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Organized Quest Information *Please NO Posting*

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by War of the Roses, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. <font color=blue> Virtue Information </font color=blue>


    <center><font color=CDAD00>Compassion</center>
    Compassion is the ability to be sympathetic to the feelings and sufferings of others. To share their pain, and, to do what thou can to ease their misery. Show compassion in all thy dealings, lest thy heart grow hard and cold.
    Town - Britain
    Mantra - Mu
    Class - Bard
    Character - Iolo
    Dungeon - Despise
    Colour - Yellow

    </center></font color=CDAD00>

    <center><font color=00008B>Honesty</center>
    Thou shalt not steal or lie, but more than this, seek the truth in all things. Strive to be honest in all thy actions. Look deep into thyself for, only by knowing thyself can thou know truth.
    Town - Moonglow
    Mantra - Ahm
    Class - Mage
    Character - Mariah
    Dungeon - Deceit
    Colour - Blue

    </center></font color=00008B>

    <center><font color=CD2626>Valour </center>
    Valour is more than just courage in battle, or in the face of great danger. True valour is the courage to stand by thy convictions and, to act in defence of them. Courage also, to look at thy failings and, bravely, take action to rectify them.
    <center>The Song of Valour
    It seemed like such an easy climb
    Upon the Serpent's Spine
    I hadn't even time to blanche
    When down there came an avalanche
    And then the mantra came to mind
    Though boulders bounced and passed with speed
    My frozen fingers gripped the rock
    As sliding snow swept loose my feet
    Sing RA, My friends, sing RA
    Tis a song to make thee strong
    When mountains be high and the ground be far
    Sing RA, My friends, sing RA </center>
    This song is very popular in the pubs of Jhelom, where everyone in the bar will often join in with it.
    Town - Jhelom
    Mantra - Ra
    Class - Fighter
    Character - Geoffrey
    Dungeon - Destard
    Colour - Red
    <center></font color=CD2626>

    <center><font color=2F4F4F>Humility</center>
    True humility is the opposite of pride, without humility the path of the Avatar will be a rocky one. For, if thy spirit is filled with pride then how cans't thou learn? Thus shed thy pride, that thou may humbly follow the virtues of the Avatar.
    Town - New Magincia
    Mantra - Lum
    Class - Shepherd
    Character - Katrina
    Dungeon - Hythloth
    Colour - Grey

    </center></font color=2F4F4F>

    <center><font color=FF8C00>Sacrifice </center>
    Sacrifice is to love thy fellow creatures enough, that thou art bravely able to give of thyself. To give without thought of reward or gain. To sacrifice that which thou dos't need to aid those that are in need. Delve deep into thy heart and soul that thou may find true generosity of spirit.
    <center>Song of Sacrifice
    The raven sings
    The raven saw
    And in the corn he sayeth CAH</center>
    There is also an version of this song where the Raven says Caw, crazy indecisive birds. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
    Town - Minoc
    Mantra - Cah
    Class - Tinker
    Character - Julia
    Dungeon - Covetous
    Colour - Orange
    </center></font color=FF8C00>

    <center><font color=68228B>Honour </center>
    When thou givest thy word thou art bound by it. Whatever the perils thy word is thy bond. But, true honour is more than this, thus the Paladin, who values honesty and valour, for from them cometh true honour. A pure heart is an honourable heart.
    Town - Trinsic
    Mantra - Summ
    Class - Paladin
    Character - Dupre
    Dungeon - Shame
    Colour - Purple
    </center></font color=68228B>

    <center><font color=008B00>Justice </center>
    Do not be hasty in thy judgements, but take time to learn the truth. Search thy heart also, and find love where thou cans't. Thus thy judgements will be tempered with mercy.
    Town - Yew
    Mantra - Beh
    Class - Druid
    Character - Jaana
    Dungeon - Wrong
    Colour - Green
    </center></font color=008B00>

    <center>Spirituality </center>
    Spirituality is the ability to be at peace with thyself and the world. Thus the Ranger, who finds joy and calmness in closeness to nature. To seek also, the true nature of thy inner self. To strive to follow the three principles of truth, love and courage in all thy dealings, both with thyself and, with all things that live. To find true spirituality is to be blessed indeed, for tis but the first step on a path that will lead to great wisdom and true peace.
    Town - Skara Brae
    Mantra - Om
    Class - Ranger
    Character - Shamino
    Dungeon - The Abyss
    Colour - White


    The Three Principles
    The eight virtues are derived from the three principles of Truth, Love, and Courage. All that is good, or done with good intent, derives from the three principles.
    Truth is the truth that is inherent in all things. It is the truth that we discover when we are able to see clearly, free from other distractions.
    Love is the love that we find in our hearts for all things. Love is what drives us to do acts of kindness. To love is to see beauty and joy all around.
    Courage is strength of spirit and determination to act for the greater good. Courage to never give up, and to face overwhelming odds bravely.
    These three principles, either separately, or in combination, form the virtues:

    From Truth comes Honesty
    From Love comes Compassion
    From Courage comes Valour
    Truth and Love combined create Justice
    Love and Courage combined create Sacrifice
    Courage and Truth combined create Honour
    From Truth, Love, and Courage comes Spirituality
    Pride is caused by the absence of the Three Principles, the opposite of Pride is Humility.

    The One Principle
    Infinity is the One Principle from which the Three principles derive. Truth, Love, and Courage are eternal forces, therefore they derive from Infinity, from which the Three Principles, and Eight Virtues flow.

  2. Thank you KitKat for the stickiness!! I STILL need info on the crystals please!!!!

    Quest Information You Can Use

    <font color=EE2C2C>Please do not post on this thread, this is to inform and keep the clues in a readable order. I will update this thread with all pertinent information as needed. If you have anything to add that I may have omitted, please PM me with the information. If you wish to continue discussion on something included in here or have information to share, please post on This thread </font color=EE2C2C>

    Let’s begin with the “scrolls”

    <font color=CD2626>Tempered by Love and Truth, It is the only answer to the Mage of Death </font color=CD2626>

    1. Truth and Love = Justice
    2. Next clue was Justice Shrine

    <font color=CD2626>In the Labyrinths your answers lay, but there will be a price to pay.</font color=CD2626>

    1. First assumption was the maze in Moonglow, but there isn’t a price to pay there.
    2. There WAS a clue in the maze in Moonglow
    3. What is the price to pay?

    <font color=CD2626>In the home of unbroken spirit on the brink of the sea, you’ll find that there is much more to be.</font color=CD2626>

    1. Spirituality = Skara Brae
    2. Unbroken spirit? Trinsic (think past wars)
    3. No further information.

    <font color=CD2626>Served cold and with hate it is the key, seek the gate to be set free.</font color=CD2626>
    1. Altar found underneath the house in the center of the Hedgemaze (Fel)

    <font color=CD2626>In the land that we once held true, Courage shall return to you.</font color=CD2626>

    1. Assumption that the final battle will be in Fel (Land once held true)
    2. Courage = Honor, Sacrifice, Valor, Spirituality

    <font color=CD2626>Seek forth all the clues, Lady Jade has everything to lose.</font color=CD2626>
    1. …Duh?

    <font color=CD2626>The time has come to clean the slate, the fruits of my work will make them forget.</font color=CD2626>

    1. Does this refer to Relvinian and his work with daemons?
    2. What does “clean the slate” refer to?
    3. By definition “Clean the Slate” means: A. To start over from the beginning. B. To erase all of the prior history regarding a particular subject or transaction.

    <font color=CD2626>Getting even will get you out and in, but you must choose what to do within.</font color=CD2626>
    1. Vengeance will get you in.
    2. Revenge will get you out.
    3. Speak the word at the alter under the house.

    <font color=CD2626>The Mage seeks only this one things and it is the key, but woe to those who dare to bring.</font color=CD2626>

    1. What does the Mage ultimately seek?
    2. Recognition for his work? Return to good standing?


    <font color=red>More to come...wading through it all is taking some time...keep you posted!</font color=red>
  3. Relvinian

    The following text is taken from Origin's Official guide to Ulitima Online. In the guide, it is presented as columns in a newspaper.


    New Grandmaster mage announced
    The Guild of Arcane Arts today announced that another mage had achieved Grandmaster status in the city of Britain. Known only as Relvinian, the new initiate into the highest level of the arts has been called an "incredible natural" and "extremely talented." Still, there are some that accuse him of being "just wierd."

    "He's ... disturbing," according to Kandace the Lovely, another gandmaster mage. "He's really into all of the summoning spells. He dabbles too much with the darker magics. I don't know He's earned his position, cerainly, I just don't want to be in the same room with him."

    Relvinian's tutor, Grandmaster Luthior, agreed with Kandace. "Yes, Relvinian does tend to deal more with lesser used or altogether forgotten spells, but he means well. He's trying to find ways to help Britannia as a whole, not just on a one-to-one basis. I think he'll be a very positive addition to our community, and I believe Britannia will be hearing more from him."

    A small reception will be held in Relvinian's honor at the mage's guildhall in northern Britain.

    Relvinian: Daemons can do our work
    The eccentric mage known only as Relvinian has announced that his current project will free mankind forever from menial labor. From the steps of his laboratory, he described to a good-sized gathering what daemons can do for the human race. "With daemons doing the manial labor that takes up so much of everyone's day, people will be free to follow more cerebral paths," Relvinian said. "We will be able to better educate our society. Who knows what new heights we might attain!"

    Daemons are usually associated with dark magic and other evil intentions. This would be the first attempt on record to bring them into a more positive light. Some experts are concerned about the implications of a creaure borne of evil working daily with the citizens of Britannia. "I'm worried about our children. Our family values. What kind of a role model will these things be to our kids?" asked brother Andrew of Empath Abbey. "I mean kids will suddenly want to summon their own daemon to get out of making their beds, or going to the market. Children won't learn responsibility because here's this guardian of evil at their command. The next thing you know, they'll be hexing each other, or sending their daemon out to exact revenge on Little Willian for pulling a dog's tail."

    Relvinian says that the fears brother Andrew and the others like him are completely unfounded. "I've created a spell that will summon and totally control a daemon and all its actions, but it can only be cast by a Grandmaster Mage such as myself. We will then assign the daemon to a household and place a schedule in its mind. The creature will have no choice but to perform the assigned tasks." In response to questions about no-so-wellintentioned mages who get possession of the spell, Relvinian replied, "The spell drains the caster a great deal. If one were to summon a daemon and charger it with malevolent tasks, it owuld be a simpe thing to discover who the offending mage was and bring him or her to answer for the deed."

    Other concerns were brought to light by a group calling themselves Britannia Species United. "Why must one group, in the case the humans, control the minds or actions of another? We already have enough warring between the species of Britannia, must we have slavery, too?" asked a BSU spokeperson. "No creature should be able to control the minds of another, be they men, gargoyles or daemones. It just isn't right."

    Relvinian goes Monday to further explain and demonstrate his theories to Lord British, who seems cautiously optimistic about the idea. "I think the potential is immense," The Ruler of Britannia said in a conversation with Your Correspondent. "As you know, I have been actively promoting eight Virtues throughout Britannia, and freedom from menial labor would be a great step toward the education of the populace as a whole, both in the Virtues and in more standard curriculum of reading, writing and mathematics. I think Relvinian's ideas could possibly benefit the citizens of Britannia as much as the consolidation of the city-states, and this the ending of their petty wars, did at the beginning of our current Enlightened Age. Sure there are a few bumps to smooth out, and I won't allow the plan to be adopted until the time that those problems are addressed, but I see promising things ahead."

    Daemons loose in Castle Britannia. Fifteen missing, presumed dead
    Disaster struck Castle Britannia yesterday as several daemons, summoned by the mage Relvinian, went on a killing rampage throughout the great fortress. Relvinian had been invited to the castle to discuss with Lord British his theories of a daemon workforce for Britannia and to demonstrate his improved summoning spell. He claimed that the spell would bring a daemon under the complete control of the caster, wiping its mind and preparing it for instructions which would compel it to any assigned task. When he cast the spell in the Great Hall, however, his theories went up in smoke.

    "I don't know what happened," one incredilous bystander exclaimed. "I saw a daemon appear, it looked around at us, and then more showed up out of nowhere! They just started throwing fire at everyone."

    A Britannia noble added, "All I remember is that huge daemon, looking down on us. Oh, and a cat. There was a cat hissing at it, I don't remember where the cat came from. Then everyone started running."

    Members of the Guild of Mages stayed in the Great Hall and attempted to dispel the daemons, but only managed to spread them throughout the castle. "One ran into the kitchen. I saw a magic-wielder charge in after it, and then I heard a lot of noise. I don't know what happened after that, but they're still looking for the kitchen staff, the mage, and the daemon," said Torrie Flynn, a valet to Lord British

    The castle guards were mobilized and sent throughout the maze of halls in teams of finve with one accompanying mage for each group. As of this writing, no recent word has been reported as to the current status of the daemons or the guards. The castle, however, has been evecuated of all non-defensive personnel, and fifteen, including the kitchen staff, are currently unnacounted for.

    "It's a travesty," according to brother Andrew of Empath Abbey. "I was afraid something terrible would come of Relvinian's tamperings, but I never imagined it would be like this. This things have been loose in the castle for more than twelve hours now. I can only hope that the creation has cost its creator as much as it has cost the citizens of Britain."

    Tyrnius, guildmaster for the Guild of Arcane Arts, said he will be calling a special hearing of the guild to look into the revocation of Relvinian's status in that organisation. ÉThis was just irresponsible and reprehensible! We cannot have this kind of thing going unchecked. Someone should have been reviewing Relvinian's researchg, and it's now my job to figure out who failed to do so and what we can do about it."

    Lord British was safely escorted from the Great Hall and is directing rescue missions with his personal guard from the old keep, where he can better view the ongoing situation.

    Britain guards still searching for rogue mage
    The Britain guard will be sweeping through the city tonight, searching for the mage known as Relvinian. The Grandmaster Mage has been missing since the disaster at Castle Britannia in which he failed to adequately control several daemons he had summoned. The daemons then went on a murderous spree throughout the castle, killing at least five, with ten more missing and presumed dead.

    Lord British's guards fought their wayu through Castle Britannia in an effort to end destruction and locate the instigator of this tragedy, but found no sign of Relvinian. His residence in Britain was then searched, uncovering no clue as to his whereabouts. A house-to-house search of Britain and the outlying farms has begun.

    "He has to be around somewhere," said Martin, a town guard. "People don't just disappear for good. Not even mages."

    Relvinian has not been seen since the killings bagan, but Lord British is sure he will return to take responsability for his actions.

    "He misjudged his powers, that's all. He's not a killer. Relvinian is a visionnary who attached himself to a more or less dangerous idea. I still think his plan might have merit, but it certainly must be closely analysed before any further harm is done."

    Relvinian believed he could summon daemons to undertake labor-intensive jobs for the citizens of Britannia. He claimed that a spell that he had created could control the daemon's thoughts, making it possible to place a schedule of labor activities in their heads.

    Some, such as brother Andrew of Empath Abbey, warned Lord British about the inherent dangers of summoning creatures of the dark for "fun and profit." But the monarch chose to ignore the warnings. "Given what's occured, I would hate to say I told you so," Andrew told reporters. "You can never trust creatures born of evil. My two-year-old niece could tell you that. Relvinian should have known better. I want the Guild of Arcane Arts to ensure he never practices magic in Britannia again."

    If anyone knows of Relvinian's whereabouts, please contact the guild or the town guard.

    Relvinian thought responsible for maze
    The guild of Arcane Arts has focused oa considerable amount of attention on the mysterious maze that appeared south of Britain two days ago, and they are finding more and more evidence pointing to Relvinian as the one responsible for its creation. "Relvinian is the only one who is both capable of the power needed to make this thing and whose whereabouts are currently unkown," said Turnius, guildmaster for the Guild. "And as it sprang up whitin a week of the disaster in Castle Britannia, I suspect that he's sequestered himself in the middle of it and doesn't want to come out."

    The maze appeared three days ago, replacing valuable farmland hand hunting habitat with what appears to be bits and pieces taken from all parts of Britannia. Creatures from all over the land seem attracted to the maze and wander about aimlessly inside it, according to sources who have briefly entered the place. "There were all kinds of monsters, and a bunch of brigands seem to have taken to it pretty quickly too. I guess they're counting on being safe from the law."

    Relvinian was the mage responsible for the daemon attack inside Castle Britannia, and is, therefore, ultimately to blame for the fourteen deaths that occured that night. Virgil Hassenm the lone survivor of the kitchen staff, who was crippled and seriously burned in the attack, said, "An army needs to storm that maze and hang that mage on a short rope from a tall tree." When asked if he thought Relvinian had planned the attack inside the castle, Virgil replied, "I don't know. Sure. And don't say that name in my presence again."

    An official scouring party is being formed by Lord British to try and map the maze, and to find out if Relvinian is, literally, at the center of it.


    <font color=red>Note: Gargoyles are Daemons</font color=red>
  4. <font color=CD2626>NEWS FLASH

    The mage from last nights event has requested some items:

    Bone &amp; Blood (Update: Regular Bone)

    No amount was specified, but I am assuming based upon information gathered that we will need to aquire a large sum of both.
  5. <font color=8B1A1A>The Power Crystals</font color=8B1A1A>

    Known Locations

    <font color=CD2626>
    1. Serpent's Hold Trammel (11)
    2. Hedgemaze Felucca (11) *Note: there are 4 in a peculiar formation where the spider spawns.
    3. Delucia On the South side of the Cibilo Creek Bridge (10 found)
    4. Lord British's Castle - 9 found
    </font color=CD2626>

    Pictures can be found HERE
    Thanks Queen Mum
  6. Good work, folks :)