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Origin Guild Listings & UO Stratics Origin Guild Forums!

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Guest, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Greetings and well met!
    Please feel free to leave a reply to this post with and advertisement for yer Origin Guild.
    Write as much lore and history and information as ye wish, or as little as ye wish.
    If ye want to discuss a Guild listed in here, then please do so in either a New Thread or via PM or some other chat means.

    Also, Be sure to give yer readers a method to best contact ye!


    If ye be looking for a Free Forum for yer Origin Guild, then check out what Stratics has to offer Ultima Online Guildmasters:


    Then look no further, for Stratics has ye covered!

    Origin's Guild Forum section is up and running and is accepting applicants for a forum for yer Origin Guild!

    Travel to this link below to request an Origin Guild Forum:

    Or, View the Origin Guild forum section at this link below:

    Here ye be an introduction of what the Stratics Origin Guild Forums has to offer:

    A Guild, in terms of these forums, does not have to be a Guild in the strict OSI/UO sense. Instead, what we call a Guild can be any group of Ultima Online players who desire a public and private place to communicate. If you have a town council, trade group, or other organization in game made up of members of many guilds, you can have a forum here for planning events, etc, just as much as a group of people with the same guildstone can have a set of forums.

    You can have either two or three forums created for your group:

    <u>Public Forum</u>
    Readable by all, writable by all. You, as the requestor, will have moderator access to this forum. This forum WILL strictly adhere to the rules of conduct for Stratics Forums and will only allow w3t Markup, no HTML - no profanity, no pornography, no warez, no personal information, no cheats, hacks, etc. Break these rules or allow them to be broken in your public forum and your entire set of forums will be REMOVED. You will be able to request additional moderators for your forums.

    <u>Private Forum - Members</u>
    You will be given one Members only forum for which only people you desire can gain access . Your members will be able to read and write posts in this forum away from the eyes of the general public. HTML will be allowed and the rules of conduct will be relaxed in these forums - however, pornography, warez, and any illegal activities in these forums will be immediate cause for removal of all associated forums.

    <u>Private Forum (Optional) Leaders</u>
    If your guild has a council based leadership or an inner circle which needs a private place to discuss matters, you can have a 2nd private forum for that use. The membership for this forum should be limited to only those people who decide matters for your Guild. This forum is subject to the same rules and policies as the Members Public forum.

    <u>Stratics Guild Forum Moderator Rules of Conduct</u>:<blockquote><hr>

    Moderators on these forums have the ability to ban users from these forums. If you have a problem user you must report all details, including links to posts to us. We will investigate and resolve the issue based on the Stratics Rules of Conduct. IN AN EMERGENCY YOU MAY TAKE ACTION, BUT ANY BANNING MUST BE DOCUMENTED BY EMAILING WITH DETAILS ABOUT WHY A USER IS BEING BANNED, INCLUDING REFERENCES TO THREADS WHERE THE USER IS ABUSING THE FORUMS. It is far far easier for you to report a trouble user to us and have us look into it than to have us post-investing because you banned someone w/o talking to us about it. If we find you have abused your privileges as a moderator, you risk being banned yourself and losing your guild's forums. Abusing the ban system of these forums will result in your entire guild from being permanently banned from these forums.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    <u>Please be aware</u>:
    That ye as guild leader, and yer guild members, must register a nickname on the UO Stratics Guild forums first. <font color="red">These forums do not use the same user database as the Public Stratics forums, so even if ye already use those ye will still need to sign up at the UO Stratics Guild forums.</font>

    Enjoy, aye!

    ~Orvago, Druid of Sosaria
    UO Forum Administrator
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Order of the Crescent Moon is a neutral role-play guild. While individuals in the guild may do or say things, they are not reflective of the guild as a whole. Most of the guild members believe in balance and the necessity of it in the world. Our purpose is to encourage role-play and to offer an
    alternative to the typical black and white RP of good and evil - there is a grey side as well. The guild also believes in individuality, meaning that characters should not be judged by, or based on, others inthe guild who say or do things offensively in the role-play manner.

    OCM also enjoys hunting and spawning as well as role-play and will often be seen together in co-operative effort hunting not just Role-playing.

    OCM has forums at http://www.bregan.org/cmaforum/ With more to come on the site as we grow. If you have any questions, ICQ 199889122
  3. rainielu

    rainielu Guest

    I just tried to visit the order of the crescent moon site and got some weird "hacked by lance" graphic. Just FYI
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    The Charter
    The Avatars of Virtue are dedicated to helping all, the land, the shard, embracing the virtues, being respectful of all while having fun.

    Guild Rules
    The Rules All Avatars of Virtue Live By With Everyone

    Be respectful of all players

    Have fun

    The Avatars of Virtue, while everyone helps in our mission to help all, especially newbies and visitors, enjoy all the game activities. We do hunts, peerless, spawn, game story quests, and pvp. We are here to have fun!

    Rank and Guild Structure
    The rank structure of AV gives the newbie time to learn, the vet new member time to decide AV is really a good match for them, and the guild time to know if good match. This structure also gives in guild goals for members to accomplish and that the whole guild can celebrate.

    Guild Leader

    High Council of Elders
    Keeper of Virtue


    <u>Avatar Path </u>

    <u>Dragon of the Avatar Path (PvP and Red Characters)</u>
    Dragon of the Avatar
    Hound of the Avatar

    <u>Sojourner Path </u>
    (Independents and Those of Character Not Wishing to Pursue Avatar and Dragon Goals)
    Apprentice Sojourner

    <u>Path of the Trades</u>
    For crafters and mules

    You can learn more about the Avatars of Virtue at Avatars of Virtue Forums

    or our new website (still under construction) Avatars of Virtue Website
  5. Squirrelly

    Squirrelly Guest

    Greetings Origin from SINz. Here are our guild rules and this should tell you all about us and how we operate.
    <font color="blue">
    There is no room for drama, glory hounds or board warriors.
    We fight as a guild and we die as a guild.
    One person leads.
    Listen to instructions, tactics and read the website.
    We do not lie, cheat, macro or scam.
    We fight with HONOR, We play with HONOR and We die with HONOR.
    We are a team, RESPECT your guildmates, PROTECT your guildmates.
    You wear your guild tag proudly or your don't wear one.


    So there we are in a nutshell. Cheers! [​IMG]
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I just tried to visit the order of the crescent moon site and got some weird "hacked by lance" graphic. Just FYI

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yeah I noticed that. I'll fix it the next time i have a chance. Someone hacked the forums =/
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    im new at Origin shard...

    i saw somebody of AV in new heaven
  8. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The Kingdom of Lore

    The Kingdom of Lore is a small independent Kingdom located on the Origin Shard. The Kingdom was founded by the Seer Hawkwind to fulfill the Timelord's Quest of Unity by merging the Shardal Worlds of the Multiverse with the True Universe. The Kingdom has existed in secret for many years, awaiting the arrival of its King which prophecy foretells "will come from across the stars (shards) bearing the name "In Lor Des Sanct". This King will be the one to end the Gem of Immortality's curse and re-unite the worlds of the Multiverse with the True Universe.

    The style of RP will include politics, pvp (faction and rp guild war), pvm (spawns and hunts), mercantile (crafting and trading) with an overall theme of fulfilling the Timelords's Quest of Uniting the Worlds of the Multiverse with True Sosaria.

    Out of Character goals will be to create a fun and immersive rp envirnment for Origin players, test and give feedback on Faction changes and use the new client in PVP to test its strenghts and weaknesses in an effort to help move UO into the future.

    Players are welcome to create characters on Origin or may transfer with us when we “Build the Shardal Gate on Great Lakes” and move to Origin – Thursday Jan 5th 2010.

    Kingdom of Lore Fiction:
    The Source
    Report on the Great Felucca War
    The Bane Chosen War

    Additional Resources:

    Character Application HERE

    Role-Play Ideas to Help Create a Character in the Kingdom of Lore HERE

    The Royal Council

    The Kingdom of Lore is a Monarch Republic led by a King and Council. Listed below are Kingdom Council Positions, Royal Staff and Organizations characters may join as citizens of the Kingdom. Players are welcome to propose additional Council/Staff Positions or Kingdom Organizations.

    Lord of the Realm: (Lore Denin)- , The Lord of Realm oversees the laws and policies of the Kingdom.

    Court Mage (Hawkwind): Advises the King and the citizens on all matters magical. The Court Mage is responsible for the magical safety of the Kingdom and unraveling the magical secrets if the multiverse. [Many of the Kingdom’s role-play Quests and events will stem from this position]

    Lord Commander (Open): Highest Ranking military figure in the Kingdom. The Lord Commander is responsible for the training, organization and operation of the Kingdom’s military forces [Heavily focused on PvP - factions and guild wars]

    The King’s Hand (Nonel Topd): The Hand is in charge of the Kingdom’s Royal Spies who are responsible for the gathering intelligence, and anti espionage operations.

    King’s Herald/Royal Historian (Open): Responsible for publicizing events, publishing a weekly news chronicle and keeping accurate historical records for the Kingdom.

    Royal Treasurer: (Duke Greenspan): Responsible for keeping accurate records on the Kingdom’s Resources and Finances. Approves loans to Kingdom Citizens and Organizations.

    Royal Huntsman: (Open): Responsible for organizing and leading dangerous and exciting hunts for the Kingdom Citizens [Involves leading groups on Hunts, Spawns, Dungeon Crawls, etc]

    Royal Ambassadors: Represents the Kingdom's interests to foriegn nations as well as reporting on the status of foreign nations to the Kingdom.

    -Ambassador to Britannia (Open)
    -Ambassador to the Heartwood (Open)
    -Ambassador to Ter Mur (Open)
    -Ambassador to Tokuno (Open)

    Royal Staff:

    Court Jester (Open): Responsible for “Tasteful” entertainment at Court and during Kingdom events. May tell jokes, play music, organize plays/skits, etc.

    Royal Decorators: (Sophia and Destiny) In charge of the castle decor as well as decorating for special occassions and Kingdom events.

    Royal Chef: Responsible for cooking for parties and grand banquets hosted by the Kingdom.

    Kingdom Organizations:

    The Kingdom’s Military: Men and Women of all professions who have sworn to protect the Virtues, the Kingdom and the innocent from evil and oppression. Members of the military enforce the law within the Kingdom and fight the wars against enemies of Virtue outside the Kingdom’s borders [Strong PvP focus].

    The Military is organized into units consisting of at least three members. Each unit elects a captain from its ranks to lead it and each captain serves under the direction of the Lord Commander. A few examples of units that have been formed are the “Holy Light Brigade” – a unit of Paladins captained by Arcades Myth and “Rangers of the Hidden Vale” – a unit of stealth archers led by Azlynn’s Whisper.

    The Royal Spies: Men and Women who serve under the direction of the King’s Hand gathering intelligence for the Kingdom. Professions range from master rogues to cooks in foreign kitchens with innocent faces and sharp eyes and ears.

    The Merchants Guild: Looks out for the Kingdom’s crafts people and merchants. The merchant’s guild hosts auctions, advises citizens on pricing and provides places where citizens can sell wares.

    The Crafters Guild: The Crafters guild consists of the Kingdom’s crafts people. The Crafters guild sees that the citizens find the right craftsman when seeking items constructed, fixed or enhanced.

    [*Restrictions: A player must make Origin his/her primary shard to apply for a Court Position and a player may not occupy more then one position at a time]

    For additional information/questions, ICQ: 96629882
  9. Giggles

    Giggles Wielder of Ebil Cookies
    Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Social Media Liaison Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter The Squirrel Empire

    May 12, 2008
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    This thread hasn't been updated in years. It would be nice to have current and active guild information displayed as a sticky for new or returning players. Would it be worth updating this thread? Or creating a new one? Thanks =)
  10. Larisa

    Larisa Publishing Manager, Stratics Leadership Team
    Editor Reporter Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Fallen Lords

    Sep 8, 2006
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    Let's make a new one...definetly needs to be updated
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