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Order of the Silent Truth spy ranking system

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by LakeAustin EM Feed, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. LakeAustin EM Feed

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    May 31, 2011
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    (Any points earned earlier through attendance will be kept. So if you have been coming to Events for the past months. Your old rank is still here and will progress higher with the new ranking system.)
    The rank progression system through the spies organization has changed recently from simply attending Events to doing specific tasks. It has been stated/detailed out several times at the end of Events recently, but I wanted to put it up here for anyone who may not stay at the end of Events on LA.
    The Keg and Anchor – Trinsic
    In The Keg and Anchor, in the city of Trinsic is an NPC/Oracle named Vos Marigna. Every week he will have tasks, either on a random day or listed somehow as a note for players to see in the back of the Tavern.
    To advance in Order rank, you must speak to Vos – or look for the notes in the back room – then complete the small task and turn in whatever you discover in an in game book to the Reward Hall Mailbox. (First go to Britain EM Hall in Britain. Then take the swirly blue storm looking teleporter outside. You will be dropped off in front of the Reward Hall like below.)
    Currently (11-23-12) there are (5) five such tasks. These first few are relatively simple. Merely collecting information that somehow relates to one of the two currently running arcs (Evidias – or – Tolivar) and making note of what you find. Your job is to simply write down any information you encounter in a book and drop it off at the Reward Hall mailbox.
    Most of these can be done anytime during the week. If one can only be done once it will be noted and the time will be reasonable. (During the Evening as opposed to early on.)

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