be seen. "Come out, come out little Orcs!" called the Fiery lady.

    Some of the party went up the mountain path. "Here they are!" shouted Kanalit, "They are on top of the mountain. Careful, they are pushing boulders down."

    "Well this won't do at all." The Fiery Lady said. "Silly Orcs, I'll bring them down."


    As we watched, burning Orcs began to fall off the mountain. The others tried to get away. With so many orcs killed by fire and the fall, the battle was short.

    Puzzled we watched the Fiery lady go from dead orc to another.


    "Where are Grox and Gree?" she muttered kicking another dead orc. "They are suppose to be here."

    "Who are Grox and Gree?" Hilnus asked puzzled. "I thought we were here to stop the invasion.


    "Yes Grox and Gree...two babbling ogres." the Fiery Lady laughed. "Really quite...dumb. They have some papers I...hum... we need." Kicking another dead orc, she went on. "Now I remember, they are at Deceit with a llama."

    The party looked at her in disbelief? "A Llama, my lady?" Demoss asked.

    "Yes you heard me right. What is so strange about that. Don't you talk to llama?" The fiery lady looked puzzled. "No matter, we must go to Deceit."

    Next to Deceit and the Dread Llama