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Order of counties/where to go?

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Ibliis, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Ibliis

    Ibliis Guest

    I'm not really a newbie technically i guess, i'm level 34 (alliance) but i've been playing with friends so far and basically just going along with wherever they go.

    They dont play as much anymore and i've just come to a point where i have no idea what to do.

    I have a couple of greyed out quests which are pretty pointless, I have some green but they are all gnomeregen dungeon, i went there and would totally get myself owned on my own.

    I've done quite a few counties but there's probably a few i could revisit, thing is i dont know which.

    Any tips?

    I dont want to be flying all over the place until i hit one worth it.
  2. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    Arathi Highlands and Desolace are good places to go at your level. Also parts of Stranglethorn Vale are good.
  3. Ibliis

    Ibliis Guest

    I'm in hillsbrad foothills and every time i go near arathi highlands i get destroyed by horde. ( i think arathi is just above, I havn't been on in a while.

    Wait, actually that is a lie, i tried logging on a few times today and everytime i log in the inn i am in is under attack by level ??? horde (i dont think they are 70, but they are high) so i just promptly log back out again...

    I tried stranglethorne vale with a friend a level ago and we just kept getting attacked by the tigers and stuff and horde, literally every half hour we were dying, but i think i'll give it another go.
  4. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    There is a pack of about 5 horde NPCs that travel from Hillsbrad to Arathi on the path. You just got to watch for them and avoid.

    I know that this time of year Southshore gets attacked by stink bombs for Hallow's End, maybe you are encountering the bombers?

    Are you on a PvE or PvP server?
  5. Ibliis

    Ibliis Guest

    PvP, yeah, this is my first, urm, special thing that WoW has done, i see why so many people stick around for so long. (the halloween thing) it's pretty cool, apart from being slaughtered every 5 mins.

    Haha, i ran in to them! I killed them all apart from ONE (i had been practising my grinding techniques as a fire mage, which are still pretty poor), the last one had me down to 0 mana and one more blow and i'd be dead, the three Alliance guards that patrol came to my rescue, which was awesome.

    Literally after recovering health and mana i saw a lvl 40 horde come down the path, so i ran and caught up with the Alliance guards again, i walked with them for about 10 minutes with the horde following, i found it all hilarious tbh.

    So WoW has me interested again, i was close to getting put off.
  6. GuideGuru

    GuideGuru Guest

    Hmm I found Desolace to be better at around 37-38 as you can just blow past all of the quests and gain like 2 levels in about an hour. I would personally do the first few quests in Stranglethorn vale and then move on to shimmer flats if you have not done the quests there. That right there can get you from 34 to about 36-37 then head to desolace from 37-39 and from 39-42 hit up dustwallow marsh for SUPER fast levels with the "newer" area in mudsprocket.