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[ Order ] - Democratic, Casual, Mature Warhammer Guild

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Cryptor, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Cryptor

    Cryptor Guest


    What does your guild stand for ?

    W.A.R. ( We Are Right ) is a democratic, casual, mature guild. Casual because we focus on having fun and do not become obsessed with raiding, PvP or progression. Democratic because every decision is our guild is decided by our members thru voting ( and not just a select group of privileged individuals ). We have real lifes, families and jobs, we are playing to relax and above all have fun.

    What is the Guild Purpose ?

    To build a trustworthy, loyal, and sharing group of friends. We will seek to build a strong positive relationship with other guilds and players. Popularity and guild size are not our main concerns, W.A.R. will concentrate of quality rather than quantity when it comes to the number of players.

    Who started W.A.R. ?

    W.A.R. was started by… me “Cryptor”. I’ am a married 34 year old male gamer. I have been playing various computer games since late 80’s when I started on my ATARI computer. Since then I played literally every pay-to-play mmorpg in existence and have been a part of many guilds during my gaming days. In addition to gaming I have been running the MMORPGslave.com website for few years now. I became pretty tired of the problems that plague most of the guilds that I have been a part of. I really don’t want to be a part of any guild that has insane time commitment requirements or is run by the elite few who do as they wish without consideration for all others. W.A.R. is my answer to all the BS I had to put up with over the years in guilds. A Democratic, Mature, Casual guild. W.A.R. FTW

    What server will you play on ?

    The way we see it PvE is fun, but if you are not playing on a PvP server then you are really missing out on a huge part of the game - so, we will be playing on a PvP or RP-PvP ( this will be voted on our website by all members when the information about the servers becomes available ) sever.

    What are the membership requirements ?

    This always puzzled me. We are all here to have a good time – requirements ?

    I guess we have few ;
    1. Be tolerant of others.
    2. Please try not to insult others.
    3. Have fun above all !

    Here is what you will NEVER see in our guild :
    1. Age requirement.
    2. Level requirement.
    3. Time commitment requirement.

    What Looting system do you use ?

    As a general rule ( if available in-game ) everything will be "need before greed". We are not using DKP or another advanced loot distribution system - If you are there and can use it then you roll need, otherwise you roll greed. Everyone who rolls need is expected to use the equipment/weapon as soon as they get it. The reason for not using DKP or any other system is that being a casual guild we will not be doing much raiding. No rolling need for equipment you want for your alts.

    How does your voting system work ?

    1. An idea or suggestion is raised by guild member. Examples: A new rule, event, comment, or complaint on our Guild Forum.

    2. All members ( not just officers ) discuss the topic in the thread that it was proposed in. The amount of time that these voting polls will stay active for will depend on the topic. I would like to see them stay active for a week if possible. From time to time some things will need to be decided on faster, at those times the polls will be closed faster ( that will be clearly indicated in the voting forum ). There is no “minimum votes” for a poll to be valid, however many members choose to take part in these will shape the future of the guild.

    3. All members ( not just officers ) vote on motion (yay or nay) in our voting forum.

    4. Topic is sent to Cryptor ( creator of the guild ) for final approval ( this is just a formality ).

    What is your rank system ?

    We will wait until we have more members to decide this, since all members have a say in this and will vote on it. I would generally prefer a very simple and easy to understand guild structure. The only thing that we know so far that I ( Cryptor ) am the guild leader/creator.

    How do you join ?

    Come to our forum on MMORPGslave.com and do a simple post ( outline for them is posted in the recruiting forum ) that lets everyone know that you are interested. Once the game launches you will be able to get an in-game invite.

    Will you play in early start ?

    Yes. I ( Cryptor ) have already pre-ordered my Collector’s Edition of Warhammer and will definitely take part in the early start. You can expect me to be there and ready to send out guild invites as soon as we can establish one in-game.

    Links :
    Our webpage.
    Our forum.
    Our screenshot gallery.

    PS : I had to make a new post 'couse I was unable to edit the title that appeared in the forum. The old title contained wrong information that was very misleading.
  2. Cryptor

    Cryptor Guest

    We now have a vent. server ( voice chat ) available to our members !
  3. Cryptor

    Cryptor Guest

    Hey guys, if anyone else is looking for a casual order guild that will take part in the early start then please get hold of us thru our website mmorpgslave.com.

    I ( guild leader ) and a couple of others will start early with our CE keys and most of us will be there on regular pre-order early start. We now have Ventrilo server and everything is set-up and ready to go.

    Looking forward to seeing you on 14th ! ;)