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~~**[Order Core]**~~ Citadel is now recruiting!

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Faraday_WAR, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Faraday_WAR

    Faraday_WAR Guest


    We are a high-performance Order guild for Warhammer Online. We are currently recruiting dedicated players ages 18+, but will make exceptions for mature teens. Ventrilo plus a working mic are required. Sense of humor is a plus.

    Strong Leadership
    The best guilds are ultimately a product of its leaders. Citadel's promotion system gives guild members that have demonstrated the most dedication, intelligence, and maturity an opportunity to lead the guild. This means leaders who can leverage the rest of the guild and lead elite RvR raids or Fortress-capping warbands.

    Buddy System (RvR)
    After Faraday, the guild leader, played through most of WAR Beta, there were several aspects of the game that led to the creation of the Buddy system:

    1). Assist trains are necessary (aka, all players focus-fire on one player).
    2). Unfortunately, assist trains break down, especially in WAR where there is no /stick command and AoE attacks render multiple targets vulnerable to attack.
    3). When players are not near one another, they are usually singled out and quickly killed.
    4). Time-to-kill is long enough that targeted players will run everywhere across the battlefield, necessitating a more specific grouping system than just 'stick with your Warband'

    As such, we are launching a new RvR initiative known as the Buddy system. Within each group, players with complementary skills informally 'buddy up' This might be as quick and simple as tank + healer combinations, or as complex as healer-disruption DPS classes that stack DoTs and snares. Buddies move together and target together, and as such, are far less likely to be singled out and killed by lone tanks.

    Additionally, players will be encouraged to buddy up based on play-style. For example, two identically-specced Ironbreakers might each focus on a different way to snare players. Two like-minded Ironbreakers are able to snare players by body-blocking (in order to gain more DPS with the possibility of being ineffective), while another pair of Ironbreakers, identical to the first set, might focus on using DoTs and snares for more guaranteed kills and caster targeting.

    The Buddy System is optional, but encouraged to all players. As the guild grows and matures, we will continually evaluate and improve upon our RvR tactics until we are the very best.


    Will I have a say in guild affairs? Do I need to be an officer to have a voice?
    Our guild is a family. Every member here has a voice, and everyone has a say in any major guild changes. No major changes will occur without you knowing about it, unless you don't read the forums or pay attention. What differentiates our leaders from other players isn't their capacity to suggest and implement new policies (we are always open to new suggestions), but the leaders' capacity to organize and inspire on the battlefield.

    How much time do I need to put into the guild?
    We have no strict time requirements and we go to great lengths to keep talented players. The amount of effort you put forth in the game and towards the guild simply affects your place in the guild. The key here is that we're looking for naturally talented, intelligent, mature players who can contribute to battlefield tactics and guild RvR, even if it's only for a few hours a day.